How Big Is Northstar Ski Resort? [Facts!]

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Northstar is located in beautiful Park City, Utah. The Summit County ski resort is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains close to the borders with Wyoming and Idaho. The resort offers awesome skiing and snowboarding opportunities and was founded in 1947. It features a vertical drop of 2,269 feet, making it the longest ski run in North America. Thanks to the amazing skiing terrain and the gorgeous views, many people think that Park City is the best ski resort in the USA. The village of Northstar is a hub for nightlife, with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from. There’s also a farmer’s market during the week, with local produce and products for sale.

The History of Northstar

Northstar was founded in 1947 and was originally named Bearpaw. It was renamed after the North Star, a newspaper that was published in Utah at the time. The first ski instructors taught beginners how to ski and how to navigate the slopes. After the first snowfall, the local residents organized a snow removal brigade and removed the maximum amount of snow from the slopes. The resort grew steadily in the ensuing years with the invention of the plastic ski boot in the 1950s, which allowed people to enjoy skiing in the summer months. In the 1960s, the ski village featured many luxury hotels and eateries, which attracted upper-class skiers from California and the neighboring states. In the 1980s, the ski run Insane was built, which was the first double black diamond in North America. Later in the decade, the infamous supertrail, the Supertrail, was also created. The 1990s were a time of great growth for Northstar, with the opening of Coronado Bowl in 1993, the expansion of the village, and new facilities like the Northstar Supertrail Center.

The 2000s were a quieter time for Northstar. The village continued to expand, with the construction of several new restaurants, bars, and hotels. And in 2004, Northstar introduced a nighttime ski program in which some of the slopes are open after dark, providing fantastic skiing opportunities for night owls.

The Future of Northstar

Since the beginning, Northstar has remained a family-friendly resort with an emphasis on offering great skiing opportunities for everyone. It was one of the first resorts to allow kids to ski in the morning, before school let out. Plus, many of the slopes are open all year round, so there’s always something for the family to do. The future of Northstar looks bright, with lots of potential and opportunity for growth.

Thanks to the work of the dedicated team at Northstar, as well as its commitment to sustainability, there’s much to look forward to at this wonderful resort.

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