The Insane Snowboard Shaun White Uses That Will Make You Want to Hit the Slopes

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Shaun White is a name synonymous with snowboarding. The Olympic gold medalist and X-Games champion has been tearing up the slopes since he was just a teenager, wowing crowds with his gravity-defying tricks and fearless attitude. But it’s not just White’s skill that sets him apart; it’s also the gear he uses. Specifically, the insane snowboard Shaun White uses will make you want to hit the slopes too.

“It gives me so much confidence when I’m riding, ” says White of his signature snowboard, “I know exactly what it can do and how far I can push it. “

The board in question is the Burton Custom Flying-V Snowboard, which has been designed specifically for Shaun White’s unique style and preferences. According to Burton’s website, “the ultimate all-mountain rocker experience” features Flying V bend – a combination of camber underfoot and rocker between bindings that offers excellent stability at high speeds as well as playful maneuverability off-piste.

But this isn’t just any old snowboard – it comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Frostbite Edges for superior edge hold in icy conditions and Squeezebox profiling for easier turn initiation. Plus, the graphics are pretty sweet too.

If you’re an aspiring snowboarder looking for some inspiration or simply someone who appreciates amazing sports equipment, get ready to be impressed by Shaun White’s go-to ride. It might even inspire you to hit the slopes yourself!

The Board that Shaun White Rides

Shaun White is one of the most famous snowboarders in the world, known for his awe-inspiring tricks and incredible speed on the slopes. But what kind of snowboard does he ride?

Well, White has been working with Burton Snowboards since he was a teenager, and he currently rides their custom-built boards exclusively. His particular board is called the “Custom X” model.

This board features a number of advanced technologies designed to help maximize performance and control on the mountain. It has a powerful camber profile for maximum edge hold and pop, as well as a lightweight carbon fiber core for maneuverability and responsiveness.

“I need my equipment to perform at an elite level so I can focus on doing what I love: riding, ” says White. “That’s why I’ve trusted Burton and their Custom X board for so many years. “

In addition to its cutting-edge design, the Custom X also boasts stunning graphics that reflect White’s unique style and personality.

If you’re looking to up your snowboarding game like Shaun White, then getting your hands on a Custom X could be a great place to start. Just remember that even the best equipment won’t make up for lack of practice and dedication!

The Model and Brand

Shaun White, one of the most accomplished snowboarders in history, has ridden many boards throughout his career. However, he is currently known for riding a Burton Custom X snowboard.

Burton is a well-respected brand among snowboarders and offers a variety of high-quality boards for riders at all levels. The Custom X model, in particular, stands out as being designed specifically for advanced riders who are looking to push their limits and ride aggressively.

Featuring an powerful camber profile, the board provides unparalleled control and precision on steep slopes and hard-packed snow conditions. It also features a sintered base that allows it to glide effortlessly over powder or ice-covered terrain.

But what really sets the Burton Custom X apart is its responsiveness. This board reacts instantly to rider input, allowing Shaun White to make quick turns and adjust his stance fluidly during complicated tricks. It’s no wonder that he continues to choose this board year after year when competing at the highest level of the sport.

“The Burton Custom X is truly a top-of-the-line board, ” says Shaun White himself, “and I feel like I can trust it completely whenever I’m out there on the mountain. “
In conclusion, those wondering what kind of snowboard does Shaun White ride should look no further than the Burton Custom X — an expert-level board with exceptional handling capabilities that enables athletes like him to perform daring feats with ease.

The Features of Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White is known for being one of the greatest snowboarders in history, and his equipment plays a big role in this. So what kind of snowboard does Shaun White ride? Let’s take a look at its features:

Length: Shaun White rides a longer board than most other riders, usually around 160cm long. This allows him to gain more speed and momentum on the pipe or slope.

Camber: The camber on Shaun White’s board is typically medium to high, which means that it has an upward curve in the middle. This creates extra pop for aerial tricks and helps with stability while carving down runs.

Flexibility: Rather than going all out on stiffness like many other professional boards are designed, Shaun prefers something flexible enough for rail riding.

