How Far Is Brighton Ski Resort From Park City? [Expert Guide!]

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What do you get when you combine the cosmopolitan city life of Brighton with the breathtaking beauty of the British countryside? You get a real escape for the winter – that’s what! The only issue is that travelling to a destination like this puts a real strain on your wallet. So how much does a trip to Brighton Ski Resort cost? We compared the price of a standard park flyer with that of a season pass at Brighton, figuring out the exact amount you need to spend on a weekly basis in order to enjoy the British winter sports experience. Here’s what we found.

The Cost Of A Standard Park Flyer vs. A Season Pass At Brighton

Prices at Brighton vary according to the day of the week and the time of day. Monday to Thursday, the cost of a standard park flyer is £55.99 for an adult and £29.99 for a child. Weekends and holidays are expensive too with an adult price of £74.99 and a child price of £39.99. A season pass at the same resort costs £122.45 for adults and £61.45 for children. The price is higher than at most other UK ski resorts, which made us wonder if this was because more expensive flights are needed to get to Brighton.

How To Get There

Flights to Brighton are available from both London and most major UK cities. The airport is located a little over an hour away from the city centre. The journey takes about an hour and a half. If you’re driving, there are plenty of parking spaces available at the airport. You’ll then have to take the train or bus from the airport to the city centre.

The Location Of Brighton

Brighton is located on the south coast of England, about two hours west of London. The resort is actually made up of two separate, yet-connected towns – Brighton and Hove, as well as the rural areas surrounding them. The historic Lorne Street, which runs through the middle of the resort, is the place to enjoy a coffee, a cocktail or a meal.

The geography of the resort is interesting. It sits on top of a large inselberg – a rocky outcrop that’s been shaped by ice ages and rising sea levels. The steep slopes that make up the northern half of the resort are mostly made up of glacial sands and are interspersed with patches of heathland. This is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and is a real highlight of a visit here in the winter.

The Amenities Available At Brighton

There are more than 50 shops and eateries within the resort’s pedestrianised main street. You’ll also find a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs plus ice-cream parlours, cake shoppes and coffee shops. The main shopping street is lined with boutiques, shoe stores, clothing stores and art galleries. There’s also a large supermarket located in the town centre.

The leisure side of the resort is just as vibrant too with an 18-hole golf course, a rugby pitch, a skateboard park, a velodrome, a carousel, a botanical garden and an adventure playground.

The whole resort is a living museum with architecture from all over the world, depicting different eras and styles. There are also over 30 bars and eateries scattered around the town centre, each one serving a different cuisine. You can find all kinds of shops from high-street brands to unique craft boutiques.

The Nightlife At Brighton

There’s always something going on at Brighton. Whether you like to party or not, the town really does have something to offer. The resort is famous for the “beach life” that reigns throughout the whole of the southern holiday season. The bars and clubs here don’t close their doors until the early hours of the morning, attracting visitors from all over the globe. It’s no wonder why Brighton is such a popular choice amongst solo travellers and families in the winter.

In addition to this, the town is home to one of Europe’s biggest carnivals. The so-called “White Carnival” takes place every year towards the end of February and is a real treat for the senses. People from all over Europe and beyond travel to the resort to take part in this unrivalled celebration of winter sport, arts and culture. It really is an unforgettable experience.

There’s something for everyone at Brighton. Whether you’re a seasoned skier looking for a winter holiday or a keen amateur, there’s a slope here to suit you. The only thing you need to do is to decide what you want out of your winter break and go for it!

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