How Many Ski Resorts Are There In Colorado? [Ultimate Guide!]

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There are so many perks to living in the Mile High City – you get to enjoy breathtaking views, amazing wildlife, and of course, the weather is just right all year round!

One of the best things about Colorado is its incredible skiing scene. With more than 80 ski resorts scattered across the state, skiers and snowboarders can find the ideal terrain and conditions for them.

What makes Colorado’s ski resorts unique is that they are not bound by the traditional East-West axis. Instead, the slopes are aligned with the four compass points and feature the traditional North-South lift that runs from summit to base. The only way to truly experience Colorado skiing is by traveling to a different resort each week – there are simply too many to cover them all!

The Number Of Ski Resorts & The Evolution Of Skiing In Colorado

There are currently 81 ski resorts in Colorado, ranging from expert-only backcountry terrain to bustling metropolises with chairlift ticket prices under $30.

While the state has always been a hub for skiing, it was not until the 1960s that the sport really blossomed. This is thanks to a couple of factors. First, the creation of the Ski Resort Parking Authority in 1962, which made it easier for smaller resorts to charge for parking, and thus, attract more people. Second, the increase of television viewers who were introduced to the sport via ski-related competitions like the Winter Olympics and Mr. America pageant.

Since the early 1960s, Colorado’s ski resorts have become significantly more commercial. While the premier ski resorts like Aspen and Vail remain some of the most popular locations in the country, other resorts are only accessible by hiking trails or using ski-in/ski-out accommodations like the Wolf Creek Ski Area and Durango, which were originally built as military bases during World War II and have since turned into bustling towns.

The number of ski resorts in Colorado has more than doubled since the 1960s, increasing from 16 in the early years to 40 in the 1970s, and then to the present day’s total of 81.

How Many Snowfall Days Does Colorado Have Each Year?

Every year, Colorado is home to some of the greatest snowfalls in the country. While the state averages around 300 inches of snow each year, the mountains of central and western Colorado see over 400 inches of snowfall.

The most iconic snowflake-shaped ski resort, Breckenridge, offers up to seven runs and five lifts per day in the winter, and close to three times that in the summer. Similarly, Aspen Snowmass is located at the base of the Western Slopes, and offers about 270 inches of snowfall per year. These two resorts alone account for around 30% of Colorado’s annual snowfall.

The Eastern Slopes, covering the states of Colorado, New York, and Vermont, are also home to some of the longest ski runs in the country. While the resorts in the three states have roughly equal acreage, the longest and best-known ski run is found in Vail, Colorado, and is called The Widowmaker. This run snakes for 7.7 miles through the woods, connecting the town with its ski resort via the chairlift. In the winter, the road to the top of the run is closed to traffic for most of the day, allowing for some incredible panoramic views of the snowy scenery and valley below.

All of Colorado’s ski resorts offer some pretty incredible skiing, making it one of the best states to be a skier or snowboarder. Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea of how many there are and how spectacular they are!

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