“I prefer my board pretty soft, ” says White. “Soft makes it easy when you’re jibbing rails or boxes. “

Symmetrical Shape: Another notable feature about Shaun’s signature snowboards comes from their nearly symmetrical shape: the nose & tail have almost identical size/shape/toe ramp angles throughout.

In conclusion, Shaune White’s snowboard conforms directly to his preference as he requires maximum flexibility so as execute aerial stunts easily as well as bigger jumps unlike most professionals who go full-on stiffness. With these unique tailored specifications on his board, it is no wonder he remains among the elite class of world famous American winter sports athletes!

The Length and Width

Shaun White is one of the most popular snowboarders in history. He has achieved so much in his career, and many people look up to him when it comes to choosing the best snowboarding gear. One question that often arises among snowboarding enthusiasts is what kind of snowboard Shaun White rides.

If you are wondering about this too, then here’s an answer for you: Shaun White usually ride Burton Custom Snowboards, which come in different lengths and widths. According to reports from experts, Shaun prefers a 156cm length board with a narrow waist width. He also uses stiffer bindings and boots since he likes high speeds and huge air jumps.

However, it may not be wise to base your decision on what somebody else chooses for their riding style. Instead, you should consider various factors personalized to your own preferences such as height, weight, skill level, type of terrain and intended use before committing to any specific board.

“A rider’s preference varies by their personal choice, ” says Linda Peterson – Marketing Director at Burton (2016).

In conclusion; If you want the best outcome while engaging with snow sports like Snowboarding or Skiing, having good equipment is important regardless if they’re clothes or boards. For beginners especially getting reliable professionals who can guide them through making optimal choices would greatly enhance their experience on the slopes!. ” So try out things and see where exactly your sweet spot lies!

The Flexibility and Camber

When it comes to snowboarding, one crucial factor that top athletes take into account is the flexibility of their boards. Shaun White has been known to ride a board with medium flex, which provides ample support for jumps and tricks without compromising speed during downhill runs.

The other key feature that sets White’s snowboard apart from others is its camber type. Camber refers to the shape of the board when laid flat on the ground- if it curves upwards towards the middle, it is referred to as “camber, ” while if it sags inwards, it is known as “rocker. ”

Shaun White rides a hybrid camber board- also called a “rocker-camber-rocker” or RCR board- which combines elements of both camber types. This design allows him greater control over his turns while still maintaining excellent stability at high speeds.

“I’ve always loved the way rocker boards feel underfoot, but I need something stiffer when I’m competing at this level, ” says Shaun White regarding his preferred RCR deck.

Overall, having a flexible yet stable snowboard with hybrid camber design has enabled Shaun White to push boundaries in professional snowboarding and gain worldwide recognition for his skill and creativity on the slopes.

The Design of Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White is an Olympic gold medalist and one of the most iconic figures in snowboarding. His signature board line, called “The Flying Tomato, ” features a unique design that reflects his personal style.

The snowboards are made by Burton, which has been producing high-quality boards since 1977. The design of Shaun White’s snowboard features a blend of camber and rocker profiles to provide excellent control on any terrain. Camber provides stability while carving at high speeds, while rockers offer flexibility when performing tricks or maneuvers.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the board’s graphic design also sets it apart from other snowboards on the market. One notable feature is the vivid red color used throughout the board’s background with black accents strategically placed all over the deck and base for contrast – just like Shaun’s famous haircut!

“I wanted my boards to represent who I am as a rider, ” says Shaun White. “

This design concept, coupled with some innovative material technology implemented into each model, make The Flying Tomato’s production series highly coveted among professional riders looking for something special. Given how much success he has had with these custom designed Burton boards over years upon years- there must be something said about finding equipment you trust and develop together!

To conclude, Shaun White currently rides Burton brand slope-style focused boards (more details cannot be released because they’re still under development) featuring graphics putting emphasis on visuals/craftsmanship rather than pro sponsorship logos or anything along those lines.

