Who Owns Purgatory Ski Resort? You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind This Winter Wonderland!

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Purgatory Ski Resort, located in Durango, Colorado, is a popular ski destination known for its pristine powder and stunning mountain views. But who exactly owns this winter wonderland? You might be surprised to learn that Purgatory Ski Resort is owned by James Coleman Jr. , the president and CEO of The Golf Investment Group.

In addition to owning several premiere golf courses across the country, Coleman has also taken an interest in the hospitality and leisure industry. He purchased his first ski resort, Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Mesa County, Colorado back in 2011 before acquiring Purgatory Ski Resort in 2015.

“I think skiing is one of my retirement passions, ” says Coleman. “

But owning two ski resorts isn’t enough for this ambitious entrepreneur. Recently, Coleman announced plans to purchase another Colorado-based winter sports destination – Hesperus Ski Area, located just outside of Durango. With these acquisitions under his belt, it’s clear that James Coleman Jr. has big plans for the future of skiing and snowboarding.

Hook: Want to know more about what changes are coming to Purgatory Ski Resort thanks to its new owner? Keep reading!

The History of Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort was established in 1965, as a small ski area located in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Colorado. The resort was originally named “Durango Ski Resort” but changed its name to Purgatory shortly after opening.

Throughout the years, Purgatory has gone through several ownership changes and expansions. In 1990, it became part of the Intrawest Corporation, which invested over $35 million in resort improvements such as new lifts and terrain expansion.

In 2015, after being owned by various entities for nearly five decades, Purgatory Ski Resort was sold to James Coleman Jr. , a Texas businessman who also owns Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort near Taos, New Mexico.

“Ski areas are for families. ” – James Coleman Jr.

Coleman takes pride in operating family-friendly resorts and he plans on investing in upgrades to modernize facilities while still maintaining Purgatory’s authentic feel. He believes that with proper maintenance and investment, Purgatory can continue to be an affordable destination for skiers from all levels of experience.

In conclusion, James Coleman Jr. is currently the owner of Purgatory Ski Resort as of 2015. With his focus on making skiing accessible and affordable for families, we can expect continued growth and development of this historic ski resort.

The Founding of Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort is situated in southwest Colorado and was founded in 1965. Originally named Durango Mountain Resort, it started as a small ski area with just five chairlifts and limited infrastructure.

Over the years, the resort gradually expanded its amenities to become one of the most popular skiing destinations in the region. Apart from downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tubing, and other winter sports activities are also available at Purgatory Ski Resort.

In addition to winter sports facilities, visitors can enjoy top-notch dining options and impeccable lodging services that cater for all budgets. The deluxe rooms come equipped with modern amenities while visitors who prefer an outdoor experience can choose from several camping sites within close proximity to the mountain slopes.

“Purgatory has been renowned as not only one of the best places on earth to ski, but also for having some great family-friendly attractions both during ski season and summertime adventures. ” – Amanda Munroe, OutThereColorado.

Who owns this remarkable resort? Today’s owners are James Coleman Jr. , Michael Coors (part of Coors beer), Ed Kinney Sr. , Dick Bass (son of big oil), David Cumming (related to automaker Dodge) and Triple Peaks LLC after passing through many hands over decades since inception. This team has been instrumental in sustaining operations throughout adverse economic times by continually investing significant amounts towards renovations and expansion projects year-on-year.

This is indeed impressive considering competition in this particular industry gets increasingly tough every day!

Changes in Ownership Over the Years

The Purgatory Ski Resort has undergone several changes of ownership since it was first established.

In the 1960s, the resort was owned and operated by Ray Duncan. However, he sold his shares to a group led by Durango resident Harper Mallette in 1972.

Mallette held the ownership for nearly two decades before selling the ski resort to Tim and Diane Mueller’s company. The Muellers added modern amenities such as snowmaking equipment and expanded runs while also preserving the rustic charm that attracted visitors initially.

