How To Clean Ski Wax Brushes? [Updated!]

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Ski wax has been around for centuries and has been used for both cosmetic and functional purposes. It started as a way for skiers to keep their face clean while skiing and over the years it became a necessary tool in the skiers’ arsenal. Today, even with the advent of synthetic waxes, people are still committed to their wax brushes. While wax brushes have a pretty good reputation, they are not without their drawbacks. After a few years of use, your wax brush might start to malfunction and cause you lots of trouble. That’s why it’s important to cleanse it regularly and thoroughly.

Wax Brush Cleaning

Wax brushes are made of synthetic or natural hair, which is easy enough to cleanse. Simply brush them with soap and water to get them clean and ready for further use. If you’re using natural hair, you might want to consider brushing it over a dishcloth to avoid any potential linting issues. However, in most cases you’ll be brushing over a paper towel. When cleaning your wax brush, always make sure to clean both the inside and the outside of the brush. If you’re using a natural hair wax brush, you might need to gently sweep the inside of the bristles with a toothpick to dislodge any dirt or debris that could cause your skin to become irritated or infected. Be careful not to overload the brush with too much water though or you might weaken the hair follicles. Too much water also causes the wax to become muddy which makes it less effective. Once you’ve cleaned and air dried the brush, you can apply either a moisturizing balm or a small amount of petroleum jelly to seal in the moisture. Even a small amount of petroleum jelly can go a long way toward preventing your wax from drying out and cracking.

Why Wax Brushes Are A Pain To Use

Unless you use specific products to remove the wax once it’s been applied to your face, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid the buildup of wax on your skin. Even after you cleanse and dry your brush, if you go back to the same place you applied the wax and start rubbing your face, it will likely be reenforced by your hand. That’s a pain in the ass if you ask us! Even worse, if you’re using wax to line your skis or snowboard, the rubbing and the friction caused by rubbing against your helmet will inevitably lead to the loosening of your hair. Don’t do that! Once your hair starts coming loose, it’s practically impossible to put it back in place without a lot of pain and effort. The main reason why wax brushes are such a pain to use is because they have to be handled with a lot of care and with the proper tools. If you’re not careful while applying the wax, it will likely start to seep into the cracks of your skin and cause you serious irritation. That’s why it’s such a good idea to wear gloves while applying the wax and to take your time so the surface area is thoroughly saturated. While it might look like a quick and easy process, applying wax to your face requires a lot of patience and practice to get right.

Wax Brush Maintenance

Just because your wax brush is clean and dry doesn’t mean that it’s safe to throw away just yet. Once your skin has had a chance to absorb the wax and you don’t put any more on, you can deem the brush safe for disposal. However, if the wax starts seeping into the cracks of your skin or if you feel like the bristles are becoming somewhat stiff, then it’s time to renew your brush’s lease by either buying a new one or cleaning it again. If you decide on buying a new one, make sure to purchase a high-quality wax brush that’s been designed to minimize the strain on your facial hair. Another important factor to consider is whether you should get a synthetic or natural hair wax brush. The main difference between the two is that natural hair brushes tend to break down over time and need to be replaced more often than their synthetic counterparts. Consider all of these factors before buying a wax brush because even though they’re pretty easy to cleanse, applying wax to your skin still requires a lot of patience and practice to get right.

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