What Ski Pass Is Big Sky On? [Expert Guide!]

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The phrase “What ski pass is big sky on?” inspires a sense of awe among skiers. The pass represents one of the greatest bargains in skiing history. It was first made available to the public in the 1960s and ‘70s, and it basically offers unlimited skiing for a flat rate. Sounds too good to be true? It was, but that’s the beauty of it. Though it has been adjusted over the years, the basic concept has maintained its appeal. If you’re passionate about skiing and hate spending lots of money on it, the Big Sky on Pass is for you.

How Do I Get The Big Sky On Pass?

There are a few ways to obtain the Big Sky On Pass. One way is to purchase an annual pass at the beginning of the ski season. Another way is to purchase day passes at the front desk when you check in at the hotel. Still another way is to join a skiing club. It’s worth it to join a club if you’re looking for discounted lift tickets and other perks that come with it. Most people buy the pass directly from the resort’s website. Some resorts also have an in-house transaction tool where you can purchase the pass.

What Is The Cost Of The Big Sky On Pass?

If you’re wondering what it costs, the answer is $99 for an adult and $49 for a child annually. Day passes at Big Sky are $79 and $39, respectively. If you’re a member of a skiing club at Big Sky, the cost is waived.

Are There Other Types Of Ski Passes?

In addition to the Big Sky On Pass, there are three other types of ski passes. The first and most popular is the POWERSKIING Pass. This is basically the Big Sky On Pass with the addition of a night ski program. You can purchase this pass at the resort’s website for $179/adult and $89/child for a 7-day pass. Day passes for this pass are $129/adult and $64/child.

The other two passes are the NORTHERN LIGHTS PASS and the NORTHERN LIGHTS 'SUMMER PASS, which are essentially the same as the POWERSKIING Pass but for longer seasons. The NORTHERN LIGHTS Pass and the NORTHERN LIGHTS 'SUMMER PASS both cost $179/adult and $89/child annually. Day passes for these two passes are $129/adult and $64/child.

It’s clear that the Big Sky On Pass represents the best of everything and is the ultimate bargain for those seeking the best of both worlds—mountain and town—in one location. Though it’s been adjusted over the years, the concept behind the Big Sky On Pass has not changed. It is still, by far, the best value for skiers who love to shred.

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