Can You Ski When You Re Pregnant? [Answered!]

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This winter season, ski fans around the world are hoping for a miracle. Not that the sport has gone out of style – the 2020 ski season is already underway – but rather that this year may bring an end to the pandemic that has plagued the sport. For months, skiers have been unable to lace up their ski boots due to the lack of snow. Now that the resorts are opening their doors and welcoming back the skiers, snowboarders, and snow-worshippers, it’s time to find out if you can still get your fix while being preggers.

When Is The Best Time To Ski?

If you’re planning on hitting the slopes this winter, then you have to decide when is the best time to do it. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until after you give birth to get your fix. There are ways you can enjoy the resort while you’re pregnant; it just requires a bit of planning.

The best time to ski is between the months of October and April. This is when the resorts are at their prime, and the days are usually long, resulting in less leg fatigue for you and your baby (if you’re carrying one). Unfortunately, this is also the time when the weather is the harshest, so you’ll have to deal with wind, rain, and sleet in addition to the cold.

Where Can I Ski?

If you’re looking for a family ski trip this year, then you have to decide where you want to go. The U.S. is one of the world’s greatest ski destinations, so of course, you’ll have to decide whether to go east or west coast. For the best experience, travel to a resort located in the southern part of the country (i.e. Arizona or California).

What kind of accommodation should I look into?

One of the main things you have to consider is accommodation. Unless you want to crash with a friend or relative, you’ll need to look into booking a hotel for the best experience. If you do decide to stay in an Airbnb, then consider reading the reviews before making your decision. They can help you get an idea of how good the experience will be. Remember, safety is one of the major concerns when traveling during pregnancy. Make sure the place you’re staying at is reputable and has a good record of safety for expectant mothers and newbies.

How Do I Get My Fix?

One of the issues that arise after the winter sports season in the U.S. is the issue of getting your fix. Since many resorts are closed during the summertime, you and your baby will have to make the most of the weekends, which means riding either the chairlift or the gondola to get your fix. There are ways to make the most of the summertime and still get your fix, however.

If you live in a ski town, then there will be plenty of clinics, sports centers, and gyms that will be open year-round. You and your baby will have the opportunity to get your fix of skiing and get a workout at the same time. Simply search for the closest outdoor tennis courts, golf courses, or basketball courts and put the word ‘workout’ in the search bar. You and your partner will have to work out frequently during the summer to maintain your fitness levels, so this will be a great way for you to continue your hobby during the warmer months. Plus, it seems like a great way for you and your baby to bond.

Do I Need A Helmet?

If you’re planning on skiing this year and haven’t been skiing since you were a child, then you have to decide whether to get a helmet. Although helmets reduce the risk of injury, they aren’t completely necessary. Some resorts allow you to ski with your bare head, and some even have a souvenir shop where you can buy a cap for the baby’s head that you and your spouse will both wear. Since helmets protect your baby’s head if they take a tumble, they are a must for beginners and families with young children. Once you have the base layer on and are familiar with the basics of skiing, you can decide whether or not to wear the helmet.

Choosing The Right Equipment

One of the most important things you have to decide before heading to the slopes is what type of equipment you will need. Do you need snow shoes, or will skiing boots suffice? What type of jacket do you need? Windproof? If it’s a hot sunny day, then you might want to consider a parasol or a golf umbrella as a complement to your outfit. If you’re carrying your baby in a carrier, then you might want to bring a yoga mat to lay down on while you exercise. You also need to think about what type of pants you will need to wear. Will wool or plastic pants suffice?

If you’re a first-time parent-to-be or have young children, then you have to decide which type of skiing equipment is best suited for you and your family. Do you want to be stylish and sporty and wear trendy sunglasses and a hoodie, or do you want to be practical and wear a ski outfit that you and your family will be comfortable in? Once you’ve answered these questions, then you’ll be able to choose the right gear and get out there and have some fun.

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