How Many Ski Resorts In France? [Solved!]

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Wondering how many ski resorts there are in France? You’re not alone! The country is known for its stunning ski landscape, which features some of the largest ski slopes in the world. Not sure which resort to head to? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the French Alps, including the top resorts that you should visit. So sit back, relax, and get ready to shred!

Famous Ski Resorts In France

Yes, the French Alps are definitely home to some of the best ski resorts worldwide. The country prides itself on its ski architecture and its European-style hospitality, which means everyone is welcome – even non-skiers! Here are some of the best French ski resorts, as well as a short description of what makes them so special.


This pretty town north of the capital sits at the foot of the Alps and features a 12-trail ski resort. Located near the French and German borders, Chambery’s ski season kicks off in mid-December and ends around the last week of April. Daily ski passes cost around €31 and can easily be secured online.

Chambery’s nightlife is one of a kind, due to its unique mix of old and new. The town’s baroque and art nouveau buildings have been preserved, while its casino and 18th-century Prémontréal castle have been perfectly restored. In the summer, the whole town comes alive, with tourists filling the streets and attractions. Be sure to visit the Opéra de Pau, as well as one of the local lakes for a refreshing dip.


Nestled in the French Alps, this medieval village features a 12-trail ski resort and a snow park. The season kicks off in earnest in the last week of December and continues until June. The village’s medieval street makes for an interesting look during the off-season, while the surrounding countryside is filled with hiking trails, isolated chalets, and bustling villages. Daily ski passes cost around €32 and can be secured online.

A holiday to Saint-Paul-de-la-Rade feels like a trip back in time. The village still operates a 17th-century distillery that creates some of the finest single-malt whiskies in the world. If you visit in the summer, be sure to make the most of the outdoor swimming pools and water sports available and don’t forget to sample the local cuisine, which blends a variety of world influences.

Les Arcs

This magnificent resort in the French Alps is one of the greatest in the world. Les Arcs is another wonderful example of French ski architecture, with its Art Deco feel and its amazing array of ski trails – there are more than 200km of runs, including 33 black diamond trails! The resort’s website features a well-written FAQ, which you should definitely read, especially if you are unfamiliar with Les Arcs. It will answer most of your questions, including how to get around, what to expect, and which area to visit first. Day passes cost around €56 and can be secured online.

If you’re looking for an upscale ski holiday, you should head to Les Arcs. The whole town comes alive in the winter, with bars and restaurants opening up, as well as a range of hotels and chalets. There is something for everyone. In the summer, the whole resort is hushed, with only a few restaurants and bars opening their doors. Be sure to sample the local cuisine, which blends a variety of world influences.

La Clusaz

Famous for its glacier-fed lakes and spectacular views of Mont Blanc, this resort is located in the French Alps. The town’s casino welcomes visitors and locals alike, while its restaurants and bars are the perfect place to wind down after a long day of skiing. Daily ski passes cost around €32 and can be secured online.

Visiting the French Alps and not spending a night in a hotel is impossible. There is a wide range of accommodation, from budget-friendly hostels, to large family villas with all the modern conveniences. The town of La Clusaz even has a botanical garden and lake – an amazing place to recharge and reconnect with nature.


Located in the French Alps, about an 8-hour drive from Paris, Courchevel is the largest ski resort in France. This year 2022, the French Alps will welcome over 500,000 recreational skiers, making it one of the world’s biggest ski resorts. Daily ski passes for beginners are €49 and can be secured online.

With its impressive 150km of slopes and 13 trails, as well as its innovative snow park, Courchevel is a true ski paradise. The innovative snow park – with its rails, boxes, and inverted chairlift – allows for thrilling and immersive experiences for the skier. In the winter, the whole resort comes alive with the buzz of skiers and snowboarders enjoying the slopes. In the summer, be wary of visiting during the week, as there is less of a presence of other resort towns. Sundays can be pretty quiet, too.

Even diehard non-skiers should visit the French Alps. The skiing experience is simply breathtaking, with incredible snow-covered slopes, breathtaking views, and European-style hospitality. There is also a unique cultural experience to be had, with some of the oldest bars in the Alps, quaint villages, and cobbled streets. Be sure to make the most of this stunning vista and hit the slopes!

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