How Detachable Ski Lifts Work? [Solved!]

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Most skiers are well aware of the advantages that detachable lifts bring. More convenient than fixed-point lifts, they give you the freedom to ski wherever you want, whenever you want. The convenience is compelling, but a bit vague. Let’s break it down.

What Is A Detachable Lift?

A detachable lift is one that can be removed from the mountain and transported to another one. So instead of being tethered to a mountain, you can take a lift down and use it somewhere else. Naturally, this decreases the need to shuttle gear up and down the mountain which, in turn, saves time and energy. Another advantage is the flexibility to schedule your travel plans. If you have a fixed-point lift, you often need to make sure that there are enough people riding before you can schedule your next trip up. Not so with a detachable lift. You can take the next one down whenever you want.

How Do Detachable Lifts Work?

The technology behind the detachable lift is basically the same as any other type of lift. You have an engine which turns a gear that, in turn, turns a ski rope or cable which suspends a bellows. As the cable extends or contracts with the bellows, the lift ascends or descends. Naturally, the more you pull, the faster you go. In the case of the detachable lift, though, you can detach the car and take it down to evacuate a crowd or take a longer lunch break.

Why Do Skiing Clubs Prefer Detachable Lifts?

Skiing clubs generally prefer detachable lifts because they allow the association to run multiple terrain parks – and that means more fun for the members. Additionally, they can schedule more lifts which, in turn, increases the number of people they can bring down the mountain at one time. The extra convenience is compelling, but so is the ability to have more fun. Whether you’re a member of a club or not, having more lifts available means more opportunities for everyone.

What Are The Drawbacks To Detachable Lifts?

There are some definite drawbacks to detachable lifts. The first is the cost. The second is the complexity of managing multiple cars on a single mountain. The third is the fact that these lifts are often harder to find and require more effort to set up than other types of lifts. Finally, the last one is the lack of security. Because these lifts can be taken down and transported to another location, more people are susceptible to theft. Despite these drawbacks, though, the convenience and flexibility brought by detachable lifts make them well worth the extra effort. This is why most ski resorts around the world, including St Anton, have adopted the technology in one form or another.

How Is Theft Prevented With Detachable Lifts?

Theft is one of the biggest drawbacks to having detachable lifts, but it’s also one of the biggest benefits. Because they can be removed and transported to another location, there’s no telling how many times a ski resort owner has caught someone trying to steal one of their lifts. Theft is generally discouraged because the equipment is too expensive to replace. Additionally, if a car gets damaged or lost, it’s usually cheaper to repair it and get back in shape than it is to get a new one. Lastly, resort owners can monitor and control how often their members use the lifts which, in turn, helps them manage their finances. The complexity of having multiple cars means more people can work together to prevent theft or damage.

How Do I Set Up A Detachable Lift?

To set up a detachable lift at a ski resort, you will need a machine shed, a garage, or a similar area. Outside of these structures, you will need to dig a small pit, about five feet deep and eight feet wide. This is so the engine can be safely transported to the bottom of the pit when it’s time for maintenance or repair. Naturally, you will also need people with specialized training to operate the equipment. Additionally, you will need enough power to move the machinery which is often a 2-3 phase electric motor rated at 12 volts and a 30 amp alternator. Finally, you will need a winch to pull the cable which is typically a 15 to 20 foot overhead cable with a locking mechanism. One of the best things about detachable lifts is their versatility. You can take them down the mountain and use them just about anywhere. This makes them ideal for multiple uses such as: terrain parks, children’s parks, and even golf courses.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Detachable Lift?

The process of setting up a detachable lift at a ski resort is often lengthy. It can take anywhere from one to two days to properly gear up and test the system. Naturally, this will depend on the size of the machine and how much experience the technicians have with the particular type of lift you are using. Once you have the equipment set up, it takes about half a day to a day to get the hang of it.

Are There Any Other Types Of Lifts Available At The Ski Resort?

In addition to the detachable lift, there are also other types of lifts available at the ski resort which are worth mentioning. The first is the chairlift. This is the classic ski lift which brings you to the top of the mountain. The second is the magic carpet lift. This is essentially a large rubber raft which carries people up and down the mountain. The third is the gondola lift. This is the most expensive and luxurious of all the types of lifts available at a ski resort. It is also the only one which provides panoramic views of the entire valley below.

Whether you’re a recreational skier or a pro, there’s something out there to suit your needs. Whether you want to take the bus to the top of the mountain or you want to set up a detachable lift, there’s something out there to make your vacation more fun. That’s what matters.

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