How Do Ski Resorts Make Fake Snow? [Expert Review!]

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Skiing is a favorite winter sport for many people. It offers a chance to leave the city for a while and get some fresh air. Once the snow starts falling, the whole world becomes a snowy backdrop. You can ski right next to the snowflake-shaped igloos that are visible from Space. In fact, you may even land on the moon while you’re there. The views from above are breathtaking, especially while drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

But how does snowflake land on the moon? Where does it come from? How do the ski resorts make fake snow? These are some of the most common questions that come to mind when someone thinks about ski resorts. Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Origins Of Snowflake-Shaped Igloos

First off, where do snowflakes come from? The Earth. It would be a cold winter without the fluffy white flakes that cover the ground in winter. But the origin of the snowflake is far from over. As usual, it all starts with mother nature. When temperatures start dropping, water starts turning into ice, which in turns, forms snow. While this is an easy enough concept to understand, it’s not something you’d normally see written down in a textbook. Especially not in a geography textbook. This makes it easy for teachers to gloss over this part when teaching the kids about nature. After all, this is supposed to be their favorite season.

Types Of Snow

There are three types of snow: dry snow, wet snow, and mixed snow. Dry snow falls from the skies, occasionally turning into slushy ice that is difficult to drive on. Most people will tell you that the kind of snow you get in winter is not the same as the kind of snow you use for skiing. Dry and slushy snow that melts within a few hours is not ideal for skiing, as it is too dangerous to be on the slopes, especially with the increasing number of people joining the sport in summer. This is why most ski resorts are located in the northern part of the world, where it snows a lot. The dry snow doesn’t stick around for long, and it is usually followed by a cold snap that sends chills down your spine.

Wet snow is typically thick and heavy, which makes it ideal for skiing. The water content makes it much more susceptible to being damaged by the cold. However, some of the world’s greatest ski resorts are found in the tropics, where the snow is so wet that it barely ever freezes and turns into ice. So you literally can’t ski on it. Which is why it’s considered a miracle if you ever actually manage to ski on a cloud of steam left behind by a rising volcano.

Skiing And Destinations

Just like with most winter sports, the appeal of skiing is mostly geographical. Mountains and lakes are a classic combination, as they provide the perfect backdrop for some skiing adventures. Places like Aspen and Park City, Utah are a testament to that. The skiing experience in these cities is something else, with plenty of trails and incredible views to match. In the winter, the whole city turns into a huge ski resort, with people coming from all over the world to enjoy the slopes. Not to mention the hotels trying to cash in on the sudden popularity. It’s a great combination for residents, who get to enjoy the snow, while traveling to the city for work. The flip side of the coin is that places like Aspen and Park City are incredibly expensive to visit in the winter. Especially if you don’t have a sweet deal like a ski pass.

Why Are Ski Resorts Located In The Mountains?

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Skiing is meant to be enjoyed in the mountains, since that is where the snow is. The snow makes everything look beautiful, especially from above. And what is mountain life besides enjoying life in the snow? Ski resorts are usually found in the mountains because it is easier to get lift tickets and access to the slopes if you live there. It would be pretty difficult to enjoy a skiing holiday without having good ol’ fashioned American football following the rules, since there is always some game on TV at the lodge. The snow adds a certain charm that you can’t get in other seasons, at least not in the same way. Plus, it’s pretty cool to be able to create your own snowmen, igloos, and snow cats, as you see in the picture above.

All You Need Is…

The list of necessary items to have before hitting the slopes varies from resort to resort, but it contains a lot of common elements. The most essential items are a ski jacket and ski pants. The jacket will protect you from the whipping wind that can make or break your trip. The pants will help you navigate the steep slopes, as well as keep your bum dry. Having these two items of clothing will give you the base layer for skiing. Next, you need some ski accessories. These will include a ski hat, goggles, and a mouth guard. Ski jackets come with hoods nowadays, which you can use as a rain cap when wet, to keep the water off you head as you ski. Some resorts even provide complimentary ski gloves, which you can steal for yourself or give to a struggling ski bunny.

After you have that basic kit, you should look into buying a pair of skis. The right pair of skis will depend on your experience. Beginners will want to opt for something easy to control, like a pair of waxless ski boots. They don’t need anything more than that. As you progress in the sport, you will find yourself using a binding that locks your ski boots to your skis. These are called “rocker skis” and they allow for better control of the ski as well as increased safety. Having these will make a world of difference, especially if you are a beginner. The final piece of equipment you need is a ski pass. These are available in a variety of forms, from plastic to metal, and in an assortment of denominations. The more you pay, the more you will enjoy the sport. It’s essential to get a good deal, as you’ll be paying for the privilege of skiing in the first place. All of the above will make you look like a pro on the mountain.

Making A Snowman

One of the earliest things you will learn at a ski resort is how to make a snowman. This is something to look forward to, as you will have plenty of time to practice while you are there. Making a snowman offers you the chance to bond with your fellow man, as you work together to create something as unique as you are. This is something that may be difficult to find in real life, so make the most of it while you can.

Making An Igloo

Once you have made a couple of snowmen, you will be motivated to build an igloo. The fun of making something with your hands will get you out of bed in the morning, as you look forward to a day of skiing. The best part of making an igloo is taking your time, being patient, and ensuring that each layer is perfectly smooth. The latter will prevent any air pockets, which can cause you problems if you are not careful (hence the need for a snowsuit). Once you have made a few of these, you will see that it is a lot of fun and will get you out of the resort in no time. And probably some of the happiest hours you will ever spend are during those few moments when you are building your snow castle.

To make things easier for yourself, you can purchase an electric ice maker. These are available in a variety of styles and can be attached to the side of your bathtub, so you can make ice whenever you want, without having to go outside. Just pour some water into the tub and turn it on for 20 minutes. Now you can have delicious ice whenever you want, instead of having to make a clumsy attempt at melting snow with your hands, as you do outside the resort. The advantage of the electric ice maker is that it will make ice instantly, so you can be out on the slopes in no time, as opposed to having to wait for the ice to melt outside, in the sun, or in your hands, depending on the season.

Skiing Around The World In Eighty Books

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then you might be interested in a collection of strange case stories featuring the famous detective, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The books in this collection were first published in the 19th century and feature Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, traveling around the world to solve cases. It is said that Doyle based the cases on his own travels, which started when he was a child. The following is a list of the places mentioned in these books and the order in which they appear.

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