The Graphics and Colors

As one of the most famous snowboarders in the world, people are always curious about what kind of snowboard Shaun White rides. Aside from the technical specifications, many fans want to know more about the design and colors that adorn his boards. One thing that is immediately noticeable about Shaun White’s snowboards is their vibrant colors. Often featuring bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows paired with eye-catching graphics, his boards definitely stand out on the slopes. In addition to bold color choices, some of Shaun White’s signature models also incorporate elements of his personal style. For example, a 2015 model featured a black-and-white guitar graphic inspired by his love for playing music. Of course, there’s more than just aesthetics at play when it comes to choosing a snowboard. The type of board you ride can have a big impact on your performance out on the mountain. According to reports, Shaun typically rides Burton boards tailored specifically to his preferences as an athlete. Despite all the attention paid to Shaun White’s gear and branding over the years, he remains first and foremost an incredibly talented competitor who has dominated contests around the world. As he continues to push himself further and redefine what’s possible in snowboarding year after year, it will be exciting to see what new developments emerge in terms of both his riding skills and equipment choices going forward.
“Often featuring bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows paired with eye-catching graphics. “
Overall though, no matter what kind of board he chooses or what patterns adorn its surface–it’s clear that Shaun White is an icon whose influence extends far beyond just snowboarding itself.

Shaun White’s choice of bold colors on his boards reflects not only his energetic personality but also contributes significantly towards catching public attention while putting up magnificent performances during matches.

Moreover, Shaun White’s preference for Burton boards and the brand’s tailored options suggest that he not only prioritizes performance but also values having direct input into how his gear is designed to meet his needs as a top athlete.

With these factors in mind, it’s clear that there are many considerations beyond just looks when it comes to choosing a snowboard. Ultimately though, whether you’re suiting up for competition or simply hitting the slopes with friends–the most important thing is finding a board that feels comfortable and allows you to express your unique style both on and off the mountain.

The Materials and Construction of Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White, also known as the Flying Tomato, is one of the most famous snowboarders in the world. He has won numerous gold medals at both the X Games and Winter Olympics. So what kind of snowboard does he ride?

White currently rides a custom-made Burton snowboard that is designed specifically to fit his riding style and preferences. The board is made from several different high-quality materials that work together to give White the best performance possible.

The core of the board is typically made from wood, with various types of wood being used to create different levels of stiffness and flexibility. This allows for better control over the board during turns and jumps.

The base layer of White’s board is generally made from sintered material, which is more durable than traditional extruded bases. This gives him more speed on the slopes and greater power when launching off jumps.

In addition, extra layers are added to the board to provide stability, enhance pop (or bounce), or simply lighten up its overall weight.

Finally, special edge technology is built into every board produced by Burton to help increase its durability and ability to hold an edge while carving through ice or powder.

All these features play a role in giving Shaun White an advantage on any run he takes down the mountain. His choice in equipment showcases just how important choosing quality materials can be for anyone taking their sport seriously!

The Core and Base

When considering the question of what kind of snowboard Shaun White rides, there are a few key areas to focus on. One of these is the core of the board.

The core is essentially the heart of any snowboard – it’s the part that determines how responsive and stable the board will be on the mountain. Based on interviews with White and industry experts, it seems that he prefers boards with a wood core.

Wood core boards are known for their durability, responsiveness and ability to absorb vibrations from rough terrain. They also typically provide great pop off jumps and rails, which aligns well with White’s aerial-focused style.

“I like my boards to feel really solid underfoot, ” says White in an interview with Transworld Snowboarding. “The wood just feels really good. “

Another important component to consider when it comes to a snowboard is the base material. Most modern snowboards use extruded or sintered bases made primarily from polyethylene plastic materials.

Based on his preference for high-speed runs and big air tricks, it seems likely that Shaun White would opt for a snowboard with a sintered base. Sintered bases are more expensive than extruded versions but they offer better speed retention thanks to tiny holes filled with wax hold onto wax longer, resulting in less friction between board and snow thus allowing riders rto ride faster over flatter sections of trail or park features without having to push as hard overall speeding up progression catching transitions leading into bigger hits.

