When Does Hunter Mountain Open For Skiing? [Solved!]

The ski season at Hunter Mountain will kick off with the release of Snowflake, Arizona’s newest ski resort. Located in the northern part of the state, the resort features super steep slopes, lots of fresh powder, and uncrowded slopes that are just as appealing to beginners as to advanced skiers. Although the snow will keep … Read more

How Are Ski Jackets Supposed To Fit? [Ultimate Guide!]

When it comes to outerwear, few things are as versatile and functional as ski jackets. Not only do they protect you from the elements, but they can be styled to work with the various types of ski attire. While the vast majority of ski jackets fall into the category of functional over fashion, there are … Read more

How Are Ski Slopes Groomed? [Facts!]

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, with the hair standing on end and you think “this cannot be happening?” If so, you are experiencing the same feeling as me when I found this out. You see, I grew up in Poland, and there are three ways to describe the way … Read more

When Did Lindsey Vonn Start Skiing? [Expert Review!]

If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either A) a fan of the beautiful and talented Lindsey Vonn, or B) a fan of skiing and are curious about the process of how the world’s #1 female skier became so skilled at hitting big air and navigating the slopes gracefully. The journey to the top … Read more

How Do You Downhill Ski? [Solved!]

Downhill skiing is one of the most exciting sports you can do, especially if you’ve never tried it before. It is considered one of the most pure sports out there because it doesn’t rely on technology much to give the skier his or her edge, and it requires pure muscle memory and coordination. When you’re … Read more

Do You Know How To Ski? [Updated!]

For many, the winter holiday is the perfect opportunity to hit the slopes. The snow-capped mountains, the fresh powder, and the cozy, crackling fire place – it’s tough to find a season more enjoyable. But for those who are a little bit timid, or don’t exactly find the winter months fun, the sport can seem … Read more

When To Tune Skis? [Ultimate Guide!]

If you’re new to skiing or just want to refresh your memory on the basics, here’s some essential information to get you started. When To Tune Skis? Tuning your skis is important for many reasons, not the least of which is improving your performance on the slopes. It also prevents you from injuring yourself or … Read more

What Size Skis For 48 Inch Kid? [Answered!]

When it comes to your child’s ski gear, safety is the #1 priority. Especially since accidents happen more frequently than one would like to admit. This is why it is essential that you purchase the right equipment which will protect them as much as possible while having fun. Also, when purchasing ski gear, you want … Read more

How Do They Build Ski Lifts? [Fact Checked!]

You wake up one morning, excited about the upcoming ski season. Biking has become your favourite winter pastime, and you’re looking forward to exploring the majestic mountains and refreshing ski slopes in person. That is, until you realise that the skiing experience you’re looking forward to isn’t available yet. Frustrated, you head back to the … Read more

How Are Cross Country Skis Measured? [Facts!]

What’s the difference between a recreational skier and a professional ski racer? The former gets to explore the mountains and enjoy the thrill of the turns, while the latter has a more structured and routine lifestyle focused on training and competing. Cross country skiing is a unique sport that’s been around for more than 100 … Read more

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