What Is Vlt On Ski Goggles? [Answered!]

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The future of sports goggles is here and it’s called VR (Virtual Reality). Asynchronous gaming and mobile devices have effectively merged reality and fantasy, so too have gaming and sports. With the advent of VLT (Virtual Light Technology) and VR (Virtual Reality) devices, such as Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and Google Cardboard, it’s never been easier to access and play your favourite games and sporting events from the palm of your hand.

Why Are Sports Goggle Evolutions On The Upswing?

For as long as there have been sports, there have been sports goggles. Early models were mostly functional and didn’t offer a whole lot in terms of style. In the 20th century, the styles and designs of sports goggles changed quite a bit. Plastic lenses became popular, followed by photochromic lenses and finally, today’s multi-purpose lenses. Stylish, functional, and comfortable are the most important attributes to consider when shopping for a new pair of sports goggles.

What Is The Difference Between Vlt On Ski Goggles And Other Types Of Goggles?

Before we dive into this important topic, let’s take a step back and discuss the difference between the various types of googles available. There are four basic types of sports goggles:

  • Dark goggles
  • Fluorescent goggles
  • White goggles
  • Yellow goggles

“Dark” goggles are typically black, grey or blue. These types of goggles are ideal for motorcycling, skiing, and similar activities that require high degree of visibility. Because they are dark, they offer better protection from the sun’s harsh rays and they keep the eyes cool and fresh during long spells of strenuous activity. On the downside, the dark goggles aren’t designed to allow for much light to pass through, which limits their effectiveness in brightly lit conditions.

Fluorescent goggles were originally designed for law enforcement, military, and aviation use. They’re also commonly found in stores and offices as a sign that health and safety measures are being observed. These types of goggles feature a green tinted lenses, which makes them ideal for use in environments where there is a lot of fluorescence, such as sports arenas and television studios. Because of their tinted lenses, fluorescent goggles are only suitable for use in areas where there is adequate lighting.

White goggles, also known as “cat’s eye” goggles, are typically thicker than normal goggles and feature a thicker frame as well. As the name implies, white goggles are ideal for use in snowy conditions. Despite their name, white goggles are also suitable for use in other types of conditions. The main difference between white and normal goggles is the lens shade. White goggles have a clear lens shade, which keeps snow, ice, and water from disrupting the vision in any way.

Yellow goggles feature a yellow tinted lens and were originally designed for use by race car drivers. Like white goggles, yellow goggles are also suitable for use in a variety of conditions, although they are most often found in foul weather or when there is a lot of sunshine. The tinted lenses of yellow goggles prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes and causing eye damage. While yellow goggles aren’t tinted as dark as dark goggles, they still offer better protection from the sun’s harsh rays than clear lenses.

Which Type Of Goggles Is Suitable For My Activity?

The best type of goggles for your activity will depend on a variety of factors. The most important considerations are how well you perform under specific conditions and the style and design of the goggles themselves. Below, we will discuss the suitability of each type of goggle for various activities.

Dark Goggles

If you’re a speed skater, you’ll want a dark goggle that doesn’t distort your view of the world around you. Thicker and more compact, dark goggles offer better protection than thin and expansive goggles and they also block out more light. If you’re a frequent traveller, then dark goggles are a great choice as long as they’re not too thick and they fit comfortably over your ears. If you have large or oval-shaped heads, you may experience discomfort or even pain due to the tight fit of the dark goggles over your ears.

Fluorescent Goggles

If you’re a motorsport fan who enjoys attending live races in your region, then fluorescent goggles are a must-have item. Made from a durable plastic, the fluorescent goggles keep the optics clean and free from any scratches or fogging and they feature a slim profile for better air flow. While they do not offer as high a degree of visibility as dark goggles, they are ideal for use in bright and sunny conditions, which makes them the best choice for fans who attend many races annually.

White Goggles

White goggles are best used in snowy conditions and for those who live in cold climates. Made from more rigid plastic, white goggles feature an additional layer of insulation and they come with an adjustable strap, which makes them easy to wear and comfortable around the head. If you’re an avid kayaker and you need a paddle for sight-seeing purposes, white goggles are ideal as they don’t interfere with your field of view. If, however, you’re a competitive kayaker who needs to keep an eye on things, then black or dark goggles are recommended as they provide better visibility.

Yellow Goggles

If you’re a car enthusiast who also happens to live in a place where the seasons change, then you’ll want a pair of yellow goggles. As the name implies, the yellow goggles are best used when the sun is at its peak, which in most cases is between 9 am and 5 pm. Because of their unique hue, the yellow goggles offer better contrast against the brightly-lit surfaces of your car, which makes them ideal for viewing at night or in foggy conditions. Like many other types of goggles, the yellow ones also feature an adjustable strap and an additional layer of insulation. In addition, they have tinted lenses, which filter out all but the colours of the spectrum within the visible light, so that you can better observe your vehicle’s speed, fuel consumption, and the like.

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