Where To Stay When Skiing Big Sky? [Expert Guide!]

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The ski season has sprung, which means that the white stuff is on the way! The last few winters have seen huge changes in the way we approach skiing and the gear we use, with more people getting on the snow and enjoying the sport more than ever before. With the change in seasons comes a shift in what we want from our holidays and how we want to enjoy ourselves. While some of us will be looking for the sunshine and beaches, others will be hitting the slopes looking for some excitement. No matter what your reasons for heading for the mountains, you will want to make the most of your trip in the most efficient manner possible. One way of doing this is by looking into where you will stay when skiing in Big Sky.


Accommodation will be one of your biggest expenses when skiing. Even if you stay at a luxurious resort, you will still be paying through the nose for rooms. You will be tempted to look into booking apartments or even a house-share to save money, but you should resist this urge. While you may save money by sharing a house with friends or colleagues, you will not be enjoying yourself as much as you could if you were staying in a comfortable hotel, drinking a nice drink by the fireplace and relaxing after a hard day on the slopes. Accommodation should be seen as a means to an end, not as a goal in and of itself. Booking a good-quality hotel room is crucial for making the most of your trip and having a good night’s sleep, so you can hit the slopes again in the morning.


One of the biggest expenses when skiing is eating out. You will not want to put yourself in the position of ordering room service around the clock, especially if you are looking into luxury. Instead, you should look into booking small meals (such as sandwiches and wraps) from cafes and restaurants located at the resort. Eat what you want when you want it, while still keeping your overall health in check.

Accommodation and dining are huge expenses when skiing. You will not want to neglect them, as they can easily ruin your trip if you do. Instead, look into where you will eat and drink when you are in Big Sky. This way you will enjoy the experience without going broke.

Many top-notch spas and wellness resorts offer spectacular dining experiences that are made even more luxurious by an experienced chef cooking for you. If you are looking to indulge yourself during your stay, these are the places to do it. You can also make reservations at good restaurants in advance, which will make the experience even more luxurious and will give you something new to look forward to.


Activities are another big expense when skiing, and there are plenty of them. If you are looking for some peace and wellness, there are plenty of options for you on the lower slopes, such as snow shoeing, sledging and skiing tours. If you are looking for some excitement, there are plenty of other options on the upper slopes, including snowboarding and skiing tours. If you don’t have your own transport, there are plenty of people offering ski hire in Big Sky, giving you access to all the runs and making the process of finding a place to stay much easier.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, the lower slopes are the place to be. Biting cold and rough winds are prevalent there, so if that is what you are looking for, head to Big Sky’s lower flanks to take a backcountry trip and let the snowflakes envelope you.

Skiing Conditions

Skiing conditions are always a topic of discussion when it comes to the ski season. Last year wasn’t quite up to scratch, which resulted in a dip in interest in the resort. Fortunately, this season looks set to restore some of that joy, with sunny days and calm, powder-filled air. If you are looking to make the most of it, book your ski holiday today!

When it comes to your health and safety, it is of paramount importance that you are aware of what the conditions are like. Check the resort’s website or speak with the resort’s phone staff for the latest updates.

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