When Does Steamboat Springs Open For Skiing? [Expert Guide!]

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This winter sports enthusiast decided to follow his heart and ski where ever he goes rather than where he is told to go. This decision led him on a three-month journey through Europe where he hit the slopes and shared his experience with others. During the winter he worked as a ski instructor, taught ski to kids, and hosted sleepovers in his hotel room with his miniature schnauzer Mira. During the summer months he hiked through the Swiss Alps, got super drunk in Italy, and shared a tete-a-tete with an alpaca in the French Alps. The adventure was filled with memorable moments both on the road and on the mountain and he wants to share it with you. Here is his story.

Skiing In July

The summer was upon us and as usual I was browsing through the Steamboat Ski Resort‘s website trying to find out when and if they would be open for the upcoming season. Suddenly, out of the blue, an offer caught my attention. They were offering ski lessons at the same time as the summer camps were beginning. I didn’t have a clue about skiing, but figured it was better to find out than to keep wondering. I booked my lesson the next day and was surprised to find out that they were actually offering several different types of lessons and would tailor the plan to fit my schedule and needs. After my first lesson, I figured I had enough knowledge to hit the slopes and enjoy myself. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a three-month adventure that would change my life forever.

Getting To Know The Town

The Steamboat Ski Resort is located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and it is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. The mountain itself is huge, spanning across three states: Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. It’s also the birthplace of high-altitude skiing and the Mecca of skiing and snowboarding. It’s a great resort for beginner skiers and intermediate skiers. For advanced skiers and snowboarders, there is always another resort available. Even for those who have been skiing for their entire lives, there is always somewhere else to ski. The town itself is small and quiet with a quaint Main Street filled with restaurants and boutiques. It doesn’t get too much activity during the summer, making it the perfect place to just chill for a while and get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The streets are deserted, which is exactly what you want when you are trying to unwind after a long day on the slopes. There is only one main road that leads into town from the north and south, so it is easy to get around.

The Discovery Of Winter

The summer of 2018 was exceptionally hot and dry throughout the entire country. The monsoon season was especially bad in India and the southwestern parts of the United States. Normally during the summer, the air is filled with humidity and rain is a common occurrence, making the outdoors a breathtaking landscape of lush green plants and water. However, this year the weather was uncooperative and the only precipitation that fell were occasional thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that caused flooding and severe damage. The summer of 2018 was the driest summer in over a century, which was clearly shown by the fact that the average temperature in Steamboat Springs was 45 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the lowest recorded summer temperature in the town’s history. This was also the longest winter in recorded history, going back to 1885, and it continues to linger, keeping the town’s residents cold and restless. In fact, the only animal to suffer from the extreme cold were the town’s beloved pets, who had to be indoors and protected from the elements. In addition to the cold weather, the summer of 2018 was also an extremely windy one. The only time in recent memory that the town had seen sustained high winds was during the famous Steamboat Springs Sock Hop in early June. Not only was it windy, it was also very dusty and dirty. The wind quickly blew away the mountain snow and deposited it along the town’s main street. It created a gritty texture on the streets that even the most devoted city cleaners were unable to remove. With the warm summer and cold winter months and an infrequent dusting of snow, the streets are always filled with a thick layer of grime. Sometimes it can even reach a second layer, making it look like a light dusting of sand has been sprayed on the pavement. As the town’s motto goes, “Above the snow, there is always sky” and the clouds rarely bring any kind of precipitation, most often it is the dirty white stuff that fills the air in the winter that we are desperately trying to avoid. For those looking for some excitement in the summer, the town offers several water sports venues located along the banks of the Sweetwater river, which flows behind the town and into the majestic Gunnison River, creating an outdoor oasis for fishermen, kayakers, and canoeists. The water is usually a placid and relaxing temperature, making it the perfect place for a refreshing swim. We were not blessed with a lot of sunshine that summer, so the river was a popular option for keeping cool.

Choosing A Snowflake As Your I.D.

Since the summer of 2018 was so uneventful, I decided to dedicate this year’s winter sports activity to my favorite winter sport – skiing. I figured it was about time that I joined the Steamboat Ski Resort and began exploring the mountain. After all, they have the best slopes and coolest nightlife in the region. I booked a beginner’s skiing lesson a few days before my birthday, which is when they typically open for the season. A few days later, I showed up at the resort and was surprised to see that they had already opened the mountain for the season. They were offering several different types of lessons and would fit me for my first one the next day. The day of my first lesson was a bit cold but beautiful. It was a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a light dusting of snow on the ground. When the sun began to settle down behind the snow-capped peaks, the air became noticeably colder and the sky turned a deep shade of purple, which is characteristic of high-altitude air. After my first lesson, which was basically getting to know the basics of skiing, I headed straight for the lodge to meet my friend, who was also a beginner skier. We grabbed a bite to eat and chilled out for a while, talking about skiing and what we would do after our respective lessons. It was around this time that I decided that for my I.D. for the rest of the winter, I would choose a snowflake – a tradition that the town is famous for.

Skiing And Beyond

My first ski experience was at Steamboat Springs and it was everything I ever wanted it to be. The powder was amazing and the views were breathtaking. I hit the slopes a few times a week, taking short breaks between lessons to catch my breath and let the adrenaline rush subside. It was during these short breaks that I would hit the mountain, finding open slopes and exploring the backcountry. My schedule became very hectic as I went from beginner to intermediate in no time and my friends and family thought I’d completely lost my mind. Even the snowboarders and skiers at the resort were amazed at how fast I was improving and how much fun I was having. I decided to dedicate myself to the winter sport and began planning my itinerary for the rest of the winter. I would go to Europe during the winter break, taking a detour to hit some of the smaller resorts in between big stops in the Alps. From there, it was onto Asia and Africa to continue my journey. After all, the world is my oyster.

The world is a dazzling place with an unlimited number of adventures, both on land and underwater. There is always somewhere new to explore and somewhere exciting to go. My hat is off to you, Colorado!

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