When Did Lindsey Vonn Start Skiing? [Expert Review!]

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If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either A) a fan of the beautiful and talented Lindsey Vonn, or B) a fan of skiing and are curious about the process of how the world’s #1 female skier became so skilled at hitting big air and navigating the slopes gracefully.

The journey to the top started inauspiciously enough, when at age four, Lindsey Vonn tested positive for tuberculosis, meaning that she would be susceptible to the disease her whole life. Fortunately, the infection was caught early and treated successfully. However, as she grew up, she was often left with residual symptoms, such as aching joints and a slight cough. Naturally, as a high-profile athlete in a household known for its skiing heritage, this caused her to be intensely dedicated to perfecting her craft. She trained tirelessly and eventually got the opportunity to ski professionally at the age of 17.

Taking To The Slopes

The legendary Brian Jones, who coaches and trains some of the world’s best skiers, attributes Lindsey Vonn’s unique talent to her upbringing. “She grew up in the country, so she’d be out skiing every day with her family, getting a workout and learning something new,” he says. “I think her confidence comes from that. Plus, she’s always had that support from her family behind her.”

Skiing is a popular winter sport with lots of variations that can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you join a ski club and take lessons from professional instructors, or you just want to have some fun with your buddies, there are plenty of opportunities to get on the snow and enjoy the magic of skiing.

While it would be easy for anyone to learn to ski, it takes a special person with a strong will and determination to succeed at the elite level that Lindsey Vonn represents. The next time you’re skiing, whether it’s with friends or family, take a moment to appreciate everything that this phenomenal sport has given to us.

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