How Much Snow At Ski Apache? [Answered!]

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Ski Apache is located in the southern part of the United States, in the beautiful state of Arizona. Every season, the city comes alive with the sound of icy winds whipping around and the snow falling from the sky. Although it never rains in the desert climate, the winter holiday season is the perfect time for a white Christmas!

Apache is a city of under one million people and it’s not uncommon to see some of the most popular winter sports brands located there, including Mammoth, Backcountry, and Snowflex. Thanks to a temperate to subtropical winter climate, the city sees plenty of snow and ice throughout the year. Thanks to its unique place in the American Southwest, it is not uncommon to see temperatures range from the 30s to the 80s during the winter.

If you’re planning on visiting the area in winter then you’ll definitely want to make the most out of the snowy season and see as much snow as possible. Although the season is quite short, being in the northern part of the country, it can feel like winter all year long!

Luckily, the City of Apache is prepared for the snowy season and makes sure that every visitor has as good a time as possible. The snow plows are out and ready to clear the snow from the streets, restaurants, and resorts. The Ski Apache website even recommends the following itinerary for the best overview of the city and its mountains:

  • Arrive at the airport before the last flight;
  • Check in to the hotel;
  • Take a cab to downtown;
  • Go to the Visitor Center and pick up the map and the schedule of events;
  • Look for the nearest ski and snowboard shop to purchase ski equipment and learn how to ski;
  • Go to the ski school to take some lessons;
  • Have lunch at the lodge restaurant;
  • Wear ski clothes and watch how locals ski in the winter;
  • In the afternoon, drive to higher ground to capture some photos and have a drink at the beer garden;
  • Go back to the lodge and have dinner there;
  • Check out the next morning and go to the airport for the return flight.

Clear Snow, No School, Good Weather

The American winter holiday season is a welcome relief to people suffering from the heat in other parts of the world. The snow provides a magical backdrop to the cities and the countryside becomes a winter playground for children and adults alike!

Although many people find it difficult to believe, not all parts of the country are blessed with a white Christmas. Some places, especially in the northern parts, have to make the most of the snow which piles up quite high. Others in the midwestern and southeastern parts of the country have to brave the extreme cold weather in order to enjoy the white snow.

In places like Alaska and Canada, the winter holiday season is not just about enjoying the snow but about preparing for the harsh climate and weather that come with it. Schools and businesses in these regions close in the winter, which provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to get out and enjoy some snow adventures.

Where To Stay

If you’re visiting Ski Apache in the winter then you’ll certainly want to make the most out of the season and see as much snow as possible. The mountain resort provides plenty of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging options for visitors. The city is a hub for visitors from all over the world, which provides you with an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

One of the main streets in Apache, named Snowflake, is home to a wide range of hotels, eateries, and shops. The Sheraton, one of the most popular hotels in town, offers guests a fantastic location and access to the amenities of the nearby mountain. Additionally, the hotel provides a health club and a spa, making it a great place to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the town and its surrounding area.

The largest hotel in the city is the Apache Lodge. Formerly known as the Ahwahnee Hotel, it was built in 1924 and features a magnificent fireplace, a huge mirror, and a ballroom.

The Ahwahnee Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels in the area and it’s not uncommon to see people traveling from near and far to visit this majestic location. The hotel’s history dates back to the 1920s, when it was originally built as a retirement home for railroad workers. After it became a hotel, it was purchased by the Carl Breck Hotel chain in 1968 and since then it has remained one of their top priorities. Hoteliers in the area know that this hotel will be fully booked during the winter holiday season, especially around Christmas and New Year. The last few years have seen many people visit the hotel just to find out that there is no vacancy. In 2019, only a few lucky individuals were able to make a booking for the winter holidays, but it’s still fairly common to see online searches for rooms go up around this time of the year.

The Ahwahnee Hotel is located in the center of the city and it’s easy to get to all the main attractions, including the airport, the shopping district, and the restaurants and bars. Visitors can walk to all these places, as well as enjoy the amazing view of the mountain.

Getting Around

Apache’s bidonville, or “ski town”, features some of the most popular and historic ski resorts in North America. The mountains have everything a skier could want and the summer and winter holiday seasons here are extremely popular. There are numerous trails of every difficulty level, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere of skiing.

One of the main attractions in the area is the Supertrail, which connects the three main resorts: Mammoth, Upper Bear, and Red Mountain. The Supertrail is a 3.7 mile long “supertrail” that runs between the three resorts. The trail is wide and well-maintained, making it ideal for families, friends, and couples who want to spend a day or two skiing together. It features spectacular views of the surrounding area and offers some amazing photo-op opportunities.

The Supertrail is open all year round and it is illuminated by the sun, making it accessible for visitors all over the world. The three connected resorts form the largest ski area in North America, which is not only a popular spot with locals and tourists but is also home to major international competitions and festivities.

The Supertrail wasn’t the only trail built in the area. Since the 1940s, the town has been home to some of the greatest innovators in the sport, including Bob Routhier, who designed the first chairlift in the area, and Bill Stark, who designed the first cable car. There are now 13 lifts in operation at the three connected resorts, making it one of the largest ski areas in the country.

Ski Equipment And What To Wear

If you’re visiting Ski Apache in the winter then you’ll certainly want to make the most out of the season and see as much snow as possible. The mountain resort provides plenty of equipment shops, where visitors can hire or purchase the necessary gear to enjoy the sport. Newcomers are advised to purchase gear that’s suited for the mountain and the weather, which is why beginners usually rent equipment rather than buy it themselves. This is also the best way for people to get in shape for the sport, as they are gradually introduced to skiing by professionals in safety-approved ski clothing.

In places like Arizona, which is located in the northern part of the country, temperatures can reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making it quite uncomfortable to be outside without proper gear. The best advice for travelers is to bring a water-resistant jacket, water-repellent pants, a fleece pullover, and a cap. Additionally, you’ll want to bring a sleeping bag and a pillowcase to avoid over- or under-estimating the warmth of the air inside the buildings and structures in the area. It’s always better to be over-prepared rather than under!

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