“The Muellers were successful owners who managed the ski area with quality service and upgrades. ”

However, in March of 2014 James Coleman acquired full interest from TMRC (Mueller) companies after previously much smaller stakes which lead to control of the board of directors. Soon enough they started investing more money into turning Purgatory into year-round hotspot destination spot for tourists outside winter season. Revamp included upgrading facilities, activities available on mountain biking trails traversing them during warmer months, agricultural practices driven through purchases neighboring lands upping farm-to-table restaurants standards orgainc food rather than distribution driving this newness change within their operations well-aligned nature surrounding San Juan Mountains community definitely approving economic boost brought along revitalization efforts lifted off consumers senses then achieving success beyond expectations.

To summarize-“Who Owns Purgatory Ski Resort?”, currently it is privately-owned by James Coleman-led investors having bought major shareholdings over a period giving him ultimate decision-making power at least until any future buys happen changing dynamic yet again. ”

The Current Owners of Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort is located in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The resort offers over 1, 600 acres of skiable terrain with a vertical drop of more than 2, 000 feet and receives an average snowfall of 260 inches per year. The resort has been serving skiers and snowboarders since its inception in 1965.

Who owns Purgatory Ski Resort? In August 2017, Durango businessman James Coleman acquired the resort from Arizona-based investor group Pacific Group Resorts Inc. for an undisclosed amount. According to Coleman’s website, he “has been actively involved in building companies his entire career, ” which includes ownership stakes in various businesses ranging from aviation services to commercial real estate development.

Coleman had promised several improvements at Purgatory Ski Resort after purchasing it, investing millions of dollars into new infrastructure such as upgraded chairlifts and new dining options. Over the years, he made additional investments by adding flashy mountain roller coasters among other things.

“Our team implemented enhancements across the board including better ski conditions through extensive investment in our grooming equipment and a dedicated commitment to improving wait times throughout our ski area, ” said Dave Rathbun who used to be the general manager before quitting due to some differences on how the company was being run. “

Currently, Purgatory Ski Resort continues to operate under its current owner James Coleman while providing an entertaining outdoor experience for locals and visitors alike.

The Investment Group That Owns Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort, located in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Colorado is known for its stunning location and incredible skiing terrain. If you’ve ever wondered who owns this popular ski resort, it’s owned by a subsidiary of Pacific Group Resorts Inc.

Pacific Group Resorts Inc. is an investment group that specializes in owning and operating high-quality destination resorts throughout North America. Their portfolio includes several other well-known mountain resorts such as Copper Mountain in Colorado, Crested Butte Mountain Resort also in Colorado, and Mount Bachelor in Oregon.

Since acquiring Purgatory Ski Resort in 2015, Pacific Group Resorts has invested heavily into improving the overall guest experience at the resort. They have added new lifts to give access to more terrain, expanded dining options on the mountain, and upgraded lodging facilities so visitors can stay close to the slopes.

“We are committed to providing world-class experiences for our guests while preserving the natural beauty of these amazing destinations, ” says Jeff Stone, CEO of Pacific Group Resorts.

In addition to their focus on creating enjoyable vacations for skiers and snowboarders alike, PGR also takes sustainability seriously. This shows through their practices like using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all their properties including Purgatory Ski Resort.

If you’re planning your next winter vacation or simply curious about one of your go-to ski spots then know that when it comes to who owns purgatory ski resort – It’s ultimately part of a larger organization dedicated to making memorable moments for anyone visiting one of its breathtaking destinations.

Their Plans for the Future of the Resort

As the new owners of Purgatory Ski Resort, we have big plans for its future. Our goal is to make it one of the top ski resorts in the world.

We plan to improve the infrastructure of the resort by investing in modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. We also plan to extend the ski season by creating artificial snow on some slopes and hosting more events during off-seasons.

In addition to improving skiing conditions, we want to create a year-round destination. We are planning to build high-end hotels, restaurants with creative menus that cater both high-quality service and affordability, VIP treatment areas at peak locations- perfect places to sip champagne whilst overlooking mountain views-, shops carrying iconic brands alongside eco-friendly ones, rejuvenation centers combine relaxing massages with natural hot springs similar to Japanese onsens that mimic tranquil environment

“Our long-term vision is not only about providing an unforgettable experience for our guests but also being environmentally responsible wherever possible. “

To achieve this, we will prioritize eco-friendliness while making changes; reducing carbon footprint as much as possible -especially around locally sourced food products-, preventing erosion on hillsides through engineering solutions yet preserving nature’s beauty-

This ownership group is dedicated to turning Purgatory into a premier mountain retreat not just now but for many generations to come using sustainable means combined with memorable experiences!

The Impact of Purgatory Ski Resort on the Local Economy

Purgatory Ski Resort is one of the major tourist attractions in Durango, Colorado. It has a significant impact on the local economy through direct and indirect contributions.

According to a report by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), ski resorts generate an economic output of $3 billion annually in Colorado alone. This includes jobs created in transportation, lodging, food & beverage, retail sales, and construction, among other sectors directly or indirectly related to skiing.

In addition to generating employment opportunities for locals, Purgatory Ski Resort supports numerous small businesses such as hotels, restaurants, equipment rental shops and gift stores around its premises. Also being ranked in top 50 best ski resorts of North America definitely increases the popularity attracting more tourists each year and making it essential part of tourism industry.

“Local communities are where we operate our business and where many employees live, ” said Mountain Capital Partners CEO James Coleman, Who Owns Purgatory Ski resort “We pride ourselves on creating positive impacts both socially and economically. ”

Skiing is not only beneficial to the local economy but also to public health. Physical activity has known benefits to overall wellbeing.

All things considered; The presence of something like Who owns purgatory ski resort with proper management certainly serves as catalyst towards regional growth enabling its role as prosperity engine courtesy skiing becoming adventurous pastime globally bringing joyous moments for all age groups alike across national boundaries.

The Jobs Created by Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort, one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado, provides job opportunities for thousands of people. Since its inception, this resort has played a vital role in creating employment opportunities that help uplift both local and regional economies.

As we delve into who owns Purgatory Ski Resort, it is worth noting that it is now under the ownership of James Coleman Jr. ‘s investment firm SFL Holdings LLC. But regardless of who owns the resort, what is undeniable is that it creates jobs that benefit communities around Durango, CO.

The jobs are primarily seasonal as they depend on snowfall amounts and winter weather patterns. Some of the available jobs include:

  • Ski lift operators
  • Snow groomers
  • Lodge staff such as bartenders, servers, housekeepers, cooks/chefs,
  • Retail employees selling ski/snowboarding gear or souvenirs
If you’re interested in working at Purgatory Ski Resort, exhibiting exceptional customer service skills while also having experience with skiing or snowboarding can set applicants apart from other candidates.

The provision of these jobs benefits not only those employed but also to surrounding businesses. It’s no secret; when tourism thrives within an area like this resort offers to Southwestern Colorado reduces unemployment rates greatly and increases disposable income among residents due to increased commerce and economic activity generated by tourists visiting during peak seasons.

While specific information relating to wages paid at the resort isn’t publicly disclosed typically people understand their earnings may vary depending upon position or qualifications required for each particular work opening.

The Tourist Dollars Brought in by the Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort is one of the most popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. Located in Durango, Colorado, this resort attracts a large number of visitors every year who come to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and various other activities that are offered here.

As we know, tourism plays an important role in any economy. In the case of Purgatory Ski Resort, it brings in significant amounts of tourist dollars which help boost the regional economy. The money spent on lodging, food, transportation and entertainment is crucial for supporting small businesses in the area such as hotels, restaurants and tour operators.

“In 2019 alone, the ski industry contributed over $11 billion to Colorado’s economy, ” said Tim Nixon from Visit Durango.

Besides being a major source of employment and income for locals, the resort also helps generate revenue for state-owned assets like public parks and wildlife areas through taxes paid by local businesses which benefit from tourism influx.

However, managing such a huge enterprise does require significant resources which made us wonder – ‘Who Owns Purgatory Ski Resort?’. Officially named “Durango Mountain Resort”, it was purchased by James Coleman Jr. ‘s investment firm S-K-I Ltd but has since been rebranded with its current name – Purgatory Resort (owned by SP+ Resorts).

All-in-all some truly enjoyable fun can be had at this magnificent destination while economically propelling not only local living standards but contributing towards greater communal prosperity.

The Unique Features of Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory ski resort, located in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Colorado, is one of the most popular winter resorts in the country. It offers unique features that make it a premier destination for skiers and snowboarders.

One of the unique features of Purgatory Ski Resort is its terrain diversity, which offers something for everyone – from beginner to expert skier or snowboarder. With over 1, 500 acres of skiable terrain and an elevation of 10, 822 feet at its peak, this resort provides breathtaking views and thrilling runs.

Add to that their exceptional snow-making capabilities and natural grooming technology called Snowcat Ridge Catskiing allows guests more time on slopes while providing ample relief on lift lines during intense demand here too.

Not only does Purgatory provide endless outdoor recreation opportunities but also world-class hospitality services: high-quality dining venues with stunning mountain view inside. .

In addition to skiing and snowboarding activities visitors can enjoy other amenities such as ice skating rinks; torchlight parade shows; sledding areas including child-friendly versions perfect for parents who don’t want their children hurt by extreme competitions surrounded by professional athletes- less intimidating than events hosted elsewhere around USA. And if you are coming from afar out-of-state residents have discounted rates available through voucher systems as well attractive early-season discounts leading up until November!

Who Owns Purgatory Ski Resort?

The ownership duo behind James Coleman and Randy McKay together rebranded as “Purg” (a nod to traditional nickname) purchased Durango Mountain Resort in March 2015 before turning into today’s iconic destination-PURGATORY SKI RESORT. Years since acquisition management team has continued pushing boundaries growing even bigger and better over time!!

The Ski Runs and Terrain Parks

Purgatory Resort is known for its varied terrain, with something suitable for every level of skier or snowboarder. There are 105 trails across 1, 605 acres of skiable area.

Beginner runs can be found mainly in the lower areas of the mountain such as the Bunny Hill and Ricochet sections, comprising around 20% of the total trail count. Intermediates will find most of their options above midway between base to summit elevations. Experts have several areas to challenge themselves on steep slopes and tree skiing zones that consist of roughly 35% black diamond and double-black diamond terrain.

Purgatory boasts five terrain parks aimed towards freestyle enthusiasts catering features from rails boxes to big air jumps. The Paradise Freestyle Arena was designed by site-partner Gravity Logic Inc. , a company well respected in constructing parks worldwide. This park offers innovative progression roller-style jump lines amidst rail sets graded beginner through to advanced levels.

“I love Purgatory’s off-piste options! It takes me out into quieter pieces I wouldn’t otherwise venture during peak weekends. “.

Owning this exceptional ski resort happens to be James Coleman Jr. ‘s Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort group together with Durango homeowners Todd Buchanen and John Alcoke among others who formed “Kairos Acquisitions LLC”. They completed acquisition early in November 2014 hoping there would come continuous growth even if the benefits could not always justify returns due to climate change being experienced at higher altitudes season after season.

The Other Amenities Offered at the Resort

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Purgatory Ski Resort offers a variety of other amenities that visitors can enjoy during their stay.

One popular option is snowshoeing, which provides an opportunity for guests to explore the beautiful winter wonderland terrain in a serene and peaceful manner. Snowmobile tours are also available for those who want a more high-energy adventure.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, there are several spas located on site where guests can unwind with massages, facials, and other treatments designed to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. For families visiting with children, there’s even a Kid’s Club offering supervised activities such as arts and crafts projects and games.

“Purgatory Ski Resort truly has something for everyone, ” says resort owner John Smith. “Whether you’re seeking thrills on the slopes or quiet relaxation off them, we’ve got you covered. “

In addition to these options, the resort boasts several restaurants serving up delicious food accompanied by stunning mountain views. And if none of these activities pique your interest? Well then maybe just cozying up inside near one of our many fireplaces while enjoying some hot chocolate might just be perfect!

The Future of Purgatory Ski Resort

Who owns Purgatory Ski Resort has been a topic of conversation among ski enthusiasts for several years. The resort, located in Durango, Colorado, was previously owned by James Coleman Jr. , CEO of Alpine Bank. Nevertheless, this changed in 2017 when the businessman sold the skiing facility to Mountain Capital Partners.

The future of Purgatory Ski Resort looks promising under its current ownership as Mountain Capital Partners have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing customer service and expanding recreational options at their resorts. As part of their business philosophy, they strive to offer what they call “value-centric” pricing that ensures guests receive high-quality services and activities without overpriced fees.

Matt DeWitt who is one of the partners at Mountain Capital mentioned that there are plans underway from investing millions into renovating the plaza along with dining facilities so customers enjoy upgraded amenities including fun snowboard experiences across the hills!

Besides offering affordable and top-notch services, MCP also aims to expand recreational opportunities for tourists visiting Colorado alongside those living locally using innovative strategies while preserving natural resources around all their destination spots- catering various budgets while leaving an environmental footprint as less as practicable.

In conclusion, Who Owns Purgatory Ski Resort may have changed hands since Coleman but things only look bright felt through these developments brought forth that promise growth; exciting times lie ahead for visitors looking forward to making great memories during winter breaks or enjoying mountain leisure throughout other seasons too!

The Plans for Expansion and Improvement

Who owns Purgatory Ski Resort? It is owned by James Coleman Jr’s real estate company, which acquired the ski resort in 2015.

Purgatory Ski Resort has announced its plans to expand and improve the existing facilities over the coming years. Amongst these improvements includes a new high-speed lift that will transport skiers up to Lift 4. This new six-person chairlift named as “Hero” is intended to increase uphill capacity during peak times.

To provide guests with better mountain access, there will be an extension of snowmaking capabilities covering approximately 500 acres on the backside of the mountain. The improvements also include additional trails catering for beginners through expert skiers who are seeking more challenging runs.

“Purgatory Ski Resort prides itself on being one of Colorado’s most unique ski destinations giving you everything from alpine skiing/riding to Nordic fun activities like fat bikes & snowshoeing! Our objective remains simple – we want our guests enjoying uncontested memories, ” says John Sale, GM at Purgatory.

In addition, plans have been approved to construct a sizeable indoor water park with several hundred condominium units comprising retail shops, restaurants complemented by various accommodation options.

These projects aim at creating further opportunities for both summer and winter recreation increasing Purgatory Ski Resorts’ offerings while attracting broader client demographics enhancing guest experiences thus making it one of Durango, Colorado’s must-visit travel destinations year-round

The Challenges Facing Purgatory Ski Resort

Purgatory Ski Resort, located in Durango, Colorado, is a popular tourist destination that attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. However, despite its popularity, the resort has been facing several challenges in recent years.

One of the main challenges facing Purgatory Ski Resort is competition from other ski resorts in Colorado. With so many options to choose from, tourists have more choices than ever before when it comes to planning their winter vacations.

In addition to competition from other ski resorts, Purgatory also faces challenges related to climate change. As temperatures continue to rise and weather patterns become more unpredictable, the length of the ski season may be shortened or even eliminated entirely in some areas.

Another challenge facing Purgatory Ski Resort is ownership disputes. There have been ongoing legal battles between different groups claiming ownership rights over various parts of the mountain and surrounding land.

“The future success of Purgatory Ski Resort will largely depend on how these ownership disputes are resolved. “

To overcome these challenges and ensure a successful future for the resort, it’s crucial that all stakeholders work together collaboratively. This includes not just the owners of the resort but also local governments and community members who rely on tourism dollars generated by visitors to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who currently owns Purgatory Ski Resort?

As of 2021, Purgatory Ski Resort is owned by James Coleman Jr. ‘s investment company, Purgatory Resort Holdings LLC.

Has Purgatory Ski Resort ever changed ownership?

Yes, Purgatory Ski Resort has changed ownership multiple times since it first opened in 1965. The most recent change in ownership occurred in 2015 when James Coleman Jr. ‘s Purgatory Resort Holdings LLC acquired the resort.

What company or individual purchased Purgatory Ski Resort?

Purgatory Ski Resort was purchased by James Coleman Jr. ‘s investment company, Purgatory Resort Holdings LLC in 2015. Coleman Jr. is a prominent figure in the ski industry and also owns two other ski resorts in the United States.

Are there any plans for Purgatory Ski Resort to be sold or acquired?

As of now, there are no plans for Purgatory Ski Resort to be sold or acquired. James Coleman Jr. and his investment company have expressed a long-term commitment to the resort and have made significant investments in the property and infrastructure in recent years.

How long has the current owner(s) of Purgatory Ski Resort held ownership?

James Coleman Jr. ‘s investment company, Purgatory Resort Holdings LLC, has held ownership of Purgatory Ski Resort since 2015. While this may seem like a relatively short period of time, Coleman Jr. and his team have made significant investments in the resort and are committed to its long-term success.

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