How Long Are Snowboard Boot Laces? Find Out Now!

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Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or just starting out, one key component of your gear that can often get overlooked is your boot laces. These seemingly small and insignificant strings play a vital role in ensuring that your boots fit snugly and securely, ultimately affecting your performance on the slopes.

But how do you know if your laces are the right length? Are they too long or too short? And what about the various types of lacing systems out there – do they affect the required length?

In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of snowboard boot laces to answer all these questions and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect lace length for your boots, as well as some tips and tricks for maintaining them for maximum longevity. So whether you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out laces or simply curious about the science behind this oft-overlooked piece of equipment, read on!

“The importance of properly-sized and maintained snowboard boot laces cannot be overstated when it comes to optimizing your performance on the mountain.”

The Importance of Properly-Sized Snowboard Boot Laces

Prevent Injury and Improve Performance

How long are snowboard boot laces? This is a common question asked by snowboarding enthusiasts. The length of the laces varies depending on the size, make, and model of your boots. However, one thing that should not be overlooked is the importance of properly-sized laces.

A proper fit ensures that your feet are securely strapped into the boots, providing maximum support and comfort during your ride. Loose laces may cause your boots to flop around uncomfortably, while tight laces can cut off circulation in your feet which leads to fatigue and reduced performance.

Beyond discomfort and poor performance levels, ill-fitting boot laces can also lead to serious injury. Most injuries occur when riders fall and their boots do not stay securely fastened to their feet due to loose or improperly-tightened laces. By ensuring the correct length of laces, you’ll decrease the risk of experiencing such preventable incidents.

Ensure Comfortable Fit

When heading out for a day on the slopes, it’s important to have your gear in order before hitting the mountain. This means double-checking that your boots – and specifically, your laces – provide optimal comfort.

Luckily, most well-designed boots come with a built-in ‘quick lace’ system within the shell that makes it easy to achieve a secure fit without any hassle. These systems make tightening or loosening your laces much faster than traditional string set-ups.

Additionally, many shops offer customers free custom fitting services to ensure a perfect fit so don’t hesitate to take advantage of that service if offered. No matter what modification you choose, a properly fitted boot will help to ensure proper performance, and a more enjoyable ride.

Extend Lifespan of Boots

The snowboarding industry is not cheap – gear can be very expensive! And that’s why you want to take care of your equipment as much as possible. A significant factor in extending the lifespan of your boots is using the right length of laces!

A common problem for riders is laces breaking. Whether they snag on something or wear out with use over time, damaged laces should not sideline your day or even your season- if you’re prepared ahead of time. Having an extra set of laces handy will keep you from having t to purchase another pair of boots because the old pair was unusable due to broken laces.

“When it comes to snowboard gear, it’s what protects us on the slopes and therefore warrants our attention and investment” – Backpacker Travel

No doubt that experiencing an exciting day on the mountain requires good hiking companions along with suitable outdoor gear so do give importance and consideration to your boot laces too – they’re an essential component in ensuring safety, comfort, great performance – and most importantly fun!

Factors That Affect the Length of Snowboard Boot Laces

Boot Size and Style

The length of snowboard boot laces is directly related to the size and style of the boots. Boot sizes can range from youth sizes to adult sizes, with some brands featuring half-sizes as well. The longer the boot, the longer the lace typically needs to be in order to tie securely. Similarly, different styles of boots may have different numbers of lace eyelets or hooks, requiring either shorter or longer laces to properly secure them.

It’s also worth noting that different brands may utilize different measurement systems when labeling their boot sizes, so it’s important to carefully check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before purchasing a new pair of snowboard boots.

Lacing System

Another major factor that affects the length of snowboard boot laces is the type of lacing system used on the boots. Traditional lace-up boots allow for a wider degree of customization since wearers can physically adjust each individual lace until they are satisfied with the fit. However, this can result in greater variance between the lengths of different pairs of boots even if they share the same listed size.

Newer technologies like Boa lacing systems feature tighter controls over how snugly boots fit around the foot and ankle, but can require specific lengths of laces in order to work effectively. In fact, many Boa-equipped boots come with pre-measured laces included, which eliminates guesswork when selecting replacement laces down the line.

“Boa closures deliver consistent closure every time while riding, whether your boots reform after each turn.” – TransWorld SNOWboarding

Riding Style and Terrain

Snowboarders who prefer certain types of riding styles and terrains may find that they prefer different lengths of laces to suit their needs. For example, boarders who regularly tackle off-piste runs or steep slopes may want boots that can be cinched up especially tight in order to provide maximum ankle support and control.

Conversely, riders who typically spend more time maneuvering through terrain parks or performing tricks on the halfpipe may opt for shorter laces that allow greater freedom of movement without interfering with their balance. Additionally, snowboarders who frequently switch between these different riding styles may need to adjust their boot lace length accordingly in order to ensure a comfortable fit throughout their day on the mountain.

The Importance of Proper Lace Length

Choosing the right length of snowboard boot laces is crucial in ensuring that riders stay comfortable and safe while out on the mountain. Laces that are too short can cause boots to feel uncomfortably tight around the foot or ankle, leading to discomfort and potential injury over time. On the other hand, laces that are too long may not fully secure boots onto feet, resulting in wobbliness and poor performance during turns and jumps.

If unsure about what length of laces will work best for your individual needs, it’s always wise to consult an experienced gear expert or snowboarding instructor for guidance. With properly sized boots and laces, riders are free to focus entirely on carving turns, catching air, and enjoying all the amazing opportunities offered by this exciting sport!

How to Measure Your Snowboard Boot Laces

Snowboarding is a fun and exciting sport, but it can be dangerous if you do not have the right gear. One of the most important components of your snowboarding gear is your boots. They need to fit well and provide support as you make turns and hit jumps. The laces on your boots are also important because they keep your foot in place and prevent slippage. If you need new laces, you will need to know how long they should be. Here’s how to measure your snowboard boot laces:

Remove Old Laces

The first step in measuring your snowboard boot laces is to remove the old ones. Make sure that you loosen them completely before taking them out. This will help you get an accurate measurement of their length.

Measure Length of Old Laces

After removing the old laces, lay them straight on a flat surface. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine their length. Be sure to measure from one end to the other, following the curve of the lace. The length of your laces may vary depending on the type of boots you have, so it’s always best to double-check with the manufacturer or use an online sizing guide.

“When replacing laces, remember that some boots require a specific type of lacing pattern. Check your owner’s manual to be sure.” – REI Co-op

Use Online Sizing Guides

If you want to be certain about the correct length of your snowboard boot laces, using an online sizing guide can be very helpful. Many manufacturers offer these guides on their websites. To use one, simply select the brand and model of your boots, and the guide will provide you with the recommended lace length. This is a great option if you have lost your old laces or they are too worn to measure accurately.

“Using an online sizing guide can help ensure that you get the right size of lace for your boots, which can improve their fit and performance.” – Tactics

Measuring your snowboard boot laces isn’t a difficult task. Just make sure you remove the old ones completely, take accurate measurements, and consider using an online sizing guide for added assurance. With the right laces, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes in style!

Common Snowboard Boot Lace Lengths


The 130cm snowboard boot lace length is designed for smaller foot sizes, typically ranging from youth to women’s size 7. This length should be adequate for securely tying boots of this size without leaving excess lace dangling or getting in the way during snowboarding.

“Small feet need small laces! It’s important to have the correct length to ensure a snug and secure fit.” -Randy Torcom, Snowboard Instructor


A 140cm lace length is recommended for snowboarders wearing men’s size 8-9 and women’s size 8 and up. This length allows enough lace to tie properly while also eliminating any extra that may get caught on equipment during snowboarding activities.

“The right amount of slack in your boot lace will provide you with better balance and control of your board. Too little though, and your toes might end up feeling cramped.” -Amy Smith, Professional Snowboarder


Snowboarders with men’s shoe sizes ranging from 10-11 or larger women’s sizes should consider laces 150 cm in length. The longer lace allows for a secure fit but still prevents loose lace ends from interfering with snowboarding performance.

“Snowboarders put constant pressure on their boots as they move down hills and over jumps. A lack of support because of laces can cause unexpected distraction that could result in injury” -Jeff Anderson, retired professional snowboarder


The longest common snowboard boot lace length available on the market is 160cm. It is appropriate for both men and women with larger feet, typically ranging from sizes 12 and up. Though longer laces can offer a better fit, it is important not to overtighten them as this limits circulation in the foot.

“A pair of boots that are too tight can lead to discomfort or even medical conditions like nerve damage or blood clots.” -Dr. James Hubbard, Expert Medical Advisor

Selecting the correct snowboarding boot lace length will mean finding a balance between proper support and comfort for your size and style of shoe. Consider the guidelines above based on your shoe size, keeping in mind snowboarding cushioning and the need to avoid excess or dangling lace during downhill exercises. By utilizing these recommendations and tips, select and lace up like an expert for ultimate performance success!

Replacing Your Snowboard Boot Laces: Tips and Tricks

Snowboard boot laces can become worn or damaged over time, which may require replacement. However, before replacing your snowboard boot laces, it’s important to know some tips and tricks that will help ensure the longevity of your new laces.

Choose Durable Laces

The durability of the laces you choose when replacing your snowboard boot laces is essential. Opt for high-quality and heavy-duty laces that are less likely to fray or break under pressure. Most manufacturers use lace materials made from nylon, kevlar, or polyester due to their excellent strength-to-weight ratios and durability performance features.

You should also consider selecting laces that are designed specifically for snowboarding boots as they tend to be long enough to tie in a double knot and offer more elasticity to accommodate varying tensions and movements during riding. Additionally, make sure you measure the length of your old laces correctly so that you can purchase replacements of the same length. The standard size of snowboard boot laces varies from 140 cm to 180 cm depending on the boot’s design and fit.

Ensure Proper Knots

Tying proper knots when replacing your snowboard boot laces is crucial. A knot that comes undone halfway down the mountain can result in an uncomfortable ride or even serious injury. Double-knotting each bow is recommended to ensure the knot stays tight throughout the day. If you find yourself constantly re-tying your laces regardless of how well you initially knotted them, then it’s probably time to replace them entirely.

Tying your boot laces tightly is not only important for stability but can help you improve posture while riding and increase your overall control of the board. Moreover, focusing on consistent pressure from the boots to your foot allows for better board control in rough terrain or less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Use Lace Locks for Added Support

A lace lock is an effective tool that adds support and ensures your snowboard boot laces stay tight. These small, lightweight devices attach to your boot’s eyelets and provide a mechanism to keep your lacing system taut throughout the day, no matter how strenuous it becomes.

Lace locks can equalize tension on both sides of each eyelet while also providing additional support behind high-stress areas. This added structure ensures even distribution of weight across the footbed leading to a more comfortable ride for prolonged periods and increase stability upon impact with the ground. Additionally, they allow quick-response adjustments without needing to fuss around with complicated knots or re-lacing your entire boot on the top of a mountain.

“I always recommend using heavy-duty laces made from durable materials like nylon, kevlar, or polyester for any type of shoes used for sporting activities such as snowboarding,” said Sean Anderson, owner of The Cobbler’s Bench Inc., “These laces are designed to withstand wear and tear caused by rigorous activity, offering you longevity and reliability.”

To sum it up: Replacing snowboard boot laces is quick and simple if you follow these essential tips. By choosing durable laces, ensuring proper knots, and adding lace locks for additional support, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes with confidence.

Where to Buy Snowboard Boot Laces

Sporting Goods Stores

If you’re wondering where to buy snowboard boot laces, one of the best places to check is your local sporting goods store. Sporting goods stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, and Sports Authority offer a variety of snowboarding equipment, including replacement laces for snowboard boots.

You can typically find these laces in the same aisle as other snowboarding gear or near the shoe section. It’s always a good idea to bring your old, damaged lace with you to ensure that you find the correct size and length for your boot. Additionally, it may be helpful to speak with an associate to see if they have any recommendations on which brand or style of lace to purchase.

Online Retailers

An alternative option for purchasing snowboard boot laces is shopping online through various retailers such as Amazon,, and Evo. Shopping online offers a wider range of options when searching for replacement laces, as you’ll be able to browse many different brands, styles, colors, lengths, and thicknesses depending upon what you need.

When shopping online, make sure to carefully read the product description along with reviews left by previous customers, to confirm that the lace you’re ordering matches the size and quality of your current boot lace. Furthermore, online shopping often provides convenience by allowing you to order from home and even compare prices between multiple websites before making a final decision.

“Shopping online is a great option for those looking to get a wide selection of replacement snowboard boot laces at competitive pricing.” -Brad with Evo

Whether you decide to head out to a brick-and-mortar retail shop or chose to do your shopping online, there are many options for finding replacement snowboard boot laces. By taking the time to do a little research and reading reviews, you can be confident in your purchase and hit the slopes with new, secure laces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are snowboard boot laces?

The length of snowboard boot laces can vary depending on the size of the boot. Generally, they range from 120-180 cm in length. Some boots may have longer laces to accommodate for more adjustments, while others may have shorter laces for a more streamlined fit. It’s important to ensure that the laces are long enough to properly secure the boot, but not so long that they become a hazard or get tangled during use.

What are the standard lengths of snowboard boot laces?

There is no one standard length for snowboard boot laces, as they can vary depending on the boot size and brand. However, most laces fall within the range of 120-180 cm. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a knowledgeable salesperson to ensure you get the right length of laces for your boots.

Can snowboard boot laces be adjusted for a customized fit?

Yes, snowboard boot laces can be adjusted to achieve a customized fit. Most boots have multiple lacing zones that allow for a more precise fit, and many come with additional tools or instructions for adjusting the laces. It’s important to take the time to properly adjust the laces for maximum comfort and performance on the slopes.

Do different snowboard boot brands have varying lace lengths?

Yes, different snowboard boot brands may have varying lace lengths based on their specific designs and sizing. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a knowledgeable salesperson to ensure you get the right length of laces for your boots.

What materials are snowboard boot laces made of?

Snowboard boot laces can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, and Kevlar. Nylon is the most common material and is known for its durability and flexibility. Polyester is another popular option that is more resistant to water and abrasion. Kevlar is a high-strength material that is often used in high-performance laces for maximum durability.

How often should snowboard boot laces be replaced?

The frequency at which snowboard boot laces should be replaced can vary depending on how often they are used and how well they are cared for. Generally, it’s a good idea to replace laces every season or every other season to ensure maximum performance and to prevent any unexpected breakage while on the slopes. However, if the laces show signs of wear or damage, such as fraying or tearing, they should be replaced immediately.

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