Where To Buy Ski Suits? [Solved!]

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Many skiers and snowboarders look forward to the winter months, when the cold weather brings a change in lifestyle. Few activities are as exciting and rewarding as skiing. The fresh powder on the snow, the majestic views, and the exhilaration of flying down the slopes make any winter day an event to remember.

While there is plenty of fun to be had in the summer, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. After all, no one wants to be caught unawares in case of bad weather. The snowflake-colored attire and white snow are a joy to behold, but they’re only a vision if you can actually feel comfortable in your ski gear. The problem is, not all ski suits are created equal. Finding the right one can be very challenging, especially if you’re new to the sport.

What is a ski suit, and where should you shop for the ideal one? How about ski gear for men? Keep reading to find out more.

Key Points To Remember

You’ll need a ski suit that is relatively light and easy to move around in. You also want to be sure that your ski gear fits you snugly, especially if you’re going for a cruise. With the right skiing gear, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the slopes, regardless of the weather. Additionally, make sure that the clothes you choose are easy to dry off in case of sudden downpours of rain. This will prevent you from being frozen out in your wet ski gear. Last but not least, check the stitching on the inside of your ski jacket, as this will prevent it from splitting along its seams during use.

When Is The Right Time For A Ski Suit?

The right time for a ski suit is when you’re going for a cruise or a day hike. It’s best to be safe than sorry, so cover all the bases by wearing the right ski gear. You don’t want to end up in the hospital because your ski gear failed you in the middle of a run. Nowadays, most ski resorts have ski patrols that ensure everyone is equipped properly and have the right licensing. Make sure you’re covered by insurance as well, in case of an accident. Before you go skiing, try out your ski gear in the store to ensure it fits you perfectly. This will prevent you from having to stop and get adjustments made on the spot, when you’re already in the middle of a difficult ski run.

Buying a ski jacket or ski pants without a ski cap doesn’t guarantee that you’ll stay cool in the cold winter months. The wind can easily get under the jacket or pants, causing you to overheat. Always pack a ski cap and sun protection spray in case you end up going for a hike during a storm, as it could get chilly even in the summer.

What Type Of Ski Jacket Should You Buy?

When choosing a ski jacket, you want to look for one that is ventilated, as this will keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. If you have a larger build, you might want to consider getting a wide body jacket, which will hug you tightly without being overly tight. This will keep you from overheating, even if you overdo it on the slopes. Look for a ski jacket that is at least 85% waterproof, as this will prevent you from getting wet and cold. Some good choices for this type of jacket are the Burton Mummy and the Marmot Mummy. Don’t be afraid to spend a decent amount of money on a good ski jacket. You’ll be able to tell the difference, especially when driving on the highway in wintertime. The higher quality the jacket is, the better, as it will keep its shape and stop water from getting inside, even if it does end up getting a bit wet on the outside. This type of jacket will keep you cozy on the slopes, and it will stop any water from getting inside, making it more comfortable to wear during the day. This is why it is highly recommended to buy a quality ski jacket and save it for wet and cold weather. If it gets wet and cold outside, but not terribly so, you can wear it over your everyday clothing, as this will prevent it from getting ruined due to excessive wetness. When going for a hike or cruise in the mountains, you want to be sure that your jacket is large enough to prevent you from overcooling. Look for a jacket that is at least 1.7 meters in length. This will ensure that you’re not restricted in any way when moving about. If the weather is clear and sunny, it’s best to go for a shorter jacket, as you don’t want to be restricted by the length when it comes time to take a dip in a frozen pond or lake. A good rule of thumb is: the longer the jacket, the more weight it can hold. This will prevent you from overheating on long walks or tours, as you’ll be carrying the extra weight. Remember to put on your ski jacket before you leave the house, as it will be a pain to do so upon arrival at the airport. This will save you from getting cold in the extreme.

What Type Of Ski Pants Should You Buy?

Next, we’ll discuss the important topic of ski pants. These are the clothing items that will keep you warm on the slopes. Like with the jacket, the ventilated element is crucial, as it will keep you cool during the warm summer months and will stop any wind from making you overheat in the winter. Look for an easy opening and closing mechanism, as well as two way zippers. If the weather is cold, a three lined pant will keep you more protected than a classic one-piece ski pant. It will not only prevent you from overheating but will keep you dry too. When going for a cruise in the summertime or a hike in the winter, make sure to pack shorts and pants in your ski bag, as this will prevent you from getting cold on longer walks or tours. Remember to put on your ski pants before you leave the house, as it will be a pain to do so upon arrival at the airport. This will save you from getting cold in the extreme. The key points discussed above will assist you in finding the right ski equipment for your needs. With the right gear, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the slopes, no matter the weather conditions. And what’s more, you’ll be able to do it feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing that you’re prepared for any eventuality. So, remember to layer up, as this will keep you warm even during the harshest winter conditions. And when the sun starts to disappear, it’s time to put on your jacket and head for the shelter, as hypothermia is a dangerous condition that you don’t want to fall victim of.

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