How Much Does It Cost To Ship Ski Boots? [Facts!]

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Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in the world and it is enjoyed by people of all ages. When you are planning on traveling to Australia for a summer holiday or a long winter break, you might want to consider shipping your ski equipment. Australia is famous for its ski-in/ski-out accommodations that get you straight on the slopes in no time, but the cost of shipping your equipment could be a real bummer. Let’s take a look at how much it would cost to ship some of the most popular outdoor gear in Australia.

Ski Equipment

The Australian ski season kicks off in November and it continues for about three to four months. After that, the weather gets so hot that most people enjoy their pool instead of the cold winter air. With the right shipping company, you could have all of your ski equipment delivered to your door in about a month. This would make a lot of difference in your travel plans and it could be worth the small additional cost.

Bikes, Kayaks And Stand-Up Paddles

Bikes are another big deal in Australia and the city of Melbourne is known for its bike lanes and bike-friendly infrastructure. It would be quite pricey to ship your bike to Australia as most companies won’t deliver bikes to foreign destinations. Stand-up paddleboarding is also a popular pastime in Australia, particularly on the coast, and the cost of shipping kayaks would be higher than the cost of the boat itself. If you are looking to take a dip in the water during your travels, renting a kayak would be the way to go.

Hockey, Skate And Ski Equipment

Hockey is popular throughout Australasia, especially in Sydney, and it is likely that you could catch the sport on if you are there at the right time. Similarly, skateboarding is also very popular in Sydney, and it is quite affordable to ship some basic skate gear. If you are looking for a winter holiday destination in Australia, you could set aside some funds for the cost of shipping your ice skates and hockey equipment to your door. It would make a big difference in your trip if you could have all of your equipment ready to go when you arrive!

Snowboards, Ski Jackets And Ski Pants

The list of gear that you might want to ship to Australia would be pretty long, but it wouldn’t end there as there are lots more expensive items that you could buy there. Snowboards are the two-wheeled skis that you ride while skiing, and they can be quite expensive to purchase and ship. Ski jackets and ski pants are also quite expensive items to buy and ship to Australia, but it would be worth the cost if you are planning on spending your winters there. If you have any other expensive items that you need to ship to Australia, it would be best to buy them in advance, as opposed to paying the additional shipping fee, as most companies wouldn’t deliver expensive items to foreign destinations.

Helmet, Sunglasses And Ski Bags

Helmets are essential when it comes to skiing and Australian law requires you to wear one while skiing. They can be quite pricey to buy, and if you are going to be in a few different areas, you would need to buy a new one for each area. Similarly, sunglasses are also expensive items to buy and ship to Australia, but it would be worth it. Australian law requires you to have sunglasses while skiing, and it could be quite hard to get by without them if you are planning on taking the country’s famous ski-in/ski-out runs. Finally, ski bags are also expensive items to buy and ship to Australia, but you would be carrying them on your back the whole time anyway, so it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

What About Insurance?

It is always a good idea to buy travel insurance before you leave home, even if you are going to the same country that your home insurance is for. In the event that you have to make a claim, you would want to be as comfortable as possible with the people you are dealing with. Most travel insurance policies also include medical coverage in case you get sick or injured whilst traveling, and it would be best to consult with the company that you have your policy with to find out what exactly their coverage is.

The cost of shipping gear to Australia might not be as high as you think and it depends on what you are going to be shipping. If you are going to be shipping multiple items, you might want to consider buying larger items that are worth more as they take up less room on the plane. Make sure to budget for the additional shipping cost so that you don’t exceed your budget and end up having to pay for the costs all by yourself.

Additional Information

If you are going to be traveling to Australia, it would be best to arrive in the country by boat rather than by air. The reason behind this is that the latter would likely cost you a lot more, and there would be no guarantee that you would be able to get your gear onboard the plane. If you are arriving by boat, you will need to secure a mooring at a marina, and this can be quite expensive. However, it is a one-time cost that you would be paying to have your boat parked there for the whole duration of your stay. If you are looking to ship large items that you think might be worth it, it would be best to contact the right company to get an idea of what size package will be appropriate for the shipping company.

As much as possible, you want to avoid having to pay for additional shipping fees and you can do this by contacting the right company in advance to make sure that you are not charged extra. Having your gear stocked and ready when you arrive is a whole lot easier than scrambling to buy whatever you need when you get there, and this is exactly why you should be shipping your gear to Australia in advance.

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