Where Is Beaver Mountain Ski Resort? [Expert Review!]

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This is probably the most frequently asked question about Beaver Mountain Ski Resort (aka Blue Mountain, as it’s sometimes called).

I’m glad you asked. Here’s the answer. (And I’m sorry it’s so long.)

The Basics

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range, in the State of California. The elevation of the resort is 7,200 feet, and the average snowfall is 34.8 inches. The resort is open all year long, and it boasts 12 trails, 4 peaks, and a snow park.

One of the coolest things about Beaver Mountain Ski Resort is that it offers a wide range of lodging options. There are luxurious hotels right on the mountain, as well as a variety of small, charming bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and even a yurt (yes, a yurt!). The best part is that all of the lodging options are very, very, very close to the slopes.

The Trails

One of the first things you’ll notice about Beaver Mountain is that all of the trails are well-groomed and perfectly accessible. This means that even though it’s the end of April and the snow is almost gone, you can still enjoy skiing and riding without getting injured or frustrated.

There are 12 trails at the resort, ranging from easy, all-terrain trails for beginners, to expert backcountry tours for advanced skiers and snowboarders. Each trail covers a variety of terrain, and many of them are intermediate or advanced in difficulty. The trails are also well-maintained and well-signed, so you’ll have no trouble figuring out where to go even if you’re not familiar with the area.

The Skiing And Snowboarding

Believe it or not, but the skiing and snowboarding are two separate sports at the resort. While some people enjoy skiing on the flats, or even walking to the top of the mountain to take a leisurely ski down, others prefer the challenge of skiing the whole mountain. The best part of the ski experience at Beaver is not only the breathtaking views and exhilarating feeling of skiing down a well-groomed slope, but also the variety of experiences that await you at the top of the mountain.

The expert-level trails allow you to showcase your awesome moves, while the intermediate and beginner-friendly slopes are there to help you get comfortable on your skis or snowboard. And since there is no lift ticket required to use the mountain’s trails, everyone can enjoy the experience.

The Slopestyle Skiing

Yes, you read that right. Beaver Mountain also has a snow park, which offers something entirely different from regular skiing. The snow park at Beaver is mostly made up of four large ramps and two smaller ones, as well as a bunch of rails and boxes.

The slopestyle skiing is essentially a combination of snowboarding and skiing, with a focus on riding big air. The best part of the snow park at Beaver is that it provides an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy a thrill ride, regardless of their experience level.

The larger ramps allow for big air tricks, such as 1080s, which is an upside-down front flip followed by a back flip. The smaller ramps are there to help beginners master the art of turning and flipping, allowing them to progress to the larger ramps, where more experienced riders can show off their skills.

The Day After The Snowfall

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort gets its fair share of snow every year. While some people look forward to the white stuff, most of them are dreading the day after the snowfall. In case you’re wondering, the “day after the snowfall” is the day that you have to clear the mountain. (I.e., walk or ski down as much as you can before the trails become too dangerous to ride.)

The fun part of skiing is exploring the white wonderland, and many skiers and snowboarders make it a point to ski the whole mountain right after the snowfall. The downside is that after a few days, the fresh tracks make the terrain much more difficult to navigate, and it can be dangerous to go alone, especially when the snow has started to thaw.

Above The Clouds

If you thought the views from the top of the mountain were spectacular, you’ll love (or at least appreciate) the panoramic views that await you from the summit of Peak 9, the highest peak at the resort. (Peak 7 is the tallest peak.)

From the top of Peak 9, you can see all of the famous Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, including the famous Three Sisters, Heavenly, and Mount Bullion. These are the three most prominent peaks in California, and each one is flanked by smaller ones, making for a very picturesque grouping.

Peak 9 is accessible via the Snow Summit hike, an approximately 7.7 mile round trip to the top, which begins opposite the Summit Lodge.

Ascending Peak 9 is not for the weak of heart, as it gains 1,600 feet in 3.5 miles. Most people take about 6 to 7 hours to complete the hike, weather permitting. (Bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen, as well as a camera to capture the stunning views.)

Ski-in/ski-out Lodging

Another great feature of Beaver Mountain is that all of the lodging options are very, very, very close to the slopes. This is thanks to the resort’s cozy little Sherpa’s Cabin, which provides ski-in/ski-out access and offers guests a sense of adventure, as well as luxury and comfort, right on the mountain.

One of the most luxurious options is the Summit Lodge, designed in the shape of a snowflake and offering guests the opportunity to socialize with other skiers and snowboarders, as well as engage in some winter sports activities. (Summit Lodge is located on the northern side of the mountain, closest to Tahoe City.)

Other options nearby include Heavenly’s Northstar Cabin and Bear Creek’s Hearthstone Lodge, both of which provide guests with stunning panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and provide easy access to the slopes. (If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the town, consider checking out one of these two small, charming hotels, where you can get a peaceful night’s sleep and recharge for the next day.)

Where To Eat

If you’re looking for some hot lunch or dinner after your morning workout, there are a variety of options at the mountain, including the Summit Plum Pub, which serves pizzas, pastas, and salads, and the Summit Sports Lodge, which serves fish, steak, and chicken, among other things, as well as live music on some nights.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop or a café, there are several options at the mountain, including the Copper Kettle, which serves pastries, waffles, and coffees, as well as smoothies and juices; the Bear Paw Café, which serves breakfast and lunch; and the Snow Summit Lodge, which serves dinner and has a bar.

If you’d like to avoid the bar, you could check out the local coffee shops or eateries in Tahoe City. There, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and eateries, from sushi joints and vegan cafes, to Greek restaurants and steak houses. (There’s even a doughnut shop on Main Street!)


One of the best things about Beaver Mountain is that there is so much more than just skiing and snowboarding. The mountain is filled with locals selling handmade wares, artists showing their work, musicians, and performers.

The town of Tahoe City, which is closest to the resort, offers a wide variety of museums and galleries, as well as award-winning restaurants, bars, and clubs, all perfect for an exciting night out.

Another great way to enjoy a day at Beaver is to take a stroll down Main Street. This picturesque street is filled with boutiques, art galleries, wood-framed shops, and restaurants, with live music and entertainment offered on some nights. (There’s also a farmer’s market on Saturdays, where you can get fresh produce, meats, and cheeses.)

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