The Edges and Sidewalls

When it comes to snowboarding gear, the edges and sidewalls of a board are just as important as any other part. After all, they’re what keeps you safe on the slopes! So, since we’re talking about What Kind Of Snowboard Does Shaun White Ride?, let’s take a closer look at the edges and sidewalls that make up his preferred board.

First off, many pro riders prefer boards with magnetraction technology. This type of edge is serrated to provide extra grip in icy conditions. It’s especially useful for riders like Shaun who compete in halfpipe events where speed is key.

Sidewall construction is another important factor to consider when selecting a snowboard. Shaun reportedly rides boards with urethane sidewalls because they offer better impact absorption than standard ABS plastic ones.

“Shaun once said about his snowboard: ‘I need something I can trust… a resilient board that holds an edge in critical situations. ‘”

But perhaps most importantly, the edges and sidewalls should be well-maintained. Pro riders typically have their boards tuned every few days or even after each competition run to ensure peak performance.

So there you have it – while there are many factors that go into building a winning snowboard setup, paying attention to the details (like edges and sidewalls) can really make a difference on race day. And if Shaun White is any indication, investing in high-quality equipment and staying atop maintenance will serve you well whether your racing down the mountain or practicing spinning tricks in the park!

The Performance of Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White is one of the most decorated snowboarders in history. He has won countless medals and accolades, including gold at the Winter Olympics. One factor that contributes to his success is undoubtedly the quality of his equipment.

In particular, people often wonder about what kind of snowboard Shaun White rides. And while there may not be a single definitive answer, it is widely believed that he currently rides a custom-made board from Burton Snowboards.

Burton is one of the biggest names in the snowboarding industry, so it comes as no surprise that someone like Shaun White would choose to ride with their gear. However, even within Burton’s lineup, there are tons of different options to choose from. So what makes Shaun White’s board unique?

“It’s really light and snappy, ” says Chris Cunningham, head engineer for Burton Snowboards’ prototyping facility. “He likes symmetrical shapes and soft-flexing boards ̶ that’s where he starts. “

Because he specializes in halfpipe competitions (as well as slopestyle), these features allow him to make quick transitions between tricks and have greater control over his movements while airborne.

All things considered, there’s no doubt that the performance of Shaun White’s snowboard plays an important role in his continued success on the slopes. But at the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to him to bring home those gold medals through sheer skill and determination.

The Speed and Control

Shaun White, also known as the “Flying Tomato, ” is one of the most successful snowboarders in history. From halfpipe to slopestyle, Shaun has won numerous medals in major competitions such as the Winter X Games and Olympic events.

But what kind of snowboard does Shaun White ride? Well, for someone who needs to balance speed and control on different terrains of mountains, he uses Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard that has a unique shape with both rocker between feet and camber zones out underfoot.

White’s board measures at 157 cm long which provides excellent stability during high-speed runs along with superior edge-to-edge movement. The FSC-certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough for intense maneuvers during complex tricks.

“I like riding on Camber combined with Banana technology when I’m surfing powder because it gives me an amazing edge grip. ” – Shaun White

Banana technology or reverse camber allows better floatation while cruising through deep powders and helps generate smoother turns. Ultimately, this combination guarantees more stability than traditional rockers without sacrificing performance.

In conclusion, for those looking forward to trying snowboarding like Shaun White, using his trusted gear could be a good start towards achieving their dreams. With its qualities mentioned above, Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard can help enthusiasts’ experience similar speeds and controls whether racing downhill or executing eye-catching stunts in midair!

The Tricks and Jumps

Shaun White is known for his impressive snowboarding tricks and jumps, which have made him a legend in the sport. His unique style of riding has earned him numerous wins and accolades throughout his career.

One of Shaun’s signature moves is the Double McTwist 1260, where he spins around twice while completing three-and-a-half full rotations. This highly technical trick requires immense skill and precision, and only a handful of riders can successfully execute it.

In addition to his aerial acrobatics, Shaun also incorporates creative grabs and twists into his runs. He often adds variations to traditional tricks, such as tweaking or shifting his body mid-air to add complexity to the move.

