How Much Is A Ski Tune Up At Rei? [Fact Checked!]

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Do the words ski, snow, and mountain fill you with excitement? Do you feel like you need to warm up before hitting the slopes, or are you more of the fresh-air type?

If so, then you’re in luck because Alaska’s largest ski resort, Rei, has just what you’re looking for. If you’ve never been there, here’s a quick guide to what a ski tune-up at Rei is all about.

First Tracks

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Reichersentiessen is a beautiful, traditional ski town located in the heart of the Alaska Range. Even if you’ve been there a million times, it’s still incredible to see the snow tumble down as you make your first tracks on the slopes.

When the snow is settled, you’ll see a blanket of white covering the landscape. However, in the summer, you won’t be able to distinguish between land and sky because of all the clouds that surround the area.

The first step to preparing for your next winter ski trip is to book your next summer vacation to Alaska, preferably at ski resort. The good news is that the best season to visit the state is in the summer, so you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery without having to worry about the temperature.

Full Body Warm-Up

Besides enjoying the magnificent view and hitting some exciting slopes, you’ll also need to focus on some important aspects of your skiing experience. First, you need to make sure that you’re physically prepared for the slopes. This means warming up your body, whether you’re an experienced skier or an intermediate one. The best way to do this is by doing some laps around the outdoor pool at Rei. This is a great way to both warm up and get some extra exercise, so make sure to do it at least twice before the start of the season.

Besides warming up your body, you need to make sure that it’s hydrated as well. Try a water intake system like the ones found at Rei, which help you rehydrate after each ride. This is especially important if you’re a frequent flier because of all the time you’ll spend on the slopes, and it’ll add up quick if you become dehydrated. Keep your head in the water and you’ll be fine, even if it’s snowing outside.

Rough Skiing

For those looking for something more extreme, then the Canadian wilderness located in the Yukon Territory is the place for you. Whitehorse is surrounded by stunning glaciers and picturesque lakes, as well as friendly locals who love to help travellers, including ski fans. However, be prepared for extremely cold temperatures in the winter. Make sure to bring lots of warm clothes, including hats, gloves, and scarves, and prepare for snow storms that can last for days. It’s a beautiful place to be, but you’ll need to prepare for a very different experience compared to what we just discussed.

Skiing Etiquette

Even if you want to have a good time and enjoy your ski trip as much as possible, you need to follow the rules and behave in a respectful manner. First of all, be careful of what kind of clothing and equipment you wear on the slopes. For instance, long hair can get tangled in the gear, especially when you’re skiing down a steep slope. It’s also best to wear helmets when skiing, but they’re not compulsory. It’s also not a good idea to wear flip-flats because when you land a hard fall, your foot can shoot out from under you, causing you to land on your head. Other than that, have fun and be safe!

There, now you’re prepared to hit the slopes and have some fun. Of course, if you keep the tips and suggestions discussed here in mind, then you’ll have an even better time. Besides, maybe try a new resort once the season is over in order to explore more of Alaska’s breathtaking beauty. Have fun!

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