Where Do You Ski In Lake Tahoe? [Fact Checked!]

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Summer has officially arrived, which means it’s time to hit the slopes! But where should you go to enjoy the perfect Canadian Summer? Is it best to head north to the great ski resorts of British Columbia, or should you go south to the ski hot spots of California?

Skiing in California is obviously a dream for many, as the country’s favorite state has some of the biggest and most popular resorts in the world. But what about those of us who can’t spend a whole season in the hot southern states? Should we go to Canada, or try a ski resort closer to home? Let’s look at the best places in California and Canada to enjoy some of the most exciting skiing experiences.

Sierra Nevada And Lake Tahoe

For Canadians, the dream of going to California and skiing is as old as the state itself. The only problem is that for the longest time, the only real option for most people was to go to Lake Tahoe, about an hour drive from San Francisco. Today, however, the mountain has been dramatically upgraded, with luxury resorts like Heavenly and Northstar opening their doors to the public, and more resorts following suit. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Winter carnival in Lake Tahoe, with the whole community coming together to celebrate the season.

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the peak of which is 14,000 feet, Lake Tahoe offers some of the most stunning views of any ski resort, as well as tons of skiing terrain, including backcountry terrain that can be accessed through online guides or local hiking trails. There are 47 trails on the mountain, ranging from easy intermediates to expert backcountry terrains that only the most experienced skiers should attempt. Some of the oldest and most traditional resorts in the country, including Squaw Valley, are located on the eastern side of the lake, while the west side of the mountain is home to the more modern Heavenly and Northstar.

Although skiing in California is world-class and a bucket-list item for many, the opportunity to venture inland and enjoy the Canadian summer is a rare treat. Those of you who are visiting the state this summer should make the most of the opportunity and hit the mountains. The Canadian Rockies are one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and offer some of the most stunning scenery, as well as fabulous cuisine and wine. In particular, Banff and Jasper in Alberta, and Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, are two places you shouldn’t miss.

Alaska And Mt. Ashland

Another great option for Canadians is to head further south to the most northern state in the country, Alaska. Not only does it offer great skiing, but the scenery is breathtaking and the opportunity to see sea ice during the winter is an experience you won’t forget. In fact, if you’re a sea-ice aficionado, you can even see it from the slopes in some places!

Located in the stunningly beautiful and bountiful state of Alaska, the mountain resort of Mt. Ashland draws visitors from all over the world, with its panoramic views of the wilderness and stunning sunsets. Mt. Ashland was once a mere 12-person resort, built in 1939, but it has grown immensely since then, with the opening of the Snowbound Ski Lodge in 1960, the Ashland Peak Hotel in 1965, and the Silver Streak base area in 1998. The mountain also offers an extreme skiing experience, with the Bob Hodge trail, a double black diamond in the Swiss Alps. This year marks the 80th anniversary of skiing in Alaska, with the mountain setting the stage for some amazing parties and events.

Whether you’re a visitor to the state or an expat looking for a way to spice up your Canadian summer, you can’t go wrong with Alaska. It’s rich in opportunities for adventure and fun, with some of the best restaurants in North America serving local cuisine, and shopping opportunities galore.

Marmot Basin And Snowmass/Lake Crystal

The largest ski resort in North America isn’t even in the winter! Located in the southern part of the state, on top of the largest elevation change in North America, Marmot Basin spans 66 miles of skiable trail and features 12 trails, including the legendary Wildcat trail. The trails are well maintained, featuring beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife, and hot springs. With a vertical rise of 14,433 feet, the mountain has the greatest skiing experience possible, which is part of the reason it’s been called the “Climb to Experience”.

An option for guests is to stay at one of the luxury hotels located at the bottom of the mountain. The Snowmass Resort, built in 1911, is the oldest ski resort in the state and still has some of its original buildings. Today, it’s a sprawling 66-year-old resort, featuring 22 trails and the iconic Sundark Lodge, built in 1939. One of the best Canadian summer vacations is at Snowmass, where you can have some fun in the snow and sun before heading back home for the winter.

For those of you who can’t wait to head back north and hit the slopes, we have some great news: Lake Tahoe, Alaska, and the Canadian Rockies, are all open this year! Make the most of the opportunity and book your travel arrangements to one of these wonderful destinations today.

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