Where To Ski In Wyoming? [Facts!]

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If you are looking to ski in Wyoming, you have come to the right place. The majestic Rocky Mountains meet the sweeping plains in this breathtaking landscape. The air is clear, allowing for some of the best mountain air you can find anywhere. The winters are long and harsh but don’t get as bad as you would think. There are tons of family-friendly resorts and some of the most famous ski pathes in the world. Regardless of your skill level, there is a resort nearby that will make your dream of skiing come true.

Ski Reno

One of the best places to ski in Wyoming is at Reno. The largest city in the state, Reno is located in the foothills of the northern Rockies. The Reno area is home to the California Chrome, the horse who just so happens to be the 2019 World Cup runner-up. Reno is most famous for its yearly festival, the Winter Carnival. This festival features a half-pipe that is over 75 feet tall lined with snowmen, Santa Claus, and lots of other winter-related activities. Expect lots of snow tubing, snow mobiles, and kids sliding down the mountain on sleds. Every Saturday night, the skies open up and the snowflakes fall thick and fast. The air is filled with the pitter-patter of snow as the temperature huddles around freezing and little ones get to work on their first ski turns.


Only an hour away from Reno is the bustling metropolis of Cardiff. This mid-sized city has a lovely backdrop of lakes and mountains that are just waiting to be explored. One of the best places to ski in Cardiff is Cardiff Giant, a true bucket-list destination. The name comes from the 900-pound Welsh mountain that stands in the center of the town. The attraction itself is a must for anyone interested in mountains and skiing. Walkways lead visitors around the base of the giant so they can get a peek underneath. The top of the mountain can only be reached via a shuttle bus. When you disembark, you will find yourself in front of a giant red sandstone rock that is 100 feet high and 50 feet wide. It is rumoured that this is the largest red sandstone rock in the world. Luckily, there is a chairlift that takes you to the top of the mountain for amazing panoramic views of Cardiff and the surrounding areas.


Nestled in the shadow of Mount Jackson, one of the tallest peaks in the area, is the town of Jackson. This place is filled with breathtaking panoramic views of lush green valleys and rugged snow-covered mountains. Jackson is home to the University of Wyoming, as well as the Jackson Hole Ski Resort. The largest ski resort in the area, Jackson Hole is a true bucket-list destination, famous for its chairlift that gives you access to 12 trails, averaging around 10,000 feet of vertical drop. The area also features a snow park, featuring tube ramps, cliff rails, and a giant wooden wave that you can surf on a snowboard. The snow is perfect for snowboarding and freeride skiing, while Jackson Tower is a perfect place for beginners to start their ski journey. Aside from the obvious bucket-list draw of Jackson Hole, there is also a European-style ski village that you can explore. There are lots of apartment rentals available in the village, so you can get a taste of the luxury life in the middle of the Wyoming wilderness. When you stay at one of the apartment rentals in Jackson, you have access to the entire village, along with other on-site amenities such as a gym and pool.

Powder Mountain

In the southern part of the state, you will find the town of Laramie, which is actually where the University of Wyoming is located. This part of Wyoming is incredibly dry, so make sure you bring your swimsuit with you. As the name suggests, this ski resort features lots of powder, but probably not the powder-type you are used to. The powder in this part of the country is more akin to ice cream, giving guests the sensation of skiing on clouds. Located in the southwestern part of Wyoming, near the Utah border, is Powder Mountain. This resort features 12 trails with a total of 16 lifts delivering some of the best panoramic views in the area. The resort is located in the beautiful red rock and canyon country of southern Wyoming. Although only open for 20 days a year, this part of Wyoming sees some of the heaviest snowfall in the area, so make sure you get your skis ready when the lifts start running.

Grand Targi

North of Jackson Hole is the much smaller town of Jackson, whose name should be changed to Grand Targi. While most of the area’s attractions are located within the town limits, the rest of the surrounding area is filled with endless green hills, as well as some of the best views you can get of the Grand Tetons. Just north of the town is the community of Mylar, where the Grand Targi Snow Farm is located. This snow farm is one of the biggest in the area. The snow that falls here is used for skiing and snowboarding throughout the Wyoming region. The snowmaking equipment here is some of the most advanced in the area, utilizing everything from water cannons to plasma heaters. This year, the ski resort is open until May, so make sure you get your skis on when the summer days begin to arrive.


Traveling back in time a few hundred years, you will come to the town of Helena. This was established as a supply center for the West during the American Civil War. The name comes from the famous Helena Summit, which is located in the nearby Helena Gorge. This 12.9 mile-long, horseride-like stretch of trail was built in 1907 and is considered one of the greatest engineering marvels of its time. Today, the trail is open all year round and provides a scenic stroll for locals and visitors alike. It is also the starting point for the annual Great River Run, a 10K race that takes place annually in April. This scenic highway is also the location for the annual Pioneer Days Festival, which celebrates the founding of the town. Around the plaza, food trucks parked outside bars and restaurants offer all kinds of fresh fare, while local businesses sell everything from potpourri to mountain bikes. There are lots of galleries and museums nearby, as well as several bookshops, making it a real cultural hub for the area.

Green River

Located in the northeastern part of the state is a town aptly named Green River. This place is filled with Native American culture, thanks to the tribe that lives in the area. Today, tourism is the big business in Green River, with lots of people coming to witness the traditional Native American dances that are on display at the annual Four Corners Festival. The tribe also welcomes visitors to their reservation to interact with the locals and gain a better understanding of their culture. The community is working hard to preserve their heritage and offer an authentic Native American experience to anyone who comes here. Aside from the Native American culture, Green River is also a hub for fishing enthusiasts, thanks to its two large reservoirs and its location on the Green River. The town is also home to a couple of annual music festivals, one of which is the famous Green River Festival, featuring some of the biggest names in popular music. This year, the festival takes place from August 14th to August 16th.


Continuing our journey north, we arrive at the city of Casper. This city is most famous for its annual ZombieWalk, which takes place in October. This event features thousands of people in full-on Halloween attire walking through the streets. The city also holds the title of the Happiest City in America, according to Forbes. It is home to a small university, as well as lots of bars and restaurants that serve up all kinds of food, including gluten-free and vegan options. The population here is slightly above average, with around 57,000 permanent residents and 77,000 non-permanent residents. While there is not a lot of specific infrastructure when it comes to skiing in Wyoming, the city does boast one of the best mountain bike trails in the country, which is open to everyone. Families find lots of fun activities here, including water parks, rock-climbing walls, and more. The range here is pretty impressive, with the North Platte River running through the middle, making it the longest river in the state. The waterway is dammed just north of the city, creating one of the largest freshwater lakes in the area. From here, it is only 30 minutes to the popular Powder Horn Campground, which features over 100 sites, some with electricity and water, and even more primitive camping spots. This campground is open all year round and features scenic riverside hiking trails, as well as lots of activities, including fishing, boating, and golfing. The people here are friendly and welcoming, making this a popular destination for solo-trips and family holidays.

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