How Much Are Lift Tickets At Breckenridge Ski Resort? [Facts!]

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Summer, spring, and winter – three seasons in one. While the temperatures at the top of the US are daunting, especially in the summer, the skiing is absolutely fantastic! A seasonal ski pass at a southern or western US ski resort will cost you around $50 per day and let you enjoy up to four or five runs. Booking an evening ski pass (after 4pm) usually costs less. The biggest advantage of the summer season is that you can enjoy many of the resort’s attractions and activities, such as concerts, comedy shows, museum days, and fireworks displays, all for free!

The Base And Summit Stands

The base and summit stations at a ski resort are crucial for the skier’s experience. They determine how fast you can travel and how much energy you expend on the slopes. The base station is where the lift ticket holders and other users meet at the bottom of the mountain, while the summit station is the area where the lifts take you up to the top of the mountain. The base station is usually a small, open-air village at the bottom of the mountain, while the summit station is a large, open-air plaza that is often built directly on the mountain itself. Some of the biggest, most popular US ski resorts, like Breckenridge in Colorado and Heavenly in California, have two summit stations, while smaller resorts, like Wolf Ridge in Utah and Shadow Creek in Arizona, have one.

The Lodge

The lodge is where you eat your lunch and where you stay overnight at a ski resort. It’s a combination of the hotel and the restaurant at the same location. Most resorts have 4 or 5 lodges, each with around 150 rooms. This brings the total number of rooms to around 600 or 700. The newest, largest, and most popular resorts, like Heavenly in California and Canyons in Utah, have multiple lodges. Each lodge serves food and beverages, and sometimes has a bar, a nightclub, and a pool table! Nightlife in the lodge is usually very lively, as guests come from all over the world to enjoy the great mountain views and enjoy the entertainment provided by the live bands and DJs. The rooms in the lodge are perfectly comfortable and feature a fully equipped kitchenette, including a microwave, a fridge, a coffee machine, and a toaster. Some even have a dishwasher! The bathroom is tiny, but usually has a shower cabinet. This brings the total number of bathrooms per lodge to around 10 or 12 (depending on the size). Hotels in general are a great value for money considering the quality of the rooms and services, as well as the location, especially when you compare them to a standard guesthouse or a bland hotel.

The Kids’ Center

The kids’ center at a ski resort is where kids under 12 stay and eat their meals. It is usually a smaller version of the lodge, with fewer rooms and no nightclub or pool table. The main attractions in the kids’ center are probably the ice cream shop, the climbing wall, and the children’s spa. Many resorts have a separate area for families with kids. This is a great place to bring your children, as there are usually many activities they can participate in, while you enjoy some peace and quiet. Just make sure you bring plenty of toys and games for the kids, as well as food and drink for the adults!

Getting Around

Most ski resorts are quite spread out, and getting from one side of the mountain to the other requires either a bus or a pricey taxi ride. A trip to a nearby grocery store or shopping center for an ice-cream cone costs you $4–$6. A one-way ride on a local bus or a walk down the mountain’s main street will cost you $1–$3. The taxi fare from the airport to the resort is $25–$35, and from the resort to the airport is $10–$15 (plus tips). Depending on how deep the snow is and whether or not it has warmed up a bit, you may want to avoid taking the bus or walking down the main street during the thawing season. The last thing you want to do is slip on the ice and hurt yourself.

The Accommodation

Accommodation at a ski resort is mostly limited to hotels and other commercial guesthouses. The latter are usually located near the lifts or at the base of the mountain, while the former are more prevalent at the top, depending on the size of the resort and how far the lifts take you. The largest US ski resorts, like Heavenly and Canyons, have over 600 rooms, so finding a place to sleep can sometimes be hard. The good news is that the smallest resorts, like Wolf Ridge in Utah and Shadow Creek in Arizona, do not have any accommodation available, so you have plenty of options! Once you get there, you will either have to camp or find another way to stay.

The Food And Drink

The food and drink at a ski resort are abundant and of great quality. You will find everything from fast food and pizza parlors to fine dining restaurants and themed bars. There are usually many options to choose from, depending on your budget and what you want to eat. The biggest US ski resorts, like Heavenly and Canyons, have over 50 restaurants and bars, so you will definitely find the one that suits you best! Most places permit drinking alcohol, so you can have a drink with your meal or during prime hours. Just remember that some resorts, like Breckenridge, limit the number of drinks you can buy per day, so make sure you check the rules before buying a six-pack at the grocery store!


Skiing at a US ski resort is great because the snowboard and ski equipment are usually provided by the resort, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourself! The snowboard and ski equipment are decent and of high quality, so you will have no problems using them. This is also true for the snow clothing and accessories, such as ski gloves and boots. You will not need to buy these items separately from the equipment provided by the resort. Another bonus is that, at large resorts, the snowboarding course is usually an intermediate one, so even beginners can have some fun. The hardest part is probably learning how to ski, as most resorts provide professional instructors, who will teach you the basic skills necessary to snowboard. This is also a great way to learn and improve your skills. Just remember that schools close during the summer, so make sure you get your lessons before the season ends!

Summit Madness

Summit madness is the annual tradition where the top athletes in the US and Canada ski competition descend upon the top of the mountain for 3 or 4 days, starting on the Friday before the beginning of the season and continuing through to Sunday afternoon. The athletes compete in a number of events, such as downhill, Supertrail, and freeride. The overall winner is usually determined by combining the results of all of these individual events. On Sunday afternoon, the athletes get together at the bottom of the mountain to party and celebrate the week’s events. If you wanted to watch the action live, you would have to pay a lot for a ticket to one of the bigger resorts, like Heavenly, but you can follow all of the action on social media, as well as the official website, for free!

One of the things that makes a ski resort so great is that, with all these other things you can do, there is always something for everyone! Whether you like to hang out at the bar or visit the museum, there will always be something for you to do at a ski resort.

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