“The key to success in snowboarding is innovation. You have to be willing to take risks and try new things, ” says Shaun White.

To achieve these remarkable feats on the slopes, Shaun rides a specialized snowboard that caters to his needs as an athlete. Made by Burton Snowboards, his board features a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum materials for extra durability and strength. The design also includes a camber profile with rocker at both ends for better control during takeoff and landing.

So if you want to ride like Shaun White, consider investing in a high-performance snowboard that matches your skill level and riding style!

The Availability and Where to Buy Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White is an icnreasingly popular name in the snowboarding world. He has won two Olympic gold medals, and that too at such a young age! His innovative techniques paired with his signature style make him stand out from the crowd. As a result, fans of this winter sport are eager to know – What kind of snowboard does Shaun White ride?

The snowboard used by Shaun White is called the Burton Custom X Snowboard. This piece of equipment features high-end specs, which caters to his dynamic riding needs on slopes. The board comes equipped with traditional camber for consistent levels of pop and responsiveness.

If you want to purchase your own Burton Custom X Snowboard just like Shaun White rides, there are many online as well as physical locations where you can find it. You can either buy directly from the company’s website or visit any local skate shop in your area.

“I have been using Burton boards since I first started snowboarding professionally in my teens. ” – Shaun White

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a top-quality performance-based snowboard that matches Shaun’s skill-set, then look no further than the Burton Custom X Snowboard.

The Price and Warranty

When you’re looking for a snowboard, one of the most important considerations is often price. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest snowboard may not always be the best option. Pricing can vary depending on brand, materials used, and design features.

In terms of warranty, most professional-grade snowboards come with at least a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some companies offer longer warranties or additional coverage options as well. It’s important to read up on the specific details of any warranty before making your purchase.

Now back to Shaun White and what kind of snowboard he rides! While we know that he rides Burton boards exclusively, there are many different models available from this popular brand. It’s likely that his board is custom-designed specifically for him, which could impact its cost and warranty compared to other standard-issue Burton boards.

“Shaun White has worked closely with Burton over the years to develop some truly unique boards that suit his individual style and needs. “

In general, if you want a high-quality snowboard like those ridden by professionals such as Shaun White, expect to pay somewhere between $400-$800 USD. This range provides access to top-of-the-line boards made using advanced materials and designs intended for expert riders who demand nothing but the best performance possible in any conditions they encounter.

Overall, when shopping for a new snowboard remember that while price matters, so does quality – especially when you plan to use it frequently on difficult terrain in challenging weather conditions!

The Retailers and Online Shops

If you’re looking to buy a snowboard like the one Shaun White rides, there are several retailers and online shops that carry the latest models. One popular retailer is Burton. Burton’s website offers a wide range of snowboards including the Custom X Flying V which is one of the boards that Shaun White has been known to ride in competitions.

Another option for purchasing snowboards similar to those ridden by Shaun White is through EVO, an online shop specializing in ski and snowboarding gear. EVO carries multiple brands such as Capita, K2, and GNU.

You may also find great deals on snowboards at Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods or The House Outdoor Gear websites with varying options from top-selling brands such as Burton, Ride Snowboards or Gnu.

Regardless of where you purchase your board from it’s best if you match the board type according to your desired riding style two common types being all-mountain boards perfect for versatile rides along with free-ride boards more suited for freestyle riders.

In summary whether it is retail stores near you like Burton or ONLINE SHOPS LIKE EVO make sure to do your research before making a purchase. Understanding what kind of rider board works for will be helpful when choosing. “What Kind Of Snowboard Does Shaun White Ride?” would signify what brand suits his style that much general information about retailing supplies can help users understand how they could also choose their preferred styles.

The Alternatives to Shaun White’s Snowboard

Shaun White, a six-time Winter X Games gold medalist and two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, has been endorsed by the top manufacturers of snowboards. But what if you are looking for an alternative to his signature board?

One option is the Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard – a highly versatile all-mountain board that fits various riding styles. Its rocker profile provides ease in turns, while its flex gives great pop off jumps.

