Where To Stay Niseko Skiing? [Solved!]

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As the snow settles in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, skiers and snowboarders are looking for the best place to stay and ski. While there are some amazing resorts in both hemispheres, there are many other places one could choose instead.

Here’s a quick guide to warding off the summer blues and finding the best spot to ski in 2019.


For those looking to ski in Japan, the options are endless. With over 100 years of experience, everyone’s favorite winter holiday destination certainly isn’t lacking in the winter sports department. There’s an abundance of skiing opportunities available in the country, from beginner to expert. Those looking for intermediate level ski holidays will love the Snowmass Ski Resort in the Southern part of the country. Aside from offering some of the greatest skiing in the world, Snowmass Village is a charming resort community with shops, galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs to be found there. The only drawback to this amazing destination is the fact that it gets very hot and humid in summer, which can be problematic for those with sensitive skin or other allergies.

Moving to the Northern part of the country, the U.S. citizens will enjoy visiting Lake Placid, which is home to the prestigious 1972 Olympics. There’s a wide range of trails located within the 27-hole golf course and it’s also the starting point of the famous Adirondack Mountains. The highlight of these peaceful trails is definitely the stunning scenery and the abundance of wildlife one encounters while skiing. Another winter holiday destination worth considering is Big Bear City, which is located in the heart of California’s majestic San Gabriel Mountains. This resort is home to the 23-mile Mt Big Bear, which is the largest ski resort in terms of area in the United States. The resort’s elevation ranges from 4,000 to 11,000 feet above sea level, which guarantees spectacular views of the area’s magnificent lakes, snowcapped mountains, and valleys. Finally, those who venture to the top of New York’s majestic Mt. Denali will be treated to some of the finest views of the entire Midwest. The ski run up the mountain is only 2.4 miles long, yet it feels like it takes you all day to get to the top. This is due to the elevation gain, which is 4,300 feet, making it the highest elevation ski resort in North America. What’s more is that the run to the top of the mountain (via the Whitewater Supertrail) is only 8.8 miles long, which makes it longer than some of Europe’s most famous ski trails. This definitely makes for an exceptional ski experience, particularly since there are no lift ticket fees at this wonderful American resort. And if you happen to be traveling with kids, don’t forget to check out the awesome Snow Kids’ Area at Mt. Denali. It’s home to the famous Denali Kids’ Club, which offers a fantastic program for children. They have daily crafts, games, and stories about famous explorers, mountain men, and more.

Skiing in Australia

In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is home to some of the greatest ski resorts in the world. This includes Thredbo, Falls Creek, and the legendary Victoria. As the name would suggest, Thredbo is arguably the most popular ski resort in Australia and in the world. This is mostly thanks to its impressive range of trails and the welcoming nature of the Australia’s skiing community. This is a place where everyone feels welcome, which is quite an exceptional quality when exploring a new country.

Falls Creek is a smaller and more intimate resort located in New South Wales. It was originally established in the 1960s and since then it has developed a reputation for itself as a bit of a hidden gem. Victoria is the largest and most popular of the country’s ski resorts. It also has the highest elevation, reaching 2,200 meters, which provides for some pretty spectacular views. These are just a few of the country’s incredible ski resorts, which make for some great winter holiday options.

Chile’s Cerro Cathedral

Further south, in the vast Andes, there’s Chile’s iconic Cerro Cathedral, which is often referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Andes’. The peak of this stunning mountain reaches a staggering 6,970 meters above sea level, which is the highest elevation in Central America. Since 1914, when the first ski runs were built there, this beautiful resort has been welcoming and prosperous ski travellers from around the world.

There are a huge range of trails at Cerro Cathedral, where beginners can enjoy the scenic strolls and intermediate and expert skiers can take on the more challenging terrain. There are also many freeride and enduro trails, which are perfect for motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). This is one of the great places to travel in summer, as the temperatures aren’t too harsh and it stays sunny most of the time. There are also a lot of hotels and restaurants in the area, making it an ideal place to base yourself for a while. If you’d like to take a more leisurely approach to exploring the region, consider renting a car and exploring the nearby townships, which are famous for their emerald colored lakes and vibrant wine industry.

Argentina’s Las Leonas

To the west of Cerro Cathedral, across the wide expanse of the Andes, one finds Argentina’s Las Leonas. This resort is famous for its magnificent views of lakes, glaciers, and the jagged peaks of Las Leonas and Cerro Cathedral. Although the snowfall is considerable, the resort is generally open all year round. This is due to its temperate climate and the fact that its elevation ranges from 2,000 to 5,500 meters above sea level. This means there’s always some snow left for the enthusiasts. The skiing here is exceptional and there are literally hundreds of trails, across a fantastic panorama. Most resorts in South America are closed between November and March, so make sure you visit during those months if you plan on staying at Las Leonas.

Bolivia’s Mount Humboldt

In the same area as Argentina, one finds another wonderful ski resort, which is Bolivia’s Mount Humboldt. This is a real hidden gem, located in the Andes and reaching a height of 6,400 meters above sea level. The resort’s trails are challenging and have a reputation for being among the world’s most dangerous, which certainly adds to the allure. The locals are very welcoming and the atmosphere at the resort is peaceful and serene. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants here, making it an ideal place for a mid-winter break. The downside is that the snow coverage at Mount Humboldt is limited, which makes for some pretty dull skiing. This is definitely a destination best avoided if you’re looking for a hedonistic winter ski vacation. However, those looking for peace and quiet might enjoy a visit.

Valle De La Luna, Chile

A few hours south of Argentina’s Las Leonas, across the vast expanse of the Chilean desert, lies the little-known Valle De La Luna. This is a real gem of a resort, located in the Lakes District of Chile and offering some truly magnificent skiing. The resort’s trails are a mixture of expert and intermediate routes, which range from beginner to expert. The skiing here is gorgeous with some truly magnificent panoramic views of lakes, volcanoes, and the Andes. This is one of the best places to stay in South America for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Hotels and restaurants are located in the nearby townships, making it an ideal place to base yourself for a while. Those interested in exploring the region might consider renting a car and exploring the nearby ruins, which are a symbol of ancient Chilean culture. A visit to Valle De La Luna would be incomplete without a trip to its world-class museum, which is free to enter.

Strait Of Magellan, Tierra Del Fuego, And Antarctica

Continuing our odyssey of the Southern Hemisphere, one finds Argentina’s Tierra Del Fuego and then the vast expanse of the Atlantic, which is inhabited by whales and seabirds. After passing through the Cape of Good Hope, which is located in the southern part of Africa, the intrepid traveler will arrive in Tierra Del Fuego, the southern part of South America. Here, one can find the infamous Strait of Magellan, which is a channel through which ships from all over the world must pass. To the east of the strait is the coast of Tierra del Fuego, a part of Argentina where thousands of icebergs float around and whales frolic in the oceans. To the west is the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the most famous regions for penguins and massive ice shelves. This is where you’ll find the South Pole, the spot from which the entire world gets its coordinates.

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