When Will Ski Apache Open? [Fact Checked!]

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The question on everyone’s lips this year will be “When is Ski Apache open?” As the ski season approaches, we examine the latest forecasts and reviews to answer this question and plan your ultimate ski holiday to Canada’s most iconic ski resort, now accepting 2018/19 season tickets

The Peak Season

While the Canadian winter months are famous for their white snow, bitterly cold temperatures and spectacular mountain landscapes, there is more to the peak season than skiing. Mountain resorts such as Whistler and Banff in the Canadian Rockies enjoy a tremendous hiking and ecological awareness season, as well as a vibrant social scene.

Further afield, the Indian and Chinese Himalayas, the Alps and the Pyrenees offer some of the best trekking and snowsports in the world. The winter holiday destination of choice for many will be Northern Europe, where day trips to the ski resorts are possible and the nights are cold enough to make you feel like you’re skiing right away.

The Off Season

Ski Apache remains one of the most popular ski resorts in Canada throughout the year, enjoying a steady stream of visitors every winter. This is thanks in part to Canadian Thanksgiving, which falls on the last Thursday of October, and the long holidays in the summer, which make the northern areas of British Columbia and Alberta quite popular.

Off-peak season at Canadian ski resorts refers to the part of the year when there aren’t as many people around, which makes for quieter and more peaceful skiing. The long, dark nights of the Canadian winter are also perfect for those who don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Ski Apache 2018/19

Once upon a time, the 2018/19 ski season would have started in the middle of September and finished by April. Times have changed. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, the entire ski season was called off, and then in April, the season started again but with much later opening and closing dates. Now that the summer holidays are over and schools have returned to their regularly scheduled programming, the question is: when will the 2018/19 ski season open and how many days will it run?

One of Canada’s most famous and iconic ski resorts, Ski Apache, will open its 2018/19 ski season on Wednesday, October 17, now that the Canadian Food Restrictions are lifted. The resort has changed its opening hours so that they can fit in with the updated policies, and now opens for a longer period, from 9 am until 5 pm.

As of now, the resort’s website doesn’t indicate whether ski season 2018/19 will be longer or shorter than last year, but it’s safe to assume that it will be longer. Last year, the season started much later than usual and ended earlier, due to the pandemic. In fact, the last weekend of April was the last day of the season. This year, with the lockdown lifted and the restrictions on social gatherings minimized, we could see the Canadian ski season stretching well into the summer.

Where Will I Stay?

Depending on your budget and the time of year, you have several options when it comes to where to stay. If you have a high-end smartphone, you can search for the best rates on Airbnb.

For those traveling on a budget and in need of a more traditional accommodation, Canada’s top ski resorts offer some of the best accommodation and customer service, as well as plenty of entertainment. Staying at one of the many luxury hotels in the area will ensure that your holiday doesn’t turn into a budget bender.

What Equipment Will I Need?

If you’re planning on skiing this year, you’ll need ski equipment. Fortunately, Canada is world-class when it comes to skiing gear and the prices are quite reasonable. The only downside is that the stores at the resorts might not have everything in stock, so you might have to wait a bit for it to arrive. Still, as long as you’re planning on going ahead with the trip, it’s worth the effort.

Besides, with the increase in online shopping during the pandemic, it’s quite easy to buy whatever you need, whether you’re in Canada or elsewhere.

How Long Will It Take To Get There?

Skiing is a popular winter sport in Canada, and getting there is quite easy. Depending on where you’re flying from, the journey can take less than three hours. From Toronto, you can take a direct flight to Vancouver, which is the closest major airport to Ski Apache. From there, you can take a direct bus or drive to the resort, which is around 40 minutes away.

In 2019, the Canadian Rockies will make for a beautiful sight as you approach the resort. Rocky peaks, covered in snow, greet you as you travel along the winding highway. As the season inches closer, you’ll begin to see more people about and feel the pulse of the tourist season.

There are several options for those who want to do a cruise around the Canadian Rockies during the off-season. This is one of the best-known scenic routes and offers some amazing views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. The first port of call is Vancouver, which is the cruise ship terminal for travelers from around the world. From there, you can take a connecting bus or drive to the airport, where you’ll board the plane for the short flight to Calgary. Another option is to take the highway all the way to the Canadian Rockies and get a sight of the amazing scenery along the way. In either case, it’s quite an adventure to behold the majestic Canadian Rockies during the off-season.

Those who want to make the most of their time on the slopes can do so in several ways. Day passes, which give you access to all the mountain’s main attractions including the chairlift, are quite affordable and allow you to have fun on the slopes without breaking the bank. Alternatively, those who want to make the most of the nightlife can visit one of the resort’s bars and restaurants, which open in the winter and close in the summer. Still, if you want to save money, you can stay at one of the resort’s accommodation buildings, which offer direct access to the slopes and a kitchen.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

Skiing in the spring is quite popular, as the snow melts and the green grass makes for pleasant and enjoyable walking or jogging. The downside is that the weather can be unpredictable and you might get wet, cold or even snow-bound. In the winter, you’ll enjoy the thrill of sliding down the mountains on a snowboard or ski, but you might get wet or cold, depending on the weather. Visiting in the summer is also popular, as the temperatures are more comfortable and the snow has melted, enabling you to have some fun on the slopes. The downside is that you’ll be competing with many other travelers for the limited ski equipment and accommodation, which might make the whole experience a bit less luxurious.

Ski Apache remains one of the most popular ski resorts in Canada, due in part to its amazing location and panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. The Canadian Food Restrictions have now been lifted, and the resort’s next major event will be the opening of its 2018/19 ski season on Wednesday, October 17.

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