How Much Does It Cost To Ski In Big Bear? [Fact Checked!]

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There is no cost to enter Big Bear Ski Resort, unless you want to take a ride to the top of Mt Baldy, which you must pay for. The lift ticket to the summit is $26, and it will set you back by about $15 for day passes of any kind. This means that a full day of skiing or snowboarding here is about $41.50. If you are looking for a real bargain, you can opt for a ski tow, which will land you at the bottom of the mountain, about 5 mins walk from the parking lot, for about $13. Only if you are planning on staying for lunch can this be cheaper than going it alone. One of the main reasons why this mountain is so popular is because of its half-pipes, which are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the sport. Parents are also very happy to find an indoor playground here, as well as a huge pool.

Where Do I Stay?

Big Bear Ski Resort offers a lot of different accommodation options, from budget-friendly hotel rooms to chalets and condos. There is also a ski village, with a Yacht Club Hotel, Alpine Haus, Mountain Chalets, Snowflake Lodge, and the ever-popular Timber Lodge, which is a popular place to be, given its glorious panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

What Type Of Transport Do I Need To Get To The Ski Resort?

You can reach Big Bear Ski Resort from either the North, via I-40, or the South, via I-15. The closest airport is either San Bernardino or Los Angeles, about an hour away from the resort. You can either rent a car or take the Monorail to the nearby town of Pandora, where you can catch a bus or taxi to the resort. Car rental agencies can be found at the airport.

What Amenities Does The Resort Offer?

The greatest thing about Big Bear Ski Resort, other than the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains, is that it offers some of the finest amenities imaginable. The skiing part of the resort is linked to the snowboard park by a snow-covered rope tow, aptly named the Big Bike Trail. This allows you to zip around the mountain on a motorized sled, with or without a friend riding shotgun. Naturally, you can also take a walk and get some exercise too. On the opposite side of the mountain there is a snow park with an enormous snow fort, a huge swimming pool and a fully equipped spa. On the southern side of the mountain you will find a fantastic 18-hole golf course, designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus. The entire resort is really beautiful, with lots of flowers, trees and grass, which make it all the more relaxing.

Is There Something Special About The Local People?

If you are visiting the USA, then you have to check out the amazing people of Inyo County. Most of the locals are very friendly and happy to help you out with whatever you need. If you come across as a friendly, easy-going person, a lot of the people here will instantly respond to you. You will find that most of the shops, restaurants and bars in the small town are closed in the off-season, however, which you must take into account if you are planning on visiting during the winter.

Overall, Big Bear Ski Resort doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The prices are just a tad higher than the others, which is why it isn’t as popular. The fact that it doesn’t get the high traffic, though, makes it a perfect place for a luxurious getaway or a secret rendezvous with that special someone. Either way, Big Bear Ski Resort is a stunning place to be, especially in the wintertime. When the snow is falling all around you, you can’t help but feel blessed to be here.

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