Another alternative is the Arbor Westmark Camber Snowboard; it’s perfect for those who prefer cambered boards with snappy response and high speed stability. It also includes sustainable materials which makes each product eco-friendly.

If you’re on budget too, look into Rossignol Templar All Mountain Wide Snowboard which offers fantastic value-for-money. Designed for versatility and maneuverability, this would appeal more to intermediate riders than experts but could be worth trying out nevertheless.

“Snowboarding is my passion, so I demand the best from my equipment, ” said White himself. “Fortunately there are many options available on today’s market. “

In conclusion, choosing a new snowboard may seem difficult but exploring every option will ultimately help decide your ideal deck fit best with preferences centered around flexibility or stability or anything else entirely!

The Similar Models and Brands

Shaun White, one of the most popular snowboarders in history, is known for his exceptional skills on the slopes. He has won numerous medals at Winter Olympics and X Games over the years. He rides a very specific type of snowboard called “The White Collection, ” which is manufactured by Burton Snowboards.

Burton is an American company that produces top-quality winter sports gear such as snowboards, boots, bindings, jackets, pants and more. The White Collection features high-end snowboards with unique specifications tailored to Shaun’s riding style. These include Rocker V profile technology for maximum control and precision while carving; lightweight yet durable materials; and tapered shape for enhanced maneuverability through turns.

If you are looking to purchase a similar snowboard brand or model like Shaun White’s but don’t want to break the bank, you may consider brands like Rossignol or K2 Sports who also produce cutting-edge products with outstanding performance capabilities.

“When it comes down to choosing between different models or brands, make sure to select a board that aligns best with your ability level and preferred riding style. “

Some popular options from Rossignol include the One Magtek Wide Snowboard and Templar Wide. Similarly, some notable offerings from K2 Sports include Raygun Pop and Dart Snowboards.

In conclusion, whether you’re an experienced rider like Shaun White or just starting out, selecting a high-quality snowboard that suits your style can go a long way in ensuring optimal performance on the hills.

The Pros and Cons

Shaun White is a renowned snowboarder who has won several Olympic gold medals. Naturally, people want to know what kind of snowboard he rides on. There are many pros and cons associated with the specific type of snowboard that Shaun White uses.

The major advantage of using a specifically-designed snowboard like Shaun White’s board is its speed. His board allows him to hit higher speeds while still being able to maintain control over his movements. Additionally, it gives him an improved maneuverability, allowing him to make quick and precise turns without risking balance.

However, one downside of such specialized boards is their cost. They can be expensive for average users or beginners looking to buy them for recreational purposes. Besides, these boards are not suitable for all types of terrains; therefore they may limit your performance in certain scenarios and conditions.

“I love riding my Burton Custom X even when I’m just cruising around. ” -Shaun White

In conclusion, while using a board similar to Shaun White’s could offer significant benefits in terms of speed and precision controls, there might be some downsides as well, mainly concerning budget restrictions or terrain limitations. In any case, choosing the most suitable snowboard according to your needs should always come first prioritizing high-end models only if they meet those requirements adequately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shaun White sponsored by a particular snowboard company?

Yes, Shaun White is currently sponsored by Burton Snowboards. He has been with the company since he was six years old and has helped design and promote their products over the years.

Does Shaun White prefer a certain type of snowboard shape or size?

Shaun White prefers a shorter and wider snowboard shape, which allows him to perform his signature tricks more easily. He also likes a softer flex rating, which gives him more control over the board.

What kind of flex rating does Shaun White look for in a snowboard?

Shaun White typically looks for a flex rating of around 7 or 8 in his snowboards. This gives him the right balance of control and flexibility for his riding style. However, he may adjust this depending on the specific conditions he is riding in.

Has Shaun White ever designed his own signature snowboard?

Yes, Shaun White has designed multiple signature snowboards with Burton Snowboards over the years. These boards feature unique graphics and are specifically designed to fit his riding style and preferences.

Does Shaun White ride with any specific bindings or boots?

Shaun White currently rides with Burton bindings and boots, which are also part of his sponsorship agreement. He has helped design these products to fit his specific needs and enhance his performance on the snowboard.

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