How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Ski Helmet? [Fact Checked!]

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Skiing is a leisure activity enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. While some prefer to hit the slopes during the summer, many more people opt to enjoy the experience of skiing during the winter. If you too have fallen in love with the winter sport, you might be wondering how much does it cost to rent a ski helmet. The cost of renting a ski helmet varies from around £10 to £30 a day, depending on the location and the season. Let’s examine the costs associated with renting a ski helmet.

The Location Of The Activity

The location of the activity largely determines the cost. High-end resorts like St. Moritz, for example, charge more than £25 a day just for the privilege of renting a ski helmet. Mid-range resorts like Val d’Isere charge around £15 a day, while lesser-known resorts like New Val di Fiemme charge only £10 a day. The cheapest locations to rent a ski helmet are not actually in the UK but rather in the French Alps where the cost is as low as £10 a day.

The Time Of Year

The time of year the activity is held in also influences the cost. Major ski resorts like St. Moritz are generally less crowded and hence cheaper during the winter months. The busiest periods at the top-rated resorts are between December and March with the least busy periods being in the summer. If you’re looking to rent a ski helmet during one of these periods, you’ll pay cheaper rates.

The Type Of Helmet

The type of helmet you need will also determine the cost of renting one. For example, if you’re skiing in a country where head protection is not mandatory, you might want to rent a bike helmet. These are safer and more comfortable than open-faced ski helmets. The open-faced variety is generally cheaper but you won’t be able to enjoy the view of the mountains. If you’re in St. Moritz, for example, you might want to rent a pair of sunglasses along with your ski helmet. This will help ensure you don’t get caught short in the dark.

How Many Days?

The number of days you’ll need to rent the item will determine the cost. One-day rentals are generally cheaper than multiple-day rentals but you’ll need to check the terms and conditions before committing. Booking multiple days might also be advantageous as you can extend your stay and save money. You should check the rental conditions before committing to a longer stay as you might end up being charged extra for long holidays and/or if there are special events taking place at the resort.

Skiing is a fantastic sport that allows you to get outside and hit the snow as often as you like. With the right gear and know-how, you’ll have the time of your life!

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