Can You Ski When You’Re Pregnant? [Expert Review!]

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The winter holidays are a glorious time of the year. The cold, crisp air, the beautiful snow-capped mountains, and of course, the freedom of movement that comes with skiing. It’s a sport that truly embraces all the elements that make winter so appealing: fresh powder, breathtaking views, and being able to spend as much or as little time as you want on the slopes. But if you’re planning on hitting the slopes this winter, there are some things you need to know first.

Is Skiing Safe When You’re Pregnant?

When it comes to being active during your pregnancy, the main thing you need to keep in mind is safety. Not only is exercise important for both you and your baby, but it also keeps your mind off of your water breaking (which is often a cause of worry for first-time mothers). One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby this winter is take the time off of your ski holidays to rest and recuperate.

While it’s always good to be aware of your body’s changes during your pregnancy, there are things you need to watch out for. Your risk of falling increases and the amount of pain you’re likely to endure also increases as a result of the added weight on your bones. In these situations, it’s better to skip the ski run and head home than to put yourself and your baby at risk.

How Is Skiing Fueled?

When it comes to skiing, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s a relatively fuel-efficient sport. The key is to know how to ski safely and cleverly, which means using only as much energy as you need to. When you’re skiing down a trail, you don’t need to rush. Instead of constantly pushing yourself to go faster, you ought to lift your arms and glide down the mountain.

When you reach the bottom, you can flip your ski jacket inside-out to cool down your baby (and yourself) in the warmth of the skin. This is called ‘skinning’ and it not only keeps you cool, but it also prevents overheating which, in turn, can lead to you throwing up or having contractions.

Skiing And Pregnancy

While skiing is definitely an enjoyable activity during your pregnancy, it’s important to remember that the hormones coursing through your body are what’s responsible for your enhanced tolerance to pain. This means that any discomfort you experience is completely normal and nothing to worry about. On the flip side, the exhilaration and freedom that come with skiing are also present in your increased mobility. So even though you may not feel like you can handle the same distance as usual, you’ll still be able to achieve your goals.

Skiing is a fantastic sport for exercise and relaxation, and it’s one that can be enjoyed by both you and your baby. Just remember that safety comes first, so be sure to take the time to adjust your equipment and technique before hitting the slopes.

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