Where To Ski In Tokyo? [Expert Guide!]

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If you’ve been dreaming of a ski holiday, you’ve probably been putting in a request to your travel agent or booking website. But with the cold winter months fast approaching, it might be time to switch to the next best thing: a winter wonderland that can be enjoyed right in the city.

Ski Tokyo – located in the southern part of the island of Honshu, Japan – offers a magnificent winter sports experience that is just minutes away from the busiest airports in the world.

Located at the foot of Mt Hiei, Mt Sumiyama and Mt Fuji, this spectacular resort features some of the world’s best ski runs. Every facet of winter sports is covered here, with the exception of surfing, which is not really a winter sport. But that’s probably because there’s no such thing as summer on the northern coast of Honshu. Just kidding. A bit of both, I guess.

Ski Tokyo provides the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of Japan’s main mountain range, hiking opportunities, participate in some extreme sports, and of course, hit the slopes. And the best bit? You can do all of this year round. That’s because the snow stays on for a decent amount of time, which provides endless hours of winter fun.

One of the greatest things about ski Tokyo is that it caters to all ages and abilities. There’s plenty of beginner’s terrain and green runs for those looking to get into the sport, and for the more experienced skiers, there are some incredible freeride terrains and expert backcountry guides available to take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Ski Tokyo?

Any season works here, but the best time to visit is between November and April. This is when you’ll find the busiest slopes and largest crowds. If you visit at other times, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing panoramic views of the mountain range as well as take advantage of some great last-minute deals. Also, during the hottest times, particularly in the summer, the air conditioning is turned up high, which can be a bit taxing on the throat. Winters are the perfect time to visit, and you’ll be treated to glorious sunshine and crisp, fresh snow. Not to mention the gorgeous views!

Where Is Ski Tokyo Located?

Ski Tokyo is close to a 3-hour drive from both Fukuoka and Osaka, Japan’s two largest cities. The closest international airport is in Fukuoka, while the closest domestic one is in the southern city of Kumamoto. From either of these airports, you can head straight for the freeway and zip straight to the the summit. No traffic, no parking problems, and it’s almost like being in the countryside. Except, you know, the mountains.

Driving past the outer lanes of the Sumiyama and Hiei ranges, you’ll eventually reach the last exit before the airport. Once you’ve exited, the road splits; take the right-hand turn and you’ll be in front of the entrance to the resort. From here, it’s only a 10-minute walk to the bottom of the slopes, which are located on the opposite side of the street.

How Do I Get To/From Ski Tokyo?

Easy. The resort is located on the Honshu mainland, and the closest airport is in Hiroshima, which is also the closest city to the resort. From here, you can take a taxi or bus to Ski Tokyo.

Alternatively, you can fly directly into one of the two Fukuoka airports. From here, you can take a taxi or bus to the resort. You’ll find links to both airports on our Where To Stay page.

What Amenities Does Ski Tokyo Offer?

Ski Tokyo’s got everything you could need and more. The resort’s website is a great source of information, with all of the necessary details you could want or need. On the topic of information, the place is full of knowledgeable and friendly staff, and you’re sure to have a native English speaker at your side just in case you don’t speak Japanese. Should you require additional information or have questions, the staff will be more than happy to help. If you visit during the low season, there aren’t a lot of facilities or activities available, apart from skiing and hiking. But that’s a good thing, because you can focus on having fun and letting the activities take care of themselves. In the winter, there are more things to do, and the fun never stops. Aside from the usual skiing and snowboarding, you can participate in various winter sports, including ice climbing, kitesurfing, and snow ballooning. There’s also a whole host of night life opportunities here, with bars, clubs, and restaurants that aren’t afraid to show off their beautiful views of the mountain.

What Is The Average Weather Like In Ski Tokyo?

The best time to visit Ski Tokyo is between November and April. During this time, you’ll experience glorious sunshine and crisp, fresh powder. However, as a general rule of thumb, always check the weather before you head off on a holiday, as conditions can change quickly. In the winter months, particularly from December to March, the temperature in the resort drops to around 10 degrees, making it feel like a bit of a cold climate. But that’s only the outside layer, and from within the hotel, it’ll be warm all year round. Except during the occasional typhoon, which are quite common in the area. During these times, access to some areas and some lifts may be blocked, so make sure you check the status of the ski resort and plan your route around these regions. Otherwise, you may end up wasting a lot of time, especially if you’re a beginner or an intermediate skier hoping to have some fun.

What Are The Popular Destinations For Skiers/Snowboarders?

Based on the number of guests that travel to the resort each year, our guess is that the majority of them are looking for some excitement in the winter. But it’s not limited to that, as the slopes and trails at Ski Tokyo are suitable for all age groups and abilities. There are some fantastic panoramic views of the mountain, and the staff are more than happy to help anyone who wants to experience all that the resort has to offer.

The most popular destinations for skiers/snowboarders here are:

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