How Much Is A Ski Set? [Expert Review!]

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The price of a ski set is, in my opinion, one of the most frustrating elements of the alpine sport. It’s not about the equipment itself, which is costly enough. No, it’s about the lack of uniformity in pricing that makes you wonder if you’re paying more than you should for what you actually get. Let’s take a quick look at how much you should be paying for a full alpine ski set in Australia and New Zealand…

How Much Should You Be Paying?

There are actually three separate questions here, but let’s go ahead and tackle them one by one.

The first one is just how much should you be paying for the equipment itself? The Australian Consumer Law states that you must be paying no more than 10% above the RRP (recommended retail price) of the item in question. In short, if the gear costs $500, then you shouldn’t be paying more than $50. So let’s do the math:

$500 x 0% = $500 $50 tax payable $500 minus $50

Doesn’t sound right, does it? Especially when you consider that retailers have been known to mark up the equipment by as much as 500%. That’s theft! As you can imagine, we as a society don’t have much respect for people who commit that sort of crime.

What’s more is that the law can help you in cases like this. If you discover that the price of an item in a retail store is significantly higher than elsewhere, you have the legal right to have the price reduced. Simply contact the retailer and specify that you believe the price to be excessive. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well this can work. In fact, you might even get the equipment for free!

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

The second question is, are you actually getting what you paid for? This one is actually a bit more complicated, but here’s an easy example to make it simpler:

You walk into a retail store and see a complete mountain bike for sale for $1000. It’s a great bike and for some reason, the store is actually selling it for that price. Now, unless you’re familiar with the terrain that you’ll be riding on, it’s quite a daunting task to find such a bike and even more so to take it out for a spin. So, you’ve been outbid by $1000, but is the bike really worth that much?

This brings us to the next point: the warranty. It’s one thing to walk into a store and see a great bike for $1,000. It’s another thing entirely to spend $1,000 on a bike only for it to be covered by warranty. Fortunately, most mountain bikes now come with a one-year warranty, so you’ve got that going for you. If it breaks down within a year, it’s likely that it’s not worth the high cost that you paid for it. Remember, at least in New Zealand, consumer rights legislation protects you from buying a product that doesn’t perform to your satisfaction. So, if you discover that a product you’ve purchased isn’t worth your time and effort, you’ll have legal recourse.

For the average person, it’s quite difficult to accurately assess the true worth of equipment. Especially since it’s quite often difficult to find local retailers who offer an in-house financing plan. Fortunately, there’s also a third question here: are you getting what you paid for in terms of service? Was the store that you bought the bike from helpful in any way? Did the salesperson give you good advice about the local trails? How quickly did they get back to you when you asked questions? These are all important things to consider, especially since we all love to shop online but hate to spend too much time doing it. That’s why we need to take this into consideration when we make our online purchases.

What About The Trip To The Mountain?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the dreaded trip to the mountain. You’ve got your gear, you’re excited about hitting the slopes, and you’ve even tried on the equipment a few times before to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Once the lift ticket is paid for, it’s time to board the bus to take you to your first snowflake. Once you get to the top, you have a couple of options. You can either take the lift to the next level or you can find a snowflake trail that leads to the bottom of the mountain. The latter sounds more like a hassle, doesn’t it?

If you choose the bus option, there will be a driver who will take you to your first stop. He will then return you to your parking spot once your final stop is reached. It’s a matter of luck if you reach your final stop before the bus’s stop. Sometimes, the driver will happily drop you off at the next stop, provided that you paid for the entire trip. Sometimes… not so much.

Let’s say that you and your group make it to your final stop before the bus’s stop. Great! You’ve just been able to spend 4 hours of your precious time on a bus that you could’ve otherwise spent enjoying the mountain. On the downside, it’s now quite likely that you’ll have to walk the rest of the way to your car. It’s quite a laborious task, especially if the snow is deep or if you’ve got heavy gear with you. What’s more is that the walk will undoubtedly take you at least half an hour, perhaps even an hour. So, instead of spending less than an hour on the mountain, you’ll now have to spend almost an hour and a half there. Not great when you consider that you could’ve been skiing!

For someone who is new to the sport, or for someone who wants to visit multiple mountains in the region, the walk may be the nail in the coffin. Especially since, on rare occasions, the bus won’t even make it to the top of the mountain. Instead, it will break down or get stuck in traffic. So, you’ll have to find another way to get to your final stop. That, friends, is why the price of a ski set is so frustrating.

On the upside, it really is a great feeling to successfully complete a purchase online and have it delivered to your door in a couple of days. Especially since you often have an idea of what quality you’re buying into because of the great reviews or because the item is on sale. That makes all the difference. It’s all about expectations, isn’t it?

My final advice here would be to buy only what you need. It’s quite easy to fall victim to the proverbial “additional purchase”, especially since the gear is often so cheap that it doesn’t break even after your 1st purchase. That’s theft! As someone who has fallen victim to that very vice in the past, I can tell you that it’s very easy to spend more than you should on something that you don’t even use that often. Especially if it’s some sort of a luxury item. So, if you see something that you like but are on a budget, try finding a local store who has what you’re looking for. Chances are, there’s at least one retailer in your area who specializes in selling high-quality items at affordable prices. Just make sure that you do your research beforehand and don’t get tricked by false advertising. There are many scammers out there who will try to trick you into buying something that you don’t need.

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