How Do You Know If Ski Boots Fit? [Updated!]

Ski boots are a crucial part of any ski kit. The right ski boots can make or break your skiing experience. Not so happy with your ski gear? Don’t worry, we have the best tips for you on how to choose the right boots. Keep reading to find out more. Comfort Is Key When you’re … Read more

How Do They Make Snow For Ski Resorts? [Expert Guide!]

While some people are content to stay inside in the winter and hibernate, the excitement of skiing and snowboardin g can be found in the atmosphere of a beautiful ski resort. The snow falls slowly, turning into mesmerising drifts that seem to block out the sun. The white blanketing the trees and the landscape gives … Read more

Can I Ski When Pregnant? [Fact Checked!]

The question “can I ski when I’m pregnant?” usually comes up when you’re on your last trimester of pregnancy and looking for ways to keep your fitness level up while also enjoying the comforts of having a baby in your uterus. Let’s explore the various aspects of this popular query, starting from the most practical … Read more

How Do I Know What Ski Size To Buy? [Solved!]

If you’re traveling to a foreign country and aren’t sure of the local customs and laws, then it’s best to consult the Foreigners’ Registration Office before you go. They’ll be able to tell you what documents you’ll need and how to properly get them registered, so that you can comfortably travel to and from the … Read more

How Do Ski Lift Tickets Work? [Facts!]

You’ve been dreaming of this moment all year long. The opportunity to take a holiday doing what you love most is at the end of the month. You’ve been saving up for this moment ever since you were young. You’re going on a skiing holiday and you’re going to enjoy the snow all the time. … Read more

How Do Ski Crampons Work? [Expert Review!]

Walking down the hill, your feet are instinctively feeling the ground under you. Instinctively, you start to push off with your skis to create some velocity and gain some elevation. As you get closer to the bottom, the constant sliding and scraping against the snow walls makes your muscles scream for mercy. Suddenly, you feel … Read more

Where To Ski In Lake Placid? [Updated!]

One of the first questions that may pop up in your head when you think about skiing is, “Where do I go?” Although it might be tempting to head for the slopes right next to you, there are a lot of options available, and you may not want to miss out on the great ski … Read more

When Do Ski Resorts Open In Washington? [Solved!]

With skiing becoming a popular sport and tourist attraction all over the world, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are looking to get into the action in their home states. Washington offers some great skiing with large resorts such as Sun Devil and Mt. Baker attracting tourists from all over … Read more

A Person Who Skis? [Fact Checked!]

This year has been an exciting one for skiing. Not only have we seen incredible resorts such as the French Alps open for the season, but we’ve also seen the introduction of some truly unique modes of transport that make getting to the slopes easier and more enjoyable. Most notably, the ski bus has arrived. … Read more

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