When Is Park City Open For Skiing? [Updated!]

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Winter is a challenging time of the year. The cold weather makes it unpleasant to be outside, which makes it more challenging to get some exercise. It’s doubly challenging if you live in a place where winter lasts a lot of the year. Fortunately, there’s still some hope for you. One of the best places for winter sports is located in the magnificent state of Utah. It is there that you’ll find the majestic Wasatch Mountains, which are home to some of the most spectacular skiing resorts in the country. Park City is one of those resorts, and it’s open all year round, which means you can enjoy the great outdoors all year round. It definitely beats being cooped up inside all winter long.

Best Time To Visit And What To Bring

The best time to visit the magical town of Park City is in the winter. As we’ve established, the weather is terrible almost all year round, but it’s particularly horrendous in the winter. The temperature can drop pretty low, which means your body will feel the cold much more than in the summer. There’s also plenty of precipitation, which could range from light snow to heavy rain. You’ll definitely need an umbrella or raincoat, especially if you go to more than one ski resort. If you do go to another location, make sure you pack a jacket as well, in case you get wet.

The summer months are also a great time to visit, especially if you want to avoid the worst of the weather. There’s still plenty of warmth, although it can be quite humid as well. You won’t need to bring as many layers as you would in the winter, but it’s still recommended. The sun is more powerful than the cold, so even if it’s cloudy outside, you won’t be at risk of overheating.

Another point to make is that the resorts close in the summer. It’s unbearably hot during these months, and a lot of people find it hard to walk to the nearest ski resort. The snow melts fast, and the water doesn’t do any favors to the body, either.

Where To Stay

Now that you’re equipped with the best time and the right clothing, it’s time to focus on the lodging aspect. There are plenty of luxurious places to stay in Park City, especially in the winter. Booking a spa hotel is an excellent way to pamper yourself and get some rest after a long day of skiing. You can also choose to stay at a hostel, which are abundant in the town. The staff will be more than happy to give you some tips on where to go and what to do.

When it comes to food, Park City is truly paradise. The skiing brings a lot of affluent people to the area, and they spend a lot of money. You’ll certainly want to sample the local cuisine, which is not only delicious but also very affordable. You’ll find small restaurants and coffee shops scattered all over the place, serving a variety of cuisines for you to choose from. There are vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based restaurants scattered around, offering tasty grub for all palates. It’s quite an inclusive place when it comes to food choices, which makes dietary restrictions very easy to comply with.

Getting Around

Park City is a fairly small town, and it doesn’t take long to walk from one end to the other. Aside from the natural beauty of the place, the townsfolk are extremely friendly and welcoming. Your first few days in town will feel like a vacation, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit this beautiful place earlier. There’s also a train stop in the town, which is extremely handy for those arriving by car. A car is definitely the best way to travel around, as there’s no other way to get to the smaller villages and resorts near Park City. You can drive on the right side of the road, which is the same side as the train. It’s only when you get to the towns that you need to watch out for traffic. The roads can get rather crowded, especially near the Summit.

It’s certainly possible to travel around Park City by foot. The town is hilly, with some rather steep slopes. If you’re not averse to a little bit of exercise, you can take the bus up to Deer Valley, which is the largest of the five official ski resorts. Walking up there is said to take about an hour and a half. You can also take the chairlift up to the top of Park City Mountain or take a regular ski lift to the top of one of the smaller resorts.

There are almost certainly other things you need to bring with you to enjoy your time in Park City. For example, you’ll need a camera to capture the magic of the place. It’s best to bring a bike with you as well, since there’s no public transportation available in the winter. You can also rent some skis and a snowboard, as well as some snowmobile or cross-country skates, if you don’t own any. The snowmobile can get you anywhere in a hurry, especially in the winter. It’s not only fast but also very stable, which makes it easy to drive on the ice. It’s worth noting that the snow tires will make it easier to handle, especially on the slushy ground. It’s also advisable to bring some good hiking boots along as well. The mountains are absolutely magnificent, and you’ll need the best gear to climb them.

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