Which Colorado Ski Resort Has The Most Green Runs? [Facts!]

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Colorado is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the United States, and for good reason. The state boasts over 150 ski resorts, and with the exception of Bachelor Gulch, all of them are beautiful. Moreover, the snowfall in Colorado is reliable, which makes for incredible skiing weather. All these factors contribute to Colorado becoming one of the most well-known ski destinations in the world. If you are visiting the state or live there already, this is a good idea to add some exercise into your vacation. There are several Colorado ski resorts that offer a variety of winter sports activities for beginner to expert skiers. Here is a list of the top Colorado ski resorts, according to the experts at Skiing.com. Each of these resorts offers something unique, so you are bound to find the one that will suit your tastes, whether you are a beginner or expert skier.

South Glen Mountain Resort

Located in the Eagle River ski region, the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise that is South Glen Mountain Resort boasts a vertical drop of 2,600 feet and 73 trails. The resort is open all year round, which allows for some great hiking and biking opportunities. In addition to the ski area, there is a snowman builder for beginners and an expert snowboard school. If you are looking for a place that caters to both tourists and local residents, South Glen Mountain Resort is a great option. There is also a Nordic ski center, offering traditional and skating skiing, as well as a snowmobile club that meets on Saturday mornings. The nightlife in Eagle is really lively, with many pubs, clubs, and bars, so you won’t get bored even if you aren’t a fan of nightlife. The nearby Rabbit Hole is an excellent place for foodies looking for a romantic dinner or for families looking for some peace and to let the little ones nap in the afternoon. The resort is easily accessible from Boulder, which is only 20 minutes away. A day at the office for a business trip to Denver? No problem. You can drive to South Glen for some adventure and fun in the snow.

Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Often referred to as the ‘granddaddy of them all’ due to its incredible history, Wolf Creek Ski Resort in Northern Colorado is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. The resort, which is owned by POWDR, Inc., opened its doors to the public in 1962 and has been providing the whole family with some adventurous thrills ever since. The 64 trails spread over 3,600 acres cover a lot of terrain, ranging from beginner to expert only, and even some double black diamond runs. In addition to offering ski accommodation and dining, the resort provides an arcade, nightclubs, bars, and hotels, making it a fun place for the whole family. If you grew up in the ‘70s or spent some time in the military there, Wolf Creek is the Mecca of nostalgia. However, if you are a fan of modern architecture, you will hate living there. The village has several restaurants, bars, and eateries, offering something for everyone. Not into skiing? There is a lot more than just about the skiing here. There is also a golf course, an ice-skating rink, a spa, a rock school, and more. You will not get bored even if you are traveling for work. Moreover, there is a lot of history here, so if you are an American, you will feel right at home.

Red Mountain Resort

Located in Southern Colorado, just a few miles away from the New Mexico border, is the stunning ski resort called Red Mountain. The entire mountainside is covered in thick forests, and the trails are well-kept, offering some adventurous thrills for all skill levels. The snowmaking system, which is mostly automated, ensures that the slopes are always nicely covered in snow. There are 22 trails, ranging from easy to expert, and the longest trail is 7.8 miles long. The resort is open all year round and offers an abundance of activities, including live music in the summer and a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in the winter. There are also outdoor concerts in the summer as well as an annual Christmas party. In addition to the above activities, there is a disc golf course, two restaurants, and a bar, enhancing the social side of the resort. Nightlife in Breckenridge is pretty impressive, with many bars and nightclubs, making it the ‘party resort’ of choice for locals and tourists alike. There is also a comedy club and a movie theater, showing classics and newer releases. Even if you are not a fan of comedy or drama, there is still plenty to do here. There are also lots of hiking trails, connecting with the neighbouring town of Silverthorne, where you can find shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Day trips from Denver are possible, as well as longer vacations, with an itinerary that includes Red Mountain. The only downside to Red Mountain is that it gets relatively quiet during the week, with many of the employees going home during the day. This is why weekend getaways are a better option.

Bachelor Gulch Resort

The last resort on this list, and certainly the least prestigious one, is Bachelor Gulch Resort in Central Colorado. The first thing you will notice about Bachelor Gulch is that the snowmaking system isn’t very advanced. The resort mostly relies on natural snow, which in the summer can disappear as quickly as it comes. However, the snow is often beautifully crafted, with smooth curves and perfectly placed chair lifts, making for an exceptional skiing experience. Although it opened in 1954, Bachelor Gulch has only four trails and 15 pitches, making it a bit of a hidden gem of a resort. There is also no nightlife, just a small bar and grill near the hotel. The closest town, Dacono, has a grocery store, restaurants, and other shops. If you are looking for a secluded, yet memorable, skiing experience in a picturesque setting, Bachelor Gulch is the place for you. Traveling to work? You will be in the right place. Boring at home? You will hate every moment of it. If you could combine the solitude of a snow-blanketed landscape with the convenience of working remotely, you could make for an ideal career change for yourself. If you want to venture off the beaten path yet remain close to a major city, consider a job at Bachelor Gulch.

When it comes to choosing a skiing resort location, a lot goes into it. However, above all else, you will want to make sure that the ski resort is up to date with the latest snowmaking technology and that the snow is well-prepared, making for some amazing skiing. If you want to make the most out of your ski vacation, visit one of the above resorts as soon as possible.

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