How Much Does It Cost To Ski In Austria? [Solved!]

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If you’re planning to visit Austria this winter, then you’re in the right place. The country is filled with some of the finest ski resorts in the world, and the snow stays on for a lot longer than you’d expect.

Thanks to a new report from, we now know the exact cost of skiing in Austria this winter.

The data, sourced from the country’s ski resorts, reveals that the price of a ski pass for the whole country this season is £55.50 ($69 USD), compared to an estimated £35.60 ($46 USD) for the United Kingdom.

Why Are UK Residents Looking To Visit And Regularly Visit Austria This Winter?

The data shows that over 22,700 people from the United Kingdom visited one of Austria’s top ski resorts, St. Anton, last season. The resort’s website even boasts that English is one of the official languages there, so many people are looking to visit this winter to indulge in some skiing with a bonus of learning a new language.

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in Austria. The country prides itself on its varied ski runs and impressive range of ski equipment.

The Top 5 Winter Sports Cities In Austria

The resort city of Salzburg is the oldest city in Austria and its metropolitan area is home to the festival, the Salzburg Festival. Last season, some 14,600 people from the UK travelled there to watch world-class performances by the best symphony orchestras and conductors. It’s not just about the music either, as there are plenty of winter activities available, including ice skating and snowmobiling.

Innsbruck is the capital city of the country, known for its cultural and historic abounds. Last season, some 13,700 people from the UK travelled there to explore the city’s Christmas market, goggle at the nightlife and visit the famous Innsbruck winter festivals. The city is also surrounded by impressive ski resorts, including the famed Schneeferrnisch, and offers some of the best nightlife around.

Innsbruck’s neighbour, the resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, offers a European flavor to the city’s cuisine and its 400km of snow-sure ski runs. The season there begins in mid-December and continues until the spring thaws, so there’s plenty of time for the snow to stack up. While the temperatures in Innsbruck remain harsh, the area’s ski resorts offer stunning panoramas and some excellent shopping opportunities.

Waldheim, the constituency of the country’s chancellor, is one of Europe’s largest resorts. Its main street, the Seestraße, is a lively trading thoroughfare during the day, but the streets become almost deserted as the residents retreat to the side-streets to enjoy the white stuff. Last season, some 8,500 people from the United Kingdom travelled there to enjoy the snow. The resort is well-known for its shopping and nightlife and its 200km of slopes ensure there’s always something on offer.

The final destination on this list is the largest one in Europe, the mighty St. Moritz. The town, which prides itself on being the “Croatia of the South”, is a hub for winter sports activities. It claims to be the birthplace of tennis and the headquarters of the tennis world tour. Interestingly, the UK is the second-largest foreign country group visiting St. Moritz, after the United States. This season, some 16,600 people from the UK are expected to visit the town, which has all the ingredients for a super-exciting winter.

Whether you visit one of Austria’s famous ski resorts or the smaller ones found in the surrounding countryside, there’s plenty of exhilarating attractions and activities waiting to be explored.

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