Where To Stay Jackson Hole Skiing? [Ultimate Guide!]

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, sits at the head of the famous Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Teton County. The town abounds with activities for everyone, including outdoor enthusiasts.

However, Jackson Hole is a relatively small town, and it gets pretty crowded around the holiday periods. The trick is to go where the folks aren’t. There are lots of small towns around Jackson Hole, and most of them are pretty quiet during the non-peak seasons. There are also lots of lakes and streams for fishing, hunting, and paddling.

Many of the smaller towns have restaurants, bars, and biker hangouts. If you want to stay in a more traditional lodging, there are also lots of hotels in Jackson Hole. During the seasons, you will find many people traveling to and from Jackson Hole for work. If you are one of them, consider staying in one of the nearby smaller towns rather than Jackson Hole itself. You will enjoy the quieter pace of life and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery without the crowds.

Key Facts About Jackson Hole

The word ‘jackson’ is a corruption of John Griffith Jackson, an important pioneer in the American West. Legend has it that he founded Jackson Hole as a watering hole for his sheepherder’s dogs. However, this legend is apocryphal; the town was already established when he arrived in 1882.

The modern town of Jackson Hole was incorporated in 1902. Many well-known sports figures and politicians have called Jackson Hole home, including former U.S. President Richard Nixon and his family. The famous Aspen Skiing Company also has a base camp in Jackson Hole. It was founded by Skiing enthusiasts who wanted to continue their favorite sport in warmer climates.

Wondering Where To Stay? Here Are A Few Tips.

One of the main issues that newcomers to Jackson Hole encounter is where to stay. The town abounds with options, and it can be tricky to decide where to base the night of your arrival.

If you want a boutique hotel, there are a few options in town. However, if you want something more traditional, there are plenty of homesteads and ranchettes around town that you could rent for a night. There are also plenty of campgrounds nearby that you could use for a night as well.

One of the nicest places to stay in Jackson Hole is the Historic Mark hotel. It was built in 1909 and has 29 rooms and 11 suites, all of which are decked out with period furnishings. If you are a fan of Sheridan, the brave boy pioneer, you can stay at the Mark hotel. It is also close to Sage Bikes, one of the bicycle companies founded by the Iron and Sage families. You can take a spin on a two-wheeled vehicle around town or head to the Mark hotel for some wine and cheese and prepare a complete gourmet meal in your room.


If you have a hankering to shop in Jackson Hole, you can walk down Madison Street or browse the many shops and galleries that line Worth Street. These are two of the main thoroughfares in Jackson Hole. The shops and galleries line both streets and feature local art and crafts, as well as a variety of country and western-themed merchandise. If you are an artist, these are propitious galleries and streets for you to exhibit and sell your work.

On a somewhat safer note, let’s dive into health shall we? Staying fit while on the road can be tricky, but you can always make it a priority. Traveling to Jackson Hole for a work-related event doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fitness; you can always make it a point to indulge in some yoga and swimming during your stay. Don’t forget about the healthy side of the town either: the Forrest Farms organizes biking tours around the Teton Mountains, which are perfect for those looking to indulge in some rugged adventure.


If you are looking for adventure, you can always check out the Adventure Sports Center, which specializes in skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing. It also offers biking tours around the Teton Mountains, as well as rock climbing, free fall, and wilderness survival courses.

Of course, some prefer to stay closer to home. There is a surfeit of health-related retreats and spas in the Jackson Hole area, including the Arapahoe Sage Hotel & Skiing Center, the Devil’s Thumb Spa, and the Mountain Medi-Spa. Additionally, the American Institute of Stress has an office in Jackson Hole, and many of their programs and classes are open to the public. If you are looking for a quiet retreat from the fast paced world, their Yoga and Spa Retreat for Healthy Ladies is a good option.

There, now you know where to stay in Jackson Hole. Make sure to check out all the options and pick the one that suits you best. If you enjoy the mountain lion roar once a year, then a stay at the Sage Bikes & Aspen Skiing Company base camp is worth it. On the other hand, if you enjoy getting a good dinner ready for yourself whenever possible, a home made pizza with sauce is the way to go. It’s up to you!

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