Where To Ski In New Zealand? [Expert Review!]

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New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere and is home to the famous ski run, the Remarkables. The country’s ski season is relatively short (mid-June to mid-October) compared to other ski-in/ski-out destinations such as Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

That being said, New Zealand is pretty spectacular the whole year round. Outside of the ski season, the country is a paradise for road trippers and adventure travelers. During the summer, the climate is beautiful and idyllic, while the South Island, in particular, is covered in lush forests and offers some of the longest and finest hiking trails in the world. In the winter, the South Island is a snowy paradise, while the North Island offers a more temperate climate and a ton of activities.

The Remarks

Named after its creator, Frederick Walker, the Remarkables are New Zealand’s most incredible ski run. The snowboarder turned ski guide designed the iconic run in the 1950s, and today, it remains one of the most popular ski attractions in New Zealand and the world.

Perisher is responsible for popularizing ski tourism in New Zealand, and Remarkables are owned by the ski village of Cardrona. The village also hosts the New Zealand Ski Championships, which takes place every two years.

For beginner skiers, head to Treble Cone for some exciting backcountry skiing. For intermediates, the Remarkables are a must. The views are incredible and the snow is typically powdery and soft. If you are an experienced skier, then the ski village of Turoa is a great destination for you as well, especially the Northern part, which is completely closed to traffic. Besides offering some magnificent panoramic views of the Southern Alps, the ski village of Turoa is also home to the New Zealand Snowmobile Club and the New Zealand Ice Hockey League, which takes place every winter.

Where To Stay?

Accommodation in New Zealand is very affordable. Even during the off-season, when the prices are at their lowest, you will not find a room for more than £30. During the ski season, the prices increase and can reach £60 a night. In the main towns, you will find everything from luxury hotels to camping, and Airbnb is available in most of the country’s major cities.

Where To Eat?

Like other countries in the South Pacific, New Zealand is surrounded by its beaches, and each region has its own specialty food and beverage. The South Island is better known for its potato chips and dairy products, while the North Island is famous for its lamb, beef, and seafood. The best way to enjoy local produce is to visit a local cafe, where you can get a taste of what New Zealand has to offer. During the off-season, you will find markets and local cafes around the country that are open for tourists, offering quality local produce and specialty foods. Some places even offer meals crafted from local ingredients, such as the famous whitebait served everywhere in New Zealand.

Skiing, Or, Going To The Beach?

New Zealand is a paradise for road trippers and adventure travelers. During the offseason, the country is a no-go zone for drivers, leaving plenty of room for tourism. The South Island provides the most spectacular scenery and is home to the greatest hits of any travel destination: Queenstown, the Golden Shears, Rotorua, and the Remarkables. All the while the North Island has very affordable accommodation and eateries serving up great things such as fish and chips, and loaded waffles. Once the ski season starts, the North Island provides the best choice for skiing, while the South Island is for enjoying a beach and chilling out. In order to get your fill of adrenaline during the offseason, you can mountain bike, hike, or climb in the South Island, while in the North Island, you can boat, fish, or explore the caves.

Getting To The Remarks

You can get to the Remarks, the iconic skiing destination in New Zealand, from the South Island’s capital, Wellington, or from the North Island’s biggest city, Auckland. The South Island’s main airport, located in picturesque Invercargill, also offers daily flights to the Remarks. Getting to the North Island from the South Island, however, is a bit more complicated. You can’t just fly to the airport on the North Island and take a taxi or bus to the destination. You will have to change planes in either Auckland or Wellington. From there, you can take a helicopter ride to the snowfields.

What To Watch?

One of New Zealand’s most popular annual traditions is the Vodafone New Zealand Music Festival. This festival, held in Queenstown every summer, is one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in the world. The four-day festival brings in famous and up-and-coming artists from around the world and features a range of musical genres, from metal to alternative, pop, and indie. The festival has an incredible line-up every year and is definitely worth exploring. The South Island also hosts other festivals, such as the Auckland Festival and Festival of Opera. These festivals mainly take place in the South Island’s biggest city, but travelers can enjoy them as well.

Other Things To Do?

Aside from skiing, New Zealand is a paradise for those who love adventure sports. The country’s biggest and most popular tourist attraction, however, is not tied to skiing. The Volcanoes Activity Centre offers tourists a variety of activities, from giant-wheel riding to bungee jumping and kayaking. The center’s newest attraction is the Xtreme Bridges Sculpture Walk, a suspension bridge that leads over a stunning lake. Nearby is the Manapouri Hydroelectric Power Station, the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant, which runs on the energy generated by the falling water.[/p>

New Zealand is a stunning country with incredible landscapes and friendly residents. Those who love adventure sports, especially skiing, will not want to miss out on the experience, while those who prefer a more luxurious atmosphere can stay in one of the country’s top hotels and enjoy the view of the Remarks from their room.

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