Where To Ski In November? Discover The Best Destinations For Early Season Skiing!

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Are you eager to hit the slopes and carve some fresh powder but don’t want to wait until winter full swing? Then consider November as your perfect month for early season skiing! Although not all ski resorts are open yet, there is still a handful of destinations that offer fantastic conditions and activities around this time. So where can you ski in November?

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, Europe has plenty to offer. One popular choice among skiers is Tignes in France. Located in the French Alps, it offers excellent high-altitude skiing with over 300 kilometers of pistes connecting neighboring Val d’Isere. If you prefer something more relaxing, head to Cervinia in Italy where stunning views reward those who take on its glaciers below Mont Blanc. For those seeking guaranteed snowfall from early mornings through late afternoons, Hintertux Glacier in Austria provides extended runs on a variety of terrains.

“Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads. “

This quote by American author Arnold Lunn perfectly captures what makes skiing so thrilling- following the natural curves of mountains underneath us. Now imagine doing exactly that during the early season when everything is still quiet and uncrowded. Excited yet? Keep reading because we’ve got even more recommendations!

North America

If you’re looking for a place to ski in November, North America has some excellent options. Here are the top destinations:

Banff/Lake Louise Ski Resort, Alberta, Canada: One of the most beautiful ski areas in North America. There is usually plenty of snow by late November and Banff offers something for all abilities.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, California: Mammoth is one of the first major resorts to open each season and often has great early-season conditions.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming: This resort boasts over 4, 000 feet of vertical drop and typically opens in late November with great skiing on its famous bowls.

Park City Mountain Resort, Utah: Park City is a popular destination that opened mid-November last year with many runs available thanks to their exceptional snowmaking capabilities.

“November is truly an amazing time to visit Lake Tahoe: long gone are the crowds but the mountains remain as epic as ever. ” – Jake Warga

No matter which resort you choose in North America’s mountain ranges, there will be excellent facilities and high-quality slopes offering opportunities for skiers at every level. Book your trip now and enjoy splendid landscapes and adrenaline-charged descents!

Utah, USA

If you’re wondering where to ski in November, Utah is one of the top destinations for early-season skiing. With an average snowfall of over 500 inches per year, and a variety of world-class resorts to choose from, Utah provides some of the best conditions for skiing during this time.

Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort is known for having the longest ski season in Utah due to its high elevation and massive amounts of annual snowfall that provide epic powder days throughout the winter season. Park City Mountain Resort also opens early with access to hundreds of acres of skiable terrain via their upgraded gondola. Other notable resorts include Alta Ski Area and Deer Valley Resort which offer plenty of bluebird skies as well as ideal temperatures for skiing without being too cold or too warm.

The slopes located at Snowbasin are nothing short but spectacular views along with exceptional quality grooming on four thousand acres including steeps, cruisers, glades parks plus hidden moments making it fir first choices among families besides Beaver Creek and Deer Valley amongst others!

“Skiing in Utah offers fresh powder galore combined by bright sunny weather while guarantee excellent value compared to other western states” – says Travis Moisey from Smith Optics, who frequently visits all around North America extreme locations”
So if you’re looking ahead towards make your vacation plans for November Winter sports then consider visiting Utah – known worldwide for delivering outstanding ski experiences no matter how experienced a skier may be!

Banff, Canada

If you’re looking for an unforgettable skiing experience in November, then Banff should definitely be on your bucket list. Nestled amidst the Canadian Rockies, this ski resort town offers some of the most magnificent views and thrilling slopes.

The skiing season generally starts in mid-November here and runs until late April. So there’s plenty of time to get your fill of adrenaline-pumping activities like heli-skiing or snowboarding down challenging black diamond runs.

Off the slopes, you can also indulge yourself in a myriad of other winter sports such as cross-country skiing or ice skating. And if that’s not your cup of tea, take a stroll through the quaint little town with its charming shops and restaurants amid stunning mountain vistas.

“Banff is one of North America’s ultimate destinations”

Apart from these outdoor adventures, Banff National Park has several natural hot springs where you can unwind after a long day on the slopes. You can also opt for an exciting dog sled ride through snowy wilderness trails or explore nearby glaciers by booking a guided tour.

In conclusion, Banff undoubtedly deserves a spot amongst the top locations to go skiing in November – it will satisfy all levels of skiers and provide them with everything they could dream of when thinking about their ideal skiing holiday destination!


The month of November might not seem like an ideal time to plan a ski vacation in Europe. Nonetheless, the region does offer plenty of skiing options for individuals and families who love this sport.

If you are interested in finding some of the best places to ski during November in Europe, consider visiting Austria where glaciers tend to stay open all year round. The Hintertux Glacier is often referred to as one of the most reliable and popular late-season destinations where visitors can enjoy high-altitude skiing with fantastic snow conditions that remain consistent throughout the autumn season.

You could also visit Switzerland’s Valais Area which has 4 large linked areas; Verbier-St Bernard-Bruson (410 kilometers), 4 Vallees (412 kilometers) Matterhorn Ski Paradise (360 km) & Aletsch Arena (104kms).

In France, Tignes should be your go-to area if you want extensive on-piste opportunities since it’s one of the highest mountains of Les Trois Vallées resorts with vertical milages going up to almost 2000 meters.

“It’s always wise to check ahead with parks and accommodation facilities when choosing a location so that snowmaking machines have been placed at optimal points. “

No matter where you decide to get your shred on once winter rolls around, wearing protective gear such as helmets is important while having fun. Enjoy!

Tignes, France

If you’re looking for a great place to ski in November, Tignes is an excellent choice. Located in the French Alps, this resort has one of the longest ski seasons, beginning as early as October and ending in May.

There are more than 300 kilometers of runs available in Tignes alone, with plenty of pistes catering to all different ability levels. What’s more, because there are so many slopes on offer here, even if the snow isn’t perfect during your visit, chances are you’ll be able to find some good skiing somewhere on the mountain.

In addition to traditional alpine skiing, visitors can also try their hand at snowboarding or cross-country skiing when visiting Tignes. There are plenty of off-piste opportunities here too for those looking for something a little more challenging – but always seek proper guidance and follow local regulations.

“Tignes is well-known among skiers and riders alike for its fantastic terrain and reliable snowfall during November. “

The town itself provides most everything a traveler could want during a winter getaway- from restaurants serving regional specialties such as fondue and raclette cheese dishes, bars for après-ski socializing that go late into night (all within walking distance), shops selling souvenirs or specialized gear for going up-and-down hills all day long; indeed any adventurer coming through will be hard pressed not to find rooms that meet budgets and tastes across several-starred hotels down to budget-friendly hostels called “refuges. ” All combined equal unforgettable memories set against an Alpine backdrop with brisk freshness featuring daily calibrations outdoors between adventure steps,… they don’t call it “Winter Wonderland” without reason!. .

Hintertux, Austria

If you are looking for a ski destination in November then Hintertux Glacier Ski Resort in Austria is definitely worth considering. Located in the Tyrolean Zillertal Valley, this resort provides snow cover and skiing opportunities all year round due to its high altitude.

The glacier’s elevation of over 3, 000m means that it benefits from almost guaranteed powder during November. The resort offers 60km of runs with spectacular views as well as excellent facilities including restaurants and bars, equipment hire shops and accommodation suitable for different tastes and budgets.

“The great thing about Hintertux is that it’s fantastic throughout the season; when other resorts are struggling to open up runs or have less than ideal conditions for much of the winter, Hintertux pretty much guarantees something special. ” – Henry Druce, Telegraph Travel

The resort has an array of slopes catering for skiers and snowboarders at various levels of experience. From beginner areas to more challenging steep black runs offering plenty of freeride opportunities. It also boasts one of Europe’s highest-altitude pistes which is a must-ski run famed for providing breathtaking views.

In summary, if you want to start your winter sports activities early on with certainty that there will be snow on the ground head towards Hintertux where you can experience everything from small gentle hillsides hidden between pines through intermediate routes right down into snowy valleys surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain scenery.


If you’re looking to hit the slopes in November, Asia is a great option. While Japan may be the obvious choice for skiing in Asia, China and South Korea also have some amazing ski resorts to offer.

In China, head to Yabuli Ski Resort or Changbaishan International Resort for world-class skiing facilities. Both resorts offer a range of runs suitable for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

In South Korea, check out Yongpyong Ski Resort – a popular destination thanks to its long season (which typically starts in late October), wide variety of runs and modern facilities.

Of course, no guide to skiing in Asia would be complete without mentioning Japan’s legendary powder snow! Niseko is arguably one of the best places to experience it. Located on Hokkaido Island, this resort boasts excellent backcountry terrain and a lively après-ski scene.

“Skiing is not just a sport – it’s an experience that feeds your soul. “

With so many options available throughout these countries, ranging from beginner-friendly runs to challenging black diamond trails through rugged mountainsides – consider planning your trip accordingly! So where will you go? Whichever country you choose, rest assured there’s plenty of culture, crisp scenery awaiting you if hitting up Asian mountain ranges are at the top of your list when it comes to answering ‘Where To Ski In November. ’

Niseko, Japan

Looking for a unique experience skiing in November? Then Niseko, Japan is the place to go! With its unique mix of Japanese culture and world-class ski facilities, this resort town has become one of the most sought-after destinations for skiers worldwide.

Nestled on the northern island of Hokkaido, Niseko receives an average annual snowfall of over 500 inches, boasting some of the best powder skiing in the world. The slopes offer something for everyone with its diverse range of terrains that cater to both beginners and advanced skiers alike.

“Skiers who have experienced Niseko say it’s unlike any other destination. They cite everything from the deep powder snow to top-notch dining among many reasons why they keep coming back. ” – CNN Travel

But it’s not just about skiing at Niseko; while you’re there, be sure to explore the local culture by visiting nearby villages like Hirafu or Kutchan and indulging in delicious Japanese cuisine such as sushi and ramen.

And if you need a break from skiing during your trip, try out snowshoeing through beautiful winter landscapes, relaxing in traditional hot springs known as ‘onsens, ‘ or taking part in cultural activities such as tea ceremonies.

So, where to ski in November? Look no further than Niseko, Japan – a destination that offers world-class skiing conditions fused seamlessly with fascinating Japanese traditions.


Looking for a ski destination in November? Oceania might be just the place for you. With skiing locations located throughout Australia and New Zealand, there are plenty of options available during this time of year.

One popular skiing location is Thredbo, Australia. Located in New South Wales, Thredbo offers skiers long runs with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It’s also home to the longest ski run in Australia, making it an excellent choice for those looking for some challenging slopes.

New Zealand also has several top-notch skiing destinations. Queenstown is one option that holds various terrains providing fun activities like cross-country trails and terrain parks aside from world-renowned heli-skiing opportunities where guests can indulge themselves in untouched powderfields via a helicopter ride over awe-inspiring glaciers or mountaintops.

Another great option on New Zealand’s south island is the resort town of Wanaka. With four different ski resorts nearby—Treble Cone, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Snow Farm NZ and Snow Park—and fantastic scenery with spectacular lakefront views, individuals have two-plus weeks to enjoy safe and powdery snow at affordable rates.

“The November weather allows us to utilize man-made snow, ” says John Hart of Snow Farm NZ’s general manager. “We marvel their visitors by offering incredible grooming conditions and wider space coverage. “
So if you’re looking for some early-season shredding or even just a chance to see what skiing down under is all about, consider heading to Oceania this November. You might be surprised by how much fun you’ll have!

Queenstown, New Zealand

If you’re thinking of where to ski in November, one of the best destinations that offer a great skiing experience is Queenstown, New Zealand. Being situated at an altitude of 1700m above sea level, it provides skiers with excellent snow conditions for both beginners and experienced skiers.

The ski season usually starts early June and ends late September or early October. However, if you happen to visit around November, there are still numerous options available; specifically on Coronet Peak and surrounding areas. It’s essential to ensure that your equipment is appropriate for the change in weather during this month.

You can rent all necessary gear from local rental shops before hitting the slopes. If you prefer not to carry heavy loads during travel, supermarkets also have boot chains, gloves and beanies available at affordable prices so no need to worry about packing bulky winter clothes!

“Skiing allows us to escape into another world beyond work, responsibilities & stress. ” – Anonymous

Moreover, besides skiing itself you can find plenty of outdoor activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding or hiking trails overlooking majestic mountain ranges which contradicts any notion that Novembers would be lacking things-to-do”>options! Most resorts host regular events throughout the year thereby giving every possibility for visitors’ entertainment needs whilst taking advantage of winter sports opportunities and panoramic landscapes, ” says John Stevens marketing director from CreativeTourismNZ.

By choosing our top pick destination for skiing enthusiasts such as Queenstown NZ this November- with access points offering marvellous views even without partaking in downhill rides- one thing remains certain: Whether seasoned piste-fanaticsor complete beginners never underestimate what takes place underfoot out here amidst sometimes breathtakingly picturesque backdrops that will surely keep them coming back every time they get a chance!

South America

If you’re looking for a unique skiing experience, South America should definitely be on your list. The prime time to hit the slopes is from late June through October which means it’s perfect for those who want to ski in November.

The Andes Mountains include some of the highest peaks in the Americas, and here you’ll find a number of well-equipped and challenging resorts – notable ones being Valle Nevado and Portillo in Chile. Argentina offers amazing off-piste skiing experiences at Las Leñas or Cerro Catedral. Alternatively, Bariloche’s uncrowded terrain gives access to beautiful patagonian sceneries that are difficult to match anywhere around the world.

“The stunning views combined with some of the best snow conditions makes South America Skiing an unforgettableexperience”

South American resorts posses not only impressive terrains but also incredible panoramic vistas – skiers have literally breathtaking sights while enjoying their runs trough mountains ranges that blendwith vibrant sunsets (and bright clear days). English isn’t always spoken thought so make sure you pick up basic Spanish phrases before hopping over these epic destinations!

All things considered, there really is no shortage of great places to go skiing this November month; whether you prefer luxury amenities offered by French Alps resorts or steep powder bowls accessible via South America’s famous couloirs, each destination certainly provides its own unique take on what may be one of winter sports´favorite months!

Valle Nevado, Chile

If you’re looking for a skiing destination in November, Valle Nevado in Chile is an excellent choice. The ski resort is located high up in the Andes Mountains and typically opens in late June through early October but reopens from mid-November to early May.

The resort boasts three interconnecting mountains with 7, 000 acres of skiable terrain that caters to all levels of expertise. It also has one of the highest vertical drops at over 2, 200 feet!

November marks the start of summer/spring season in Chile where the weather is relatively dry and sunny. You can expect to enjoy great conditions on the slopes during this period before it gets crowded during peak months.

“I loved my experience skiing in Valle Nevado last November! The snow was perfect for carving out nice turns and our group had plenty of space on the mountain. ” – Emily V. , avid skier

In addition to world-class skiing experiences, Valley Nevado has other activities such as guided day-trips into Santiago (the capital city), fitness centers, spa services, and bars/restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. Furthermore, you may find less bustle around you while prices are more affordable than later-midseason or peak periods.

So why not plan your escape to the Andes this November?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ski resorts are open in November?

There are several ski resorts that are open in November, including Mammoth Mountain in California, Breckenridge in Colorado, and Killington in Vermont. Additionally, many ski resorts in Europe, such as Tignes in France and Hintertux Glacier in Austria, are also open in November.

What are the best ski destinations to visit in November?

The best ski destinations to visit in November are typically those that have high elevations and are known for receiving early-season snowfall. Some of the top destinations include Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada, and Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont. Ski resorts in Europe, such as Val Thorens in France and Zermatt in Switzerland, are also great options for early-season skiing.

Are there any ski resorts with guaranteed snow in November?

While there are no ski resorts with guaranteed snow in November, there are several that are known for their early-season snowfall and reliable snowmaking capabilities. Some of the best options include Arapahoe Basin in Colorado, Timberline Lodge in Oregon, and Mt. Bachelor in California.

What are the weather conditions like for skiing in November?

The weather conditions for skiing in November can vary depending on the location. In general, temperatures are colder and there may be some precipitation in the form of snow or rain. Skiers should come prepared with warm clothing and be aware of changing weather conditions.

Can beginners find suitable ski resorts to visit in November?

Yes, beginners can find suitable ski resorts to visit in November. Many ski resorts offer beginner-friendly terrain and ski lessons to help new skiers get started. Some of the best options include Breckenridge in Colorado, Park City in Utah, and Heavenly in California.

What are the pros and cons of skiing in November compared to other months?

One of the main pros of skiing in November is that it is typically less crowded than peak season, meaning shorter lift lines and more room to ski. However, the cons include the risk of limited terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, some ski resorts may not be fully operational in November, meaning fewer amenities and services may be available.

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