How Do You Know What Size Skis To Buy? [Answered!]

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If you are new to the world of freeride skiing then it can be tricky to know what kind of ski equipment to buy. It is not like shopping for mountain bikes where you can just take your pick from the many styles available, the variety of which you can choose from is virtually infinite. With skiing, the variety of equipment is staggering whether you like riding fast or slow, taking lots of twists and turns or just sliding down on all fours. The only real way to know what size ski equipment you need is to do some research first and find out exactly what type of skiing you want to try out. Do you want to go fast and furious down the mountain or do you want to meander along and enjoy the scenery? The answer to that question will decide which type of equipment you need to buy. Before you make your final decision it’s a good idea to read up on the best ski gear to help you make the right choice. Here are a few hints on what to look out for when you are browsing through the myriad of ski gear available today.

What Type Of Ski Do You Practice?

This is probably the most fundamental question you need to ask yourself before making any kind of purchase, deciding on which type of ski you will practice is almost as important as deciding what size of ski equipment you need. There are many different types of skis out there and although some are better suited for expert skiers, beginners will have a much easier time getting around on a ski with a thin, pointed shape. If you are an expert skier then you might want to consider getting a couple of different types of skis so you can switch between them and give yourself a bit of an advantage when skiing off-piste or in the dark. If you are a beginner then you might want to go for a wider ski that is more stable and has better traction on the snow, making it easier for you to turn and maneuver. The only way to know for certain what type of ski you will practice is to try them out for yourself, if you do not have the funds to buy several pairs then it is best to look for the one that is the intermediate between the two. That way you will be able to use it for both advanced and beginner levels of skiing without having to upgrade your equipment too soon.

How Do You Ride The Slopes?

On a similar note to the previous question, this one is about how you will actually enjoy yourself while riding the slopes. Being on the slopes is an exhilarating feeling and being caught in an unexpected snowstorm while skiing is magical, but there are also some downsides to that experience as well. The sound of woodblock printing in the lodge’s restaurant will probably be the last thing you will hear before you pass out, due to overexertion and the cold that seems to get stuck in your bones after the first hour of skiing. If you want a thrill-seeking activity then skiing is certainly worth it, but take into consideration that you will have to deal with the consequences later on. If you are going to be pushing your body to its limits then you might want to think about getting a helmet with earmuffs so that you can keep your ears warm during those intense workouts, preventing ear infections that could lead to more serious health problems. That way you will not have to worry about tinnitus afterwards either, which is the ringing in the ears that some people experience after they have been around loud noises for too long. If you want to keep your hearing intact and focus on the thrilling experience then there are certainly worse things you could do with your time than skiing, it’s just up to you to decide if the rewards are worth it.

How Do You Plan Your Ski Vacation?

Once you have decided what type of ski you will practice then it is time to start thinking about how you will actually enjoy your vacation. The type of skiing you have chosen will determine the type of accommodation you need to look out for, if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking and exploring then you might want to look for a small guesthouse or a cabin, if you are planning on staying in a lodge all the time then you will not have much need for a vehicle, apart from maybe for getting around the nearby towns and villages. Once you have found the perfect place to stay, then it is time to start planning your trip. It is a good idea to make a list of everything you need and then cross off the items one by one as you go through it, you will not want to forget about something vital that you have overlooked. For example, if you have not thought about how you are going to get your gear up the mountain then you will have to consider renting a trailer or getting a van, which will make the process much easier. Planning is important because it ensures that nothing is left to chance and that you have everything you need to have an enjoyable and healthy vacation. That is what matters most, having a good time on the slopes and being able to come back to your home physically and mentally unchanged.

How Much Do You Ski?

Finally, we arrive at the most important question of all, how much do you ski? This one is pretty self-explanatory, how much of a thrill-seeker you are depends on how much you ski. If you are new to the sport then take it easy at first, you will not be able to enjoy yourself if you are stressing out about hitting the slopes too fast or too hard, it takes time to learn how to cruise the slopes safely and efficiently, so do not be in a hurry to increase your speed just yet. As you get more experienced you will be able to push your body harder and more often which will give you a greater sense of achievement when skiing, just remember to have fun!

When it comes to buying ski equipment then it can be extremely overwhelming, there are so many different brands and styles out there, all with their perks and quirks. Do not be afraid to try out a few different types of skis and snowboards before you make a decision, most likely there is a pair that will suit you perfectly and will give you that sense of accomplishment when skiing that you are looking for. Do not forget to have fun on the slopes and make sure you are staying hydrated, that way you will be able to maintain a healthy body and mind while having a good time.

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