How Much Does Ski Waxing Cost? [Expert Guide!]

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If you’re planning on hitting the slopes this upcoming winter holiday, be sure to stock up on ski waxing supplies. Not only does the sport involve a lot of running around in the snow, waiting for lifts, and drinking lots of coffee, but it’s also a great way to make some extra money. That’s not to say that skiing is easy money; it requires a lot of work. But, hopefully, this article will convince you that it’s a worthwhile and profitable venture.

The Early Riser

The early riser skis first, and that’s the person you want to be thanks for getting you started. Whether you meet them at the top of the mountain or at the bottom, ski waxing is a humble profession that requires a lot of patience and dedication. More importantly, the early riser starts the waxing process before lots of other people are on the slope, which gives you the opportunity to get several turns in before the day is over. That way, you’ll have enough wax on when the peak season arrives and the lines start to build.

The Ski Instructor

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be a ski instructor, well, you’ll find out soon enough. The ski instructor starts out life the same as any other ski waxing professional, with a humble beginning on the slopes of a winter sport paradise. After completing their ski instructor training, they spend the next two or three years teaching beginners how to ski. They then move on to become a ski tour guide or a ski ambassador, making the most of their previous experience and teaching others the ins and outs of skiing.

The Happy Wanderer

If you’re looking for a way to travel the world and make a living, consider teaching English in a private school in Japan for a year. After completing their studies, the wanderer will spend two or three more years immersing themselves in the fascinating culture of this beautiful country and making the most of their new found freedom. When their time is up, they can apply for a regular passport and look for a new job back in their home country. If you’ve always dreamed of travelling to Japan, this could be a way to do it. With a little patience, dedication, and an intermediate command of the Japanese language, you can probably find work in a Japanese school or public institution. The pay will not be great, but it’ll be better than nothing.

The Night Owl

If you’ve got a regular 9-5 job, you might not have the time or energy to devote to skiing. In which case, why not become a ski instructor? The night owl starts out life as a ski waxing professional late in the evenings and on the weekends, spending their weekday evenings at work and their weekend evenings on the slopes. They are the glue that holds the ski community together, with their friendly attitude and willingness to help others.

The Early Bird

The early bird gets the worm, so it’s only fair to say that the early bird skis the best. The early bird starts their ski waxing career at the beginning of the season and during the off season. They are the first ones on the slopes and the last ones off, which means they get the most turns in before the day is over. With the early bird, the trick is to be the first one off the slopes at the end of day, which is when the fun really begins.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Ski Waxing Professional?

So, you’re wondering how much does it cost to become a ski waxing professional? To start with, you’ll need to purchase skis, bindings, and poles. The cost of these items should not be too exorbitant; after all, you’ll only be waxing the snow, not making any major investments. The next thing to consider is the ski jacket and pants that you’ll need for the winter. These items should not be cheap either; you’ll be spending a lot of time in them so they need to be practical and durable. The base and tip passes for the slopes will also set you back a couple of hundred dollars. If you want to become a professional, you’ll need to save up a couple of thousand dollars, which is a whole lot of money for a student or a young professional. Depending on your country’s tax laws, you may have to pay tax on the earnings from this job. In some countries, you may have to incorporate or form a company in order to qualify for a work permit. If you’re looking to make a fresh start in life, now might be the right time to do it.

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