Where Is Dodge Ridge Ski Resort? [Facts!]

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We all enjoy the majestic view of a snowy mountain, don’t we? But where is the ultimate destination for that view? Let’s find out with this informational guide.


Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is located in Okemo, New York, a small ski town 22 miles north of the Massachusetts border. The resort features 18 trails, a double-bucket air ride, and a Nordic village with a restaurant and bar. This winter 2021/2022, Dodge Ridge was rated the #3 ski resort in New York by SKI Magazine.

Although there is no longer any economic significance to the resort’s name, Dodge Ridge was indeed named after John Dodge, an influential local businessman who invested in the ski resort. He also established the John Dodge Foundation, which sponsors several local schools and charitable organizations.


Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is located in the northern part of Vermont, specifically in Okemo, which is actually closer to the Canadian border than it is to the Massachusetts one. So, if you’re driving from Massachusetts, you’ll have to go through at least two states to reach the resort. The quickest route is to take Interstate 89 north, which leads directly to the Massachusetts border. From there, take the Route 17 south that runs directly through the center of Okemo.

If you’re flying into Burlington International Airport, you’ll be facing a 45-minute drive to the Vermont border. Once there, you’ll have to decide whether to take the scenic Route 17A or continue through the interstate. It’s about a 15-minute drive to the airport from the border, so you have your pick of which route to take.

There are several highways that lead to the resort. The closest one is Route 22, which is located 14 miles away. If you’re coming from the north, take Route 22 west towards New York State. If you’re coming from the south, take Route 17 north towards New York City or northbound I-89. From the airport, it’s a 30-minute drive to the resort.


This resort is known for its bitterly cold climate. The winters are extremely harsh, with a lot of heavy snowfall. The temperatures drop sharply, especially at night. The summer months are fairly cool as well, but you’d usually need a jacket to feel comfortable. So if you don’t mind the cold, this could be the place for you.

The climate is more accurately defined by its seasons than by its temperature. The town is only accessible during the winter months thanks to its snowboard and ski equipment shops that stay open all year long. Even the tourism office is closed during the summer. So when the last ski resort town in New England wants to relax, it really wants to relax.


Let’s now move on to the most essential part of this article: What is skiing and how to skiate? Skiing is a winter sport involving sliding down a snowy slope on skis. The objective is to reach the bottom as fast as possible while enjoying the scenic view. To do this, you have to find your balance, as you are placing one ski in front of you and one behind you. Proper ski equipment is crucial for the sport, so make sure you bring your ski goggles, helmet, and jacket. You might also like:

What Are Snowboards and Snowboard Boots?

Aside from the gear, another important factor is the snow conditions. The snow must be hard enough for you to land comfortably on but not so much that you slip and fall. To determine the right snow hardness, you have to feel the snow under your feet. Hard snow feels like concrete but with the consistency of soft snow. It takes a while to get used to but eventually you’ll feel at home on any type of terrain.

If you’re new to the sport, take some time to learn how to ski. It’s not difficult, especially if you have watched some YouTube videos beforehand. Even basic ski tips and tricks can improve your skiing experience. For example, if you are wearing gloves, take them off before putting your hand on the handlebar. Another important thing to do is look around you. Concentrate on what your eyes see and not on the tips of your skis. Looking down will only hurt you in the long run. Also, don’t rush. Take your time and master the art of skiing before progressing to the next level.

Types Of Skiing

There are various types of skiing. In the winter, there is usually only one type of skiing available: Slalom. It’s the most popular one because it’s the simplest to learn and it allows you to progress quickly towards mastering the technique. In this type of skiing, you will be racing against the clock to complete a course as quickly as possible. The slalom technique is also used in the Olympics and other important competitions. This is the most basic and fundamental part of skiing, and it forms the basis for the rest of the ski-related activities at your disposal.

If you are not familiar with the term, ping-ponging is a technique used in slalom skiing. It involves speeding up and slowing down your skis to change the trajectory of your movement. This is done through the coordination of your arms and legs. While in flight, your body moves in a pendular motion. As the name would suggest, ping-ponging is played with a pair of skis. In the winter, you have two choices when it comes to the type of equipment you will use for the activity: an intermediate or an expert pair of skis. The former is optimal for recreational use, while the latter is better for advanced sportsmen and Olympians. In some cases, you will also need a pair of snowshoes for added stability while skiing on unfamiliar terrains or in the dark.

If you are looking for an activity that combines both elements of skiing and hiking, you should try snowboarding. It is a form of skiing that sees you standing on a board and riding on the back of a snowmobile. The objective is to slide down a mountain and perform tricks using various props, such as a mini-pitchpoling, a toboggan, or an inline snow tube. Like in slalom skiing, snowboarding is also a timed sport and can be practiced both in the winter and the summer. Riders wear the same types of gear as skiers but they use their board to propel themselves forward instead of their feet.

If you have an adventurous spirit, you can even become a ski instructor and teach others how to ski. Even if you have never been skiing on your own, you can guide and assist other beginners with their first trips down the mountain. Skiing is a sport that anyone can enjoy, even if you have never tried it before. You just need to find the right trail, layer, and equipment to feel at home on the